PvP Widowmaker Pally?


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PvP Widowmaker Pally?

Could a PvP bow pally with widowmaker work?

wep: perfect eth zod'd widowmaker
armor: fort ds // enigma ds // duress ds
helm: ber/40/15 coa
gloves: draculs
boots: gores
belt: verdungo's
ring: bk
ring: raven
ammy: highlords
switch: 6 bo cta // spirit
Inventory: anni, ptorch, 4 5 fhr/5 res sc's. 3 20 life/5 res sc's, 30 3/20/20's

Item to consider: Giant Skull Bone Visage. Knockback might help against smiters/chargers and other melee.


-4k life
-4k max damage with fort
-3k max damage with enigma
-50% fhr (5 frame bp) with nigma/fort
-90% fhr (4 frame bp) with duress
-75% deadly strike
-35% open wounds with nigma/fort
-68% open wounds with duress
-9 fpa attack (max you can get on pally with bow)

i would also love to get some amd damage somewhere


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The cool thing is i only need fanatacism so i can make him a charger too.

I also can put on a eth perfect lacerator and get 5k throws.


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It might make a good anti caster build.

maybe load up on elemental damage sc's and poison sc's and get a crafted Open wound belt.


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Oh silly me. Well then i can get a perfect one and 40/15 it, which gives me 3323 max damage at 9 fpa with guided arrow. and then i dont have to put that 40/15 in helm.

and with 75% deadly strike, thats 6646 dmg, which is 1129 after PvP penalty. So sorcs will be dead in a couple hits. Against people with 50% dr, thats still 564 damage per hit, and it "always hits."

I figure fort will be the best armor for the most part, since i dont have any fcr for tele. Duress would be for the open wounds, but i dont know how effective that is with ranged weapons in pvp.


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Oh silly me. Well then i can get a perfect one and 40/15 it, which gives me 3323 max damage at 9 fpa with guided arrow. and then i dont have to put that 40/15 in helm.
How did you calculate that?

It isn't as good as it sounds. Make it and see.

Edit - Oh, I just noticed the 32020s. Much luck getting those. x_x


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ya. Perfect ed with 40 more is 240 on widowmaker. The base weapon damage is 59. So that translates into 200 weapon damage. Plus 90 from 30 3/20/20s. Thats 290.

Then a lvl 27-29 fanat, hopefully 200 dex, and 300 from fort.

And then ill be getting deadly strike 75% of the time.

Now i need a form of amp damage. I know there is gavel of pain you can put on switch. But ill have my cta and spirit for life. So where else can i get amp?

And i was thinking of having a perfect eth lacerator with that shield with 350-400% ed in stash. I can use this against melee with good holy shield for 75% block and much more defense. And lacerator gets amp damage.

And then i can charge some.

I could also put a ebotd tm on switch with bow and get a like 30k damage charge.

So i think ill max fanat and maybe 10-15 into holy shield.

Basically, the question is where to put skill points. Charge/vigor/might? smite? Zeal/sacrafice?


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Resists? Too lazy to check your charms math, sorry if I'm wrong :p

Imo, you need a) survivability b) a non-range attack skill. How will you deal with a charger or WWbarb of any kind? Arrows and charge fill too similar a niche to make a useful hybrid, imho... Kinda like going lightning+fireball, but with the same element type. Hammers are well-known for being great even with "low" (ie non-16K) damage and counter the exact kind of chars that will be problematic for you - WWbarbs, smiter/chargers.

Smiter hybrid is an option too - maxed fanat anyways... Dunno enough about smiters to talk about how smite/GA synergises though. Other crazy hybrids are probably possible - zeal, foh (4T shield = no block unless they use a jmod) ... Throw? lol, get some crazy eth cruel replenishing IAS spears and you get a 2 frame max block switch that still deals out damage with a spatula.

Bowzons will be a problem for the hammerdin. WW barbs for the smiter. All I can think of...

Idea: I saw a bowdin use vigor once. Knowing how screwy weapon switching is, that may be a good idea for quick dodging when combined with enigma/40FRW boots/maybe catseye/whatever. Also, hammer synergy!!


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Here's a teleport setup i've been thinking about:


-2300+ damage (before deadly strike and amp damage)
-4000+ life
-4 frame fhr (90% fhr from gear)
-10 frame fcr (80% fcr from gear)
-75% deadly strike
-9 fpa attack

Weapon: Widowmaker with 40/15 // gavel of pain
Armor: Enigma DS
Helm: 08 Valk with Um
Gloves: Trang's
Boots: Gore Riders
Belt: Arachnids
Ring: Raven
Ring: Rare 10% fcr ring with resists
Ammy: Highlords
Inventory: anni, ptorch, combination of fhr/res all/life/max damage in charms


Weapon: 6 BO CtA
Armor: Enigma DS
Shield: Spirit Monarch
Helm: Shako
Belt: Arachnids
Ring: SoJ
Ring: SoJ
Ammy: Mara's
and an Anni, for a total of a level 20 BO. Then maybe Wisp Projector or whatever that ring is for level 5 oak sage.

Problem is, i can't find spots to put resists.


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WO WO , hold on just a second here......
did u just say ETH zod'd widow maker??:shocked: ?????!!!!!!!!! :shocked:

ur res/dr are gonna be really low = this is gonna kill just as many people as an aura sorc....(not many at all!)


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Well, my inventory could look like this:

-25 20 life/5 resists SCs
-2 3/20/20 SCs
-10 3/20/5 fhr SCs

This plus 15 res/7 fhr jewel in valk gives me almost maxed resists in hell.

So i would shoot at 9 fpa, have a 4 frame fhr, 10 frame fcr tele, 105% fr/w, and somewhere around 2000 max damage.

Now i don't have any PDR, but i'll have a ber/ber CoA in stash as well as verdungos, which is 46%, if i feel i need it against certain opponents.

With amp damage on my opponent from gavel of pain, as well 75% deadly strike, i'll be able to kill my fair share of people... or so i think lol


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*you can shoot a guided arrow, run and hit weapon switch with lacerator & say lanceguard {deadly strike shield}. If the arrow hits the guy then the modes from the current weapon/shield are used instead of the bow {losses the bows deadly, but gains amp + open wounds + shields deadly}.

Old zon trick, still works i think.


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You should read the ranger build guide. It is a pally with bow and aura. I build one with lvl 38 holy shock + widow maker. It gets 8k damage from bow along with 1-2k from aura pulses. I switched to grief most of the time as it hits lots faster, does more physical damage and I can use a shield.

It would be better to use conviction aura for -150 to resists, 2 dreams for lvl 30 holy shock, max resist lightning for seriouse holy shock damage and widowmaker.


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I picked fanaticism over holy shock because with holy shock i have no way of lowering their resists, and fanaticism is much faster.