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PvP Week 8 - Match Reports

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by nulio, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. nulio

    nulio Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 7, 2009
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    PvP Week 8 - Match Reports

    DISCLAIMER My memory sucks and I'm generally lazy. If your nick, character(s) name(s), build(s) are wrong, or if I made you look like a wuss but in fact you were the bravest warrior ever to set foot in the Moor, just let me know and I'll edit the thread.

    PvP Week 8 started! Oh and in a great way indeed! We had a full game for a nice period of time, several players killing each other fiercely, good-companionship among warriors and... theft. WHERE'S MY GOLD CAPTAINCAPSLOCK? :p

    First maxicek hosted, I got there a bit late:

    Ghost-Factory, a Windy by Liquid_Evil
    Decay, a Boner by janooo (haha nice pun)
    Atalanta, a Bowazon by maxicek
    Zareta, a FOer by Face
    CAPTAINCAPSLOCK, a 2H Charger by omgwtfbbqpwned
    Geada, an ES Blizzer by nulio
    Youmu, a ghost by frozzzen
    Aidan, a sin by mir
    ... I remember some more joined this first game but...

    The FFA were balanced, but I played just a few. I probably rocked and everyone is still looking for their ears.

    Then we made teams. Ghosty, Atalanta, CAPSIE and Youmu on one side and Aidan, Decay, Zareta and Geada on the other. I remember this also balanced, maybe team one had more wins.

    Youmu locked her WW more than once, making her an easy target. Had to let her catch me sometimes to let WW stop and her to die ^^ I remember one game when only her was left, and three of us was just attacking/casting stuff on top of her while she was WWing following me teleporting, too bad I didn't screenshot it.

    Atalanta was always dangerous to me since I wasn't landing my blizzards much, Ghosty not as much, since he needed to get very close and my blizzards would damage him a lot. CAPSIE was the most dangerous, but only needed one blizz to die.

    Then we moved to my host:

    Shepherd, Rabies by Liquid_Evil
    Decay, a Boner by janooo (haha nice pun)(twice!)
    Inigo_Montoya, a tele smiter by maxicek
    Vulcan, a shifter by Face(???)
    CAPTAINCAPSLOCK, a 2H Charger by omgwtfbbqpwned
    Geada, an ES Blizzer by nulio
    Youmu, a ghost by frozzzen
    Assassin, a V/T by Pyrohemia
    Rena, a c/c trapper by frozzzen
    ... I remember some more joined this game also but since it was briefly I can't remember who.

    We started with teams duels:

    Shepherd, Decay and Geada (later Assassin joined) versus rest (frozzzen changed to Rena after some games).

    In my mind this wasn't very balanced, team one dominated the first games. Everybody was afraid of the bite making the life easier for the casters to land stuff and we were grouped most of the time, making their approach harder. Geada's Blizzards had various one hit kills, that wouldn't happen in 1vs1 matches probably.

    I tried to protect the team with blizzards and would start being offensive when other team was scattered.

    Then it got more balanced in the middle.

    The paladins and their charges were always dangerous and if I ventured into their zone I would be easily killed. Inigo_Montoya and CAPSIE probably had nightmares with my blizzards :p but they got their revenges in some games. The trapper is always strong.

    After that I hosted again:

    Penthesilea, a Bowie by nulio
    Assassin, a V/T by Pyrohemia
    dindin, a V/T by treno (joined later)

    I was raped. I still don't know how to play her well and once they got close it was very hard for her. Still managed to have some (one each? ^^) kills.

    Great games! :D

    Please tell the tales from your point of view and what I may have missed. :thumbup:

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    Last edited: Dec 7, 2011
  2. Pyrohemia

    Pyrohemia Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 21, 2007
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    Re: PvP Week 8 - Match Reports

    A match report for part of day 2, requested here by nulio.

    My impression of the very last part of day 1 on nulio's host with V/T, V/T, and a bowie.
    The bowie was quite squishy, but also very painful if left ignored to focus on the other paladin. I was repeatedly crushed by treno's V/T at the start. After I grew more accustomed to my brand new character, and stuck on a stormshield as a DR switch, things evened out. I had the upper hand on the FoH side, but treno would generally come out ahead going smite vs smite.

    Come to my host, though, and we will see whose zerker is longer than whose phase blade. ;)
  3. nulio

    nulio Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 7, 2009
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    Re: PvP Week 8 - Match Reports

    December 6th, Day 2 of PvP Week 8

    I started hosting later than we usually start and had to stop soonish also.
    Even so we had several characters, and if we hadn't a full game,
    we were very close.

    Penthesilea, a Bowie by nulio
    Youmu, a ghost by frozzzen
    Khorrun, a barb by mir
    Erica_Fade, a sin by mir
    Aidan, a sin by mir
    Soft_Pillows, a zon by omg
    Trinity, a sin by maxicek
    Zhora, a zon? by maxicek
    BillyBlaze, a fire druid by Kimppi
    dindin, a V/T by treno
    Assassin, a V/T by Pyrohemia
    PedoBear, a mauler by omg (just to block stash...)
    Stratos, a windy by frozzzen

    I can't remember much since I forgot to report the matches sooner...
    but I remember it was awesome, lot's of kills and deaths for everyone.

    I do remember that I tried to kill BillyBlaze several times without success,
    because he would run away and eventually someone would either kill me or him...

    Then when we started team playing, he ended up in my team... ^^

    My second day with the zon had better results, but there's much to practice
    and some builds just own her easily... damn you chargers/smithers!

    From the other days that maxicek hosted and I joined, I can just say that we
    had a lot of fun. This PvP week was awesome and it's just a pity that more
    players didn't join in the last days. The first where I tried three different
    characters, and I promise a fourth one in next.
  4. janooo

    janooo Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 26, 2010
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    Re: PvP Week 8 - Match Reports

    Day 1:
    See players & builds above in post 1.

    I joined short after maxicek hosted the game. Early on I mainly fought against Face's FO sorc. We killed each other several times, it was pretty balanced between the two of us.
    Also tried chasing maxicek's Bowazon several times, used Bone Walls as obstacles, but I can't recall any occassions where those stopped her so it seems I need further practice with that :p
    I fought against every char, except nulio's ES sorc. Somehow we missed each other on the Moor this time (at least I don't have an ear of her - but I guess this is not surprising).

    Then we started team play. My main tactic was to make a huge shield out of bone walls and spamming away Spirits from behind. It worked for a while.
    Liquid_Evil's druid was very dangerous to me. He killed me several times, or left me with tiny life, and the others was able to finish his job.

    After switching to nulio's host, it became a bit one-sided. We had several match when we managed to kill the other team without anyone dying from our side. 1, 2, 3.
    frozzzen's trapsin, Rena was the greatest threat to my char, she killed me twice here.
    I left 20 minutes after we joined nulio's host.

    Day 2: I wasn't around :(

    Day 3:

    We started on maxicek's host again. There was 5 guys around already when I joined:

    Yyrkoon, a Bone necro by maxicek
    Kyuubey, a BvC by frozzzen
    Erica_Fade, a Ghost by mir
    Mort, a Poison necro by zemaj
    Vulcan, a Bear by Face
    I joined with Decay, my Bone necro

    My very first match was awsome, I must say :p.
    I don't think I faced either Mort, Vulcan or Erica_Fade in this match. Probably they fought each other and I hit them with lucky Spirits/Spears. Then the two of us left with frozzzen's barb. I tried to tank him first and spammed Spirits when he was near and Spears when he teleported on top of me. He almost killed me, so I had to flee. He started chasing me and my only chance was spamming some Spirits away while teleporting away from him. Luckily I survived but probably only because I equipped 'Spirit' sword before this match.
    After a couple matches, mir switched to Khorrun (BvC), zemaj to Astra (ES Fire sorc) and frozz to Railgun (Bowazon).
    We had some great matches with Astra, it was pretty even as I recall. I tried to make a shield out of Bone Walls just like in Day 1 (ofc every Fireball destroyed a Wall). After some spamming of Walls and Fireballs, Astra teleported behind the walls and I managed to kill her.
    Unfortunately, frozz was dropped out after some matches and was unable to come back.
    Face switched to his FO sorc, Zareta and mir came back with Erica_Fade. Pyro also joined with Assassin (V/T).
    After a few more match :p, mir switched to Aidan this time (Trapsin), and we made teams.

    It was a 2 vs 3: Yyrkoon & Assassin vs. Aidan, Zareta & Decay.
    These matches were even, I think both teams won 2 times. We played defensively in the first couple matches, I made Walls, mir put traps around them and Face spammed Frozen Orbs. We kinda tried to protect that corner. We managed to kill Yyrkoon, then started chasing Assassin and the 3 of us caught him finally. In the last match, they just pwned us though :p
    I played a bit more than an hour on Wednesday.

    I will try to continue and make writeup from the rest of the days.

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