Question about Andariel quest-drop


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Can anyone confirm here if it's allowed or not to use -ns and w-mode to get error when u travel to act2 after i have defeated Andy for the first time?

I didin't knew about that so i tested on a very old character (before i knew about and i get error everytime so i could do quest-drop all the time,

- So can anyone confirm about it? :confused:


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Well exploiting a crash is essentially the same thing as "rolling back" your character, i.e. you might as well backup and restore your character on that end.

Thankfully Blizzard's got you covered with a built-in bug. Andariel will always drop her quest drop if you follow these steps:
1. Kill Andariel with a character who needs the quest.
2. Do not leave the area (i.e. going up to level 3), doing so will complete the quest.
3. Cast a TP or take the TP left by Andariel.
4. Immediately talk to Warriv, who completes the quest without setting the flag in memory that Andariel has died.
5. Profit!!!


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I had no idea that you couldn't go up a floor. That's a huge detail I've never seen written before


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I didn't know that one either. Altough I wouldn't know why I'd want to go back anyway.


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I didn't know that one either. Altough I wouldn't know why I'd want to go back anyway.
I've seen people get rushed and the rusher will cast a TP on level 3 and the rushers will go up and take the tp after they get the quest.

They apparently fixed this bug on a few years back, but forgot to do the same for SP (for better or worse :p ). I didn't know about the level 3 thing until trying to fix this bug on a mod I worked on a few years ago. Turns out to be a simple one line of code change, as with most bugs in D2 (manaburn, Cloister doors, vipers, etc.).

Back in 1997 the first Diablo was deemed completely broken due to the very-easy dupe glitch. Blizzard stated that they couldn't fix it without significantly changing the game, and moved onto D2 instead. Fast forward to 1998 (or 1999 was it?). A few mod makers fixed most bugs in the game, including the dupe bug, which *cough cough* happened to be a one liner.

"Removed the pesky "thief" ability from Lord De Seis. #(That oughta' fix him!)"
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