PvP Zealot - Eth Gladiator bane or Eth steel carapace? ifr


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PvP Zealot - Eth Gladiator bane or Eth steel carapace?

Hey guys, I was just wondering, which one you think is better? Both need to be socketed (Gbane with Zod, Carapace with Cham).

Gbane has 30% fhr while carapace has 20%. Both have negligable DR.
Gbane has -50% poison duration.

Why should people prefer the eth carapace? Higher defense perhaps? I found an eth gbane, 198ed, it has 2209 defense. Not too bad heh.

Your opinions?


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and if you still want to use of those armors go for bane it wil save you alot of stat points. And the looks are way better :D


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gladiators bane is better, because, it has cbf, and this allows you to take 2 angelic rings or some other ring than raven...



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Yes bane is better for cnbf and it needs less str. Yes you could just trade for a eth duress. But have any of you seen how little the dur are on some of these armors? And retrading over and over again is also a pain for me it is.
Fort I am trying to get one right now. I just need the LO rune. I even have a 4 socted 9% more def wirefleece.


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See the whole ideal I have with fort is the same thing what jewelers of the whale where in 1.09.