Q bout ds & crushing blow


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Q bout ds & crushing blow

this question is probably asked a lot but does deadly strike and crushing blow work with whirlwind? I heard the percentage doesnt stack so how do u calculate how many percent you have?

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Both deadly/critical strike and crushing blow work with Whirlwind.

There is no stacking issue that I'm aware of --- Whirlwind only uses IAS that's on the weapon, but crushing blow and deadly/critical strike are taken from everywhere.


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Deadly Strike and Crushing Blow are attached to the weapon you use them on. DS and CB from other sources (helm, armor, etc.) they count on both weapons.


Weapon 1 has 20 CB
Weapon 2 has 20 DS
40% of CB and DS from other sources

Attacking with Weapon 1 gives 60% CB and 40% DS.
Attacking with Weapon 2 gives 40% CB and 60% DS.

There is no cap on either one, but they don't do extra for going over 100%. Deadly Strike and Critical Strike are exclusive. One is checked, then the other is checked. To check your chance for double damage, use this formula:
Double Damage % = CS + (DS/100)*(100-CS)