PvP Week 15 - Come and try it!


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PvP Week 15

15 PvP weeks spread over the last seven years. This has to be one of the longest running series in the SPF, after the MFO of course. And you lucky people get to participate in both in one month. Level your character in the MFO, play it in PvP week. Ideal.

If you have never PvPed before, this is a great chance to get started. You can get advice on building your character, and if you are nice you may even get some gear gifted to you. So put away some of your preconceived ideas about PvP. Not everyone has amazing gear, and not everyone has amazing skills. Just give it a go.

PvP week 14 is here. Join in, make new friends. And try to kill them.

When will PvP week be?
Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd September 2015

What is PvP Week?
I think after all the PvP weeks we have done already most people know by now. It is a week of PvP games, intended to be a friendly way to introduce new players to high level duelling. I used to write that it was non competitive, but who am I kidding? Everyone wants to win. Let’s just say it isn”t a competition. If you are new to PvP but worried about getting smeared all over the Blood Moor, don’t be. Your new character may have a steep learning curve, but it is everyone’s interests that you enjoy it and keep playing. Players can split into teams to even out skill levels. Don’t expect to win every duel either though :)

What happens in PvP Week?
- You will get the best idea by reading the write ups from all the previous PvP weeks - see the list at the bottom of this post.
- The idea is a PvP game, every night, for a week. You don’t have to play every night, but you can.
- PvP week is all about high level, bad manners rules duelling, hell difficulty on The Blood Moor.
- You can ask any questions in this thread or The PvP Thread
- Please make sure your characters are up to date in The PvP Thread.

The Rules
- We play in 1.13d.

If you haven”t PvPed in a while, check the rules. These are quite new.

General PvP rules:
1. Mana potions are allowed for all classes (except for the ES sorceress).
1. a) It is allowed to drop potions in front of blood moor entrance. Same applies to arrows.
2. No minions that cannot be summoned in town with the exception of Decoy.
3. Replenish life is capped at 50.
4. Slow is capped at 10%.
5. Poison damage from charms is not capped at all.

6. Banned skill are: Slow Missiles, Holy Freeze, Mediation, Prayer, Cleansing, Iron Maiden, Decrepify, Bone Prison, Life Tap and Clay Golem. Those skills are banned in any form or shape, regardless of their source. (Doom, Exile, Lawbringer etc)
6. a) Items containing banned skills charges aren’t banned but using those charges is. (Marrowwalks, Sanctuary etc)
7. Cold Mastery is capped at one point only for Blizzard sorceress class.
8. All charges from items are allowed, with exception of banned skills. (Oak from Hoto is allowed, Wolves from Crescent moon are allowed)
8. a) Lower resists from wand charges is only allowed in team duels.
9. You can re-cast Bone Armor and Cyclone Armor.

10. Maximum resists are capped at 85 without any absorb.
11. 75 resists + 20% absorb is allowed, 80 resists + 12% sorb is allowed.
12. Two Ravenfrosts are allowed as long as you have 175 cold resists or less.
13. Banned items: 1.07 LoH, Rising Sun, Blackoak Shield, Hotspurs, Thundergod”s Vigor.
14. Resistance stack is not counted as absorb.

15. Call to arms can be used from stash for all classes (no buffing with any additional items, including shields; just gear you use)
16. ES can be prebuffed with maximum two items
17. Prebuff is fine for low tier pvp characters (Cold armor sorcs, wolfbarbs, fuzzydodgers etc)

So What Is This Thread For?
Any questions, pre-match banter, post-match analysis, videos, screenshots, basically anything that you like related to PvP Week.

I’m not going to do a sign up table, but if you are in, please post. Especially if you can help with the hosting.

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So main event of the year is here. OP!

Also Daz, just in case you haven't see, I replied on your question about pvp in PvP thread in the stickies.


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I plan to join.

I'll check my host before the PvP week to see if it's a capable host.


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I'll be around for sure.

Hopefully we have some new faces around. I'll be spaming people to join !


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Just bumping thread saying we are playing every day for like 3-4 hours, but no one has time to post about the matches.


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This PvP week is rather disappointing consisting of only 4 players who play frequently. Rest either don't play, or they played very little. Where are you, people? Completely lost interest in PvP or just busy with other things? Despite lack of players, matches are still great, but it would be good if here and there someone else joins the battles as well.


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Might join if timezones are not a problem because ill be free in 3-4 hours

Plus i got a few tokens so i can finally respec for pvps

Btw whos hosting? I think i could host if needed