Q: Best /p Setting for Item Gathering (CS, Pit, Trav)


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Hello SPF community.

I've been wondering what the best /players # setting is for most efficient item gathering at places like Chaos Sanctuary, The Pit, and Travincal (council). For a while, I've been running these locations in /players 3 because I'm not yet max level and figured it would increase my rate of exp gain (and item acquisition) because some monster types may otherwise be dying inefficiently easily ("overkilled") if I were doing /players 1.

But lately I've become less concerned with exp gain. I'm just really interested in getting items (rare uniques and high runes) as efficiently as possible.

I know unique/superunique monsters' item droprates are unaffected by /players setting, but the councilors' certainly are. And while my primary goal is to kill uniques in places like CS and pit and get rare unique items off them (particularly ones I don't yet have), I also kill many other creatures within their vicinity--especially their minions--for the added chance of other items like high runes.

Rather than hoping to determine in some purely objective manner the most efficient way of doing things, I guess what I'm really asking for is to hear the opinions and experiences of any veterans of the community here. Maybe I shouldn't even bother with killing minions? I could be doing something completely wrong. I'm really interested in knowing.

I'm a hammerdin with Enigma, 125 FCR, and 350+ MF. I play in 1.14d, which is mechanically the same as 1.13d as far as I can tell.

Thank you for your patience.
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For finding set and unique items, the best course is running at p1. For rune hunting it's either Travincal at p3 or Lower Kurast at p7. For experience in CS, refer to this post by Gripphon.

In terms of efficiency a CS-running Enigmadin is not as good as a Pitbarb or high-end AT runners, but it's okay and strong for experience. I have no experience with the build but I assume the hammerdin is roughly in line with a zealot for Trav, meaning it's significantly worse at finding charms/gems/runes than a sorc running LK, but it's up to you how efficient you want to be versus what you want to play.

Minions and normal monsters have odds far too crappy to pay any real attention to in terms of items. Travincal is an outlier there, because of the monster type's high affinity for dropping gems/jewels/charms/runes, but outside the Council members it's not worth expending any extra effort to kill minions at all for efficient set/unique or even gem/charm/jewel/rune finding, the discrepancy is too large between them and good targets. With builds that naturally kill the minions too you'll get some good drops from them on occasion, but that's like noticing your great job also includes the option of taking a long lunch - it's a nice bonus, but you wouldn't choose to give up your high-paying position to become a janitor just because the janitor can take a 3 hour lunch break.