PVP Widowmaker Barb?


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PVP Widowmaker Barb?

I'm making a singer right now, and I was thinking that if I wanted to duel with him against melee that I'd use an Widowmaker with a lot of poison/open wounds/faster cast rate (two wizard spikes on switch).

Then I wondered if someone wanted to make the entire build around Widowmaker if it could be useful.

20 BO, Shout, Nat resists, Leap, Iron Skin

Stats: as much as possible into vitality

Gear: UM'd Widowmaker, Andy helm sock w/15IAS, High Lords, Enigma, 10% open wounds belt, Drac gloves, Gores, Ravenfrost, 10% FCR ring. 2X Wizardspikes on switch.

Now fill your inventory with poison charms.

Merc: Act1 with Faith bow

Basically you'd just teleport around very quicky and and fire arrows at people. You have high life, defense, stacked resists, and are a very fast teleporter.


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Well, HoTO would be nice, but Wizardspike might be better for general teleing.

The guess the +3 will give you more +skills... but besides lowering mana cost, I don't see why it would be more effective than Wizzy.