Q about the FrostZealot Build...


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Q about the FrostZealot Build...

i wanted to ask whats best 4 me.
i pumped res cold its now lvl 6.
im pumpin zeal till i get holy freeze.
then what?
pumpin holy freeze till i finish?
what about Salvation? when do i pump it?
and holy shiled? i dont want to miss those parts. cause in high lvls salvation is very important.
the guide by Kitriara (http://strategy.diabloii.net/news.php?id=542)
doesnt mentions when 2 pump salvation.
10x ya'll.

about my stats points.
what should i add first?
and, my mana drains fast in low lvls. i gotta get some mana rep...


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I would do like this:
max holy freese
max zeal
max resists cold
max salvation or holy shield
and rest into slavation or holy shield
and you should have maxed all those 5 skills at lvl 94 :thumbsup:
well about the stats
enought str to wear all your equipment
enough dex for max block with holy shield (I would max holy shield before salvation then you can see how many points u need in dex, otherwise at lvl 94 when u get holy shield maxed and discover that ur blocking is low its kinda late to start pumpin' dex)
and all the rest into vitality
well if you have mana problems I'd suggest you to use manald/manalds



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max holy freeze first, then resist cold, with adding points to zeal for AR if you feel you're not hitting enough.
Remember you need high physical damage to deal with cold immunes in hell (unless you play in parties). Consider maxing sacrifice after holy freeze/res cold.

You don't really need to max holy shield with this build, especially if you have some high defense gear.
Salvation adds much less than res cold, and you'll likely not have enough points for it if you go sacrifice way. 1 there is a must however.

And mana regen does not help a lot. But even 2-3% mana steal does.

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I've taken a Frost Zealot into NM and am doing cow runs leveling him (East ladder.) He has HOZ and Guardian Angel. Is it worth it to upgrade GA? The strength requirements seem a bit steep for a pally.

I am using a defiance merc.

Also, I am using a 2 socketed Heaven's LIght now. What should I put into those 2 sockets?

Using Lava Gout gloves, String of Ears, and Gore Rider boots. Currently using Gluilliam's Face, but one or 2 more levels and I am eliglible to switch to Shako.

Oh, currently using a rare not so great pally amulet. I have a 2-1 Serephiam, a Highlords and Atama's available to him. I figured I'd go with the Serephiam and use Atamas if I run into cold/PIs.


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I have shael eth socketed in my heaven's light and have been pretty happy with it. Of course, those are both super cheap, so if you don't like it, or just come across something godly, you can blast them out and not feel bad about it as well....



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Hi all.. I've been playing many sorts of pala's,(not hmrdin) and there are some items i must use. Laying of hands Bramble mitts, 20 IAS, 350% dmg to demons, 50 fire res. Andy's visage, 20 IAS, +2 all skill.. And Gore rider bootz..
The items are not the most expensive, and it rocks with meelee pala's.
A cheap resist armor is Smoke.. Nef+lum 50 resist all..

20 holy freeze
20 resist cold
20 zeal
20 sacrifice
10 holy shield
and the rest defiance or salvation