PvP Zon suggestions??


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PvP Zon suggestions??

Hi, I want to make a pvp zon on nonladder... i dont care about pvm much... i was thinking i would use this:

str - low as possible to use wf and -reqs storm
dex - the rest (should be around 430 in my equip)
vit - 150 base (would be 210 w/ items)
energy - none

Guided - 20
Multi - 10
Crit Strike - 20
Pierce - 1
Penetrate - 1
Slow Missiles - 1
Jab - 1
Dodge - 14
Avoid - 20
Evade - 19 (next point didnt improve it a %)
Valk - 1 or 0 (is it really necessary for pvp purposes????)

helm - Shako (ed/ias) -- Tal's Helm if I need res (ed/ias)
ammy - Cat's Eye
bow - Windforce (ed/ias)
jav - Titans (ethereal would be better of course)
shield - Storm (-reqs/ed)
armor - ed/60ias w/ Life
gloves - 20 ias/6LL/2 life rep/+1 Passives OR 20 ias/3LL/12 dex/28 fire res OR 20 ias/8 str/cold res/light res/+2 Passives (suggesions please???)
belt - verdungo's
boots - rare 30run/str/dex/res boots OR war travs (suggestions please???)
ring1 - Ravenfrost
ring2 - 18stat/10LL/27 light res OR 26stat/6 LL/light res (or maybe something else -- suggesions please???)
charms - Annihilus + 19x max dmg/life sc's + 20x max dmg/run sc's

Is this a good build for Zon vs. all? I'm pretty sure this will give me 8 fps shooting speed. (147 ias I believe?) Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


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IMO the ideal armor for pvp zon is now low str req enigma. It will add str equivalent to your character's lvl, and this will allow you to create a zon with very low base strength. The other important feature is teleport of course. Standing/running and firing off guided won't help much against good pkers anymore. You'll need teleport to create distance between you and the enemy, so you can fire off a few volleys in a hit and run (teleport) attack. Also, if you're simply using guided and no actual javalin attacks besides jab, I would recommend making a vitazon instead of a heavier emphasis on dex. It helps in adding damage, but I think you'll need more hp instead, considering that with synergies and new weapons, pkers can deal a whole lot more damage now (compared to 1.09). Hope any of this helps.

Good luck with your build!


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1 point in all Prerequisites
20 points in critical strike
10 points in dodge
10 points in avoid
20 points in evade
1 point in decoy
1 point in valk
20 points into guided arrow
[if u do lvl up higher u can spent remaining skill points into dodge,avoid,whichever u prefer]

weapon 1:windforce socketed with shael
weapon 2: cta 1 handed with whistan's guard shield socketed with ber
ammy:cat's eye
ring1:raven frost
ring2:dwarf star/wisp projector or another raven frost[depending on your enemy]
boots:war traveler
belt: verdungos with 15 dr
armour: ed/60ias armour with 100 life
helm: crown of ages with 2 socket/15dr socketed with 2*ed/ias jewels

stats:[after u equip unique sc and all + stats items as much as possible]
enough str for equipment
enough dex for 75% block with whistan
rest into vitility
base energy

1 unique sc
enough 5fhr/resists sc to get to 86fhr frame recovery
if resists still arent maxed put a few life/resists sc's
1 290pdsc
rest with 3max/ar/life sc's and/or 3max/ar/frw sc's

you will shoot at 8 fps
have high life due to cta and heavy investment in vita
have 86fhr frame recovery/maxed resists
30 dr in bow mode / 38 dr in shield mode
Easily 3.5k+ damage with 70% of time doing double damage which is 7k+

not exactly a guide but it's a build that would do fine in pvp
any other questions pm me

1 very important thing i have noticed is that people put a few points in multishot[like 9-10 points] but i would say it's pretty useless in pvp now unless you use botd bow or is a dex zon
[either way,i don't like it since imo vitility>dex,wf>botd]
Guided arrow simply is the only attack u would ever need


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Well, with my build I would have about 1400 life... I think I will add like 50 more vit to make me 1550 (I will not use cta... and still have pretty high dmg..

Ok, I just found this shield on my mule and I think it may work well... it is a jeweler's shield of deflecting (3 sockets, 20% increased block, 30% faster block rate -- no str req of which to speak)... I could put 3x ber or some combination of bers/shaels maybe

I won't use 290(s) or CTA cuz they are so bm ~_~ If i use enigma, I would have a looooooow attack speed...

I thought about using crown of ages, but the str req is 174!!! i would have to add 40 str for it... I think I may be better off with a shako... but I think a good circlet would be ideal (+2 zon, run, reses) if i could get one [email protected]%!#$ -- i could also use ed/45ias helm if needed

do you think war travs are better than the rare? i was just using them for the res really (i also have 30 run/30 stat/40 fire res/29 light res if that would be better -- since cold res is quite useless)


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that jewelers shield is fine
notice thats y i said 1 290 pdsc =) 290 pd is ok imo in duels
as for Call to arms it's up to u most people use it u can replace it with a titans or nice jav and place 1 point into jab if u like

while i agree crown of ages does require high str,it's defintely worth it
u defintely would want to shoot at 8 fps if u do pvp :) and maintain a good amount of dr[also gives fhr and resists and most importantly 2 sockets etc]

war traveler is defintely better than rare boots with resists/stats
u should get your resists from charms and use war traveler