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[Guide] Quest drops + neat trick (1.13c).

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Treeharl, Feb 11, 2017.

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    May 22, 2016
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    First of all I decided to write a miniguide about quest drops because I discovered something very neat on 1.00 (explaniation below).

    Lets get started then:

    What are quest drops?
    Quest drops are the drops when YOUR character kills a boss with the quest open (simple as that). If your character is being rushed by another character that has the quest already complete a questdrop won't occur.

    Why are quest drops usefull?
    Simpely put quest drops eliminate the chance of magic items and junk drops. All items dropped are atleast rare (which is great for classic!) Does that mean we won't see blue items? They still drop but they aren't real magic items. They are set items which have no set variant in the game, you can check this by viewing the durability. For example you could see a blue monarch drop from hell mephisto with double dura, but you never find a blue circlet because Naj's exist.

    Why are quest drops usefull part 2?
    Assume 250 mf:
    Mephisto (Q) - mephisto (H) Harlequin Chest Possibility: 1 in 512
    Mephisto (regular) - mephisto (H) Harlequin Chest Possibility: 1 in 809
    Baal (Q) - baalcrab (H) Crown of Ages 1 in 13577
    Baal (Q) - baalcrab (H) Crown of Ages 1 in 20497
    Hr dropchance is increased by 20% on a quest drop.

    Now lets get to trick one (I expect this to be known) Quest glitching.
    We need two characters A and B. A has mephisto hell complete and has an empty inventory and no gear. A creates a tcp/ip game and finishes loading in 15 sec. B is a character that hasn't complete mephisto hell. B joins A game. When done right B now has "you cannot complete"on mephisto hell. If B now kills mephisto hell a Quest drop will occur without completing the quest.

    Disadvantages of questglitching.
    1. You have to setup a tcp/ip game every game so you don't have static maps. (Nothing we can do here)
    2. Character B can't go futher as act 3 Hell because he can't get past the red portal because he can't complete the quest or the questdrop bug will be gone. (See below!)

    And now 1.00 comes in to play!

    From the patchnotes patching 1.02 to 1.03:
    "Players that have not completed the last quest in Act III can no longer use the Portal to Act IV until they have properly completed that quest. "

    What does this mean: A character can go trough mephisto portal with or without completing the quest.

    Now after some testing done: it means when you are rushing a character on 1.00 and the rusher kills mephisto on any fitting way while the rushee stays in town (is unpartied or in act 2 gives same results!) he or she can no longer complete the quest. And now the major point he or she CAN go trough the red portal and when he or she does so THAT CHARACTER IS IN ACT 4 HELL PROPPERLY WITHOUT COMPLETING MEPH Q. Now if we convert that character to 1.13 it means he still has meph q open while being able to go to act 4 and act 5 hell.

    Why is this great: that character is now able to bug both mephisto and baal (mephisto + diablo is significantly less usefull for lod) in the same game if done propperly!!! You only need a host with mephisto and baal quest done.

    There is one small but, if your character is single playering with mephisto Q open and in act 4 it will say "you cannot complete the quest". But if you kill mephisto in your single player game you will still get the quest (that would be too great if that worked).

    So yeah if done everything right you end up with this... Don't kill mephisto without a host that has the quest done!

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