PvP WereBear Questions


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PvP WereBear Questions

Is it a good idea to use 160/60 max on a pvp maul bear. Or does it not comply as well as it did in .09

Also would a 6 socketed phase blade with 3x sheal 2x 40/15ias and 1x eth be better then 4x sheal 2x 40/15ias jewels? Please leave ur answers here. Thanks
1. ed/max jewels are bugged
get 40ed/9str jewels if u dont care for legit or u cannot afford legit

2. u cannot reach the 4 frame speed with 3shael 2X40ed/15ias/eth

u need 110ias in a phase to reach 4frame speed



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yea, the eth option was only in 1.09, for the people who wanted to exploit the bug (b/c bears have bad AR to begin w/). However, even then the eth option wasn't a good idea.. you can get much more damaging 5fpa weapons, and it's fairly easy to stack AR.

now that it's 1.10 and eth works correctly, it's an even WORSE idea to use eth in the setup. 4fpa is gonna be your best bet: go 4x shael and 2x ed/ias


P.S. guess was right about the armor too, str would be better cause of non-weapon max dmg bug.

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did you read the previous thread you made? these questions were already answered to you. in the thread and by the person u keep PM'ing. it explains why max dmg isnt so great in armors anymore. AND, if you have read victus's guide, it explains why ed isnt so helpful for phase blade WB'ers.

again, victus's guide explains a proper socketing for a phase blade. 1.10 fixed the eth bugged, it is a disavantage to have the little help from eth than having a 4fpa attack.
now, if you use TheDragoon's calculator, you'll find out if u REALLY want to use eth, or want to do more damage or whatever. you can have a Lo and an extra ed/ias (instead of a shael) for still a 5fpa. thats from the top of my head. try using his calculator. try refering to the other thread you made.