PvP Week 13 - Come on, you know you want to!


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PvP Week 13

PvP week 13 is here. The third PvP week of the year - I think this may be a record!

Join in, make new friends. And try to kill them.

When will PvP week be?
Thursday 11th to Wednesday 17th September 2014
That gives us a weekend near the beginning, which should work quite nicely.

What is PvP Week?
I think after all the PvP weeks we have done already most people know by now. It is a week of PvP games, intended to be a friendly way to introduce new players to high level duelling. I used to write that it was non competitive, but who am I kidding? Everyone wants to win. Lets just say it isnt a competition. If you are new to PvP but worried about getting smeared all over the Blood Moor, dont be. Your new character may have a steep learning curve, but it is everyones interests that you enjoy it and keep playing. Players can split into teams to even out skill levels. Dont expect to win every duel either though :)

What happens in PvP Week?
- You will get the best idea by reading the write ups from all the previous PvP weeks - see the list at the bottom of this post.
- The idea is a PvP game, every night, for a week. You dont have to play every night, but you can.
- PvP week is all about high level, bad manners rules duelling. Im not planning to include any low fat, sugar free alternatives like aLLD18 or LLD30.
- You can ask any questions in this thread or The PvP Thread
- Please make sure your characters are up to date in The PvP Thread
- Im not doing the write ups, I need a volunteer please!

I want to have a go, but I have never played PvP before - How do I get started?
If you want to play but havent played before, are here to help you. We can even supply the gear, but you will need to level the character. All you need to do is ask for help in this thread or the The PvP Thread.

The Rules
- We play in 1.13d, Hell difficulty.

This is the first time we have used these rules in a PvP week, so everybody have a read.

General PvP rules:
1. Mana potions are allowed for all classes (except for the ES sorceress).
1. a) It is allowed to drop potions in front of blood moor entrance. Same applies to arrows.
2. No minions that cannot be summoned in town with the exception of Decoy.
3. Replenish life is capped at 50.
4. Slow is capped at 10%.
5. Poison damage from charms is not capped at all.

6. Banned skill are: Slow Missiles, Holy Freeze, Mediation, Prayer, Cleansing, Iron Maiden, Decrepify, Bone Prison, Life Tap and Clay Golem. Those skills are banned in any form or shape, regardless of their source. (Doom, Exile, Lawbringer etc)
6. a) Items containing banned skills charges arent banned but using those charges is. (Marrowwalks, Sanctuary etc)
7. Cold Mastery is capped at one point only for Blizzard sorceress class.
8. All charges from items are allowed, with exception of banned skills. (Oak from Hoto is allowed, Wolves from Crescent moon are allowed)
8. a) Lower resists from wand charges is only allowed in team duels.
9. No recasting Cyclone and Bone Armor.

10. Maximum resists are capped at 85 without any absorb.
11. 75 resists + 20% absorb is allowed, 80 resists + 12% sorb is allowed.
12. Two Ravenfrosts are allowed as long as you have 175 cold resists or less.
13. Banned items: 1.07 LoH, Rising Sun, Blackoak Shield, Hotspurs, Thundergods Vigor.
14. Resistance stack is not counted as absorb.

15. Call to arms can be used from stash for all classes (no buffing with any additional items, including shields; just gear you use)
16. ES can be prebuffed with maximum two items
17. Prebuff is fine for low tier pvp characters (Cold armor sorcs, wolfbarbs, fuzzydodgers etc)

(Grip if you have a later one please let me know. This one was found here)

So What Is This Thread For?
Any questions, pre-match banter, post-match analysis, videos, screenshots, basically anything that you like related to PvP Week.

Im not going to do a sign up table, but if you are in, please post. Especially if you can help with the hosting.

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Ok someone gieb me a bowa or mage real quick. :p

Not 100% sure I can participate a lot because my first (busy) semester of grad school is about to start, but whatevs better start now rather than never


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Pvp week? Sounds good. But I'm worried a little. That Nagisas OPtrapper is scaring me to the bones. Last time we faced, he pwned me so easily I thought he is some kind of robot, and not human. Also that Frozzzens Joanna is unbeatable. Tier 13 build that kills everything and is almost unkillable. How to play like that, how?


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I think the latest rules draft/discussion had Bone Armor recast possible :D

As soon as I can I'll test the connection I'll have for the PvP week. *crossing fingers*


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Almost there, just few more days. So quiet in here, I hope to see full room as during previous PvP weeks. There are rumours 7500 life trapper will make appearance on this PvP. Im a little bit afraid of that thing, but we will see will this actually happen.


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<nulio>hmm I can bring something like 6.5k life 850 mana lvl 45 LS 43DR trapper to pvp week

<Grip previous post> Don't be scurred, just put Wisp on!


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Houston we have a problem ...

My computer hard drive crashed completely this morning. At the moment I can't even see files on it.
The new one will be with me tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to get it up and running in time!

I will keep you all posted, at the very least I should be able to host (different computer).


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OK, D2 Installed, stashes sorted. Just need to sort out port forwarding on new router and we are there.

PvP week will start about 21.30 European time, 20.30 UK.


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Time for first day writeup! Day one was, as usual, big PvP day. We even have new players as well as surprising builds on Blood Moor.

Maxicek - Trapper
Nagisa - Bow/Kick Assassin
Nagisa - WW barb (yes, you read it well!)
Nagisa - OPblizzardsorc
Frozzzen - Regen Paladin
Frozzzen - Vampire
Pharphis - Paladin Mage
CDM - lamerdin
Colony - Paladin Mage
Colony - Ghost
Grip - Zealchantress
Grip - Leaper barb
Grip - Fireball sorc
Mir - Smite/Foh
Nulio - Trapper

First, welcome Pharphis to PvP! His PvP career started with big ffa win right away. He killed my barb, trapper, god knows who else. We knew his FoH skills will make him good right from the start.

As usual, we started with FFA. I was testing Zealchantress, Frozzz had his OP regen charger, Nagi played with Kick/Bow and soon swapped to BvC, Mir with his paladin and Phar with Mage. Froz dominated those rounds, simply too stronk to beat. Phar did good given it was his first PvP experience. Ah yes, at some point Pharphis asked what thing is knockbacking him back. Someone trolled him it was because of mindblast from Assassin, but I didn't feel like trolling new player and told him its knocback from barb's Leap.

After that new people arrived, Max with trapper, Froz swapped to Vampire, I took barb... That Vampire was suddenly tier 0 character out there, winning most FFA matches. He even managed to kill trapper several times god knows how! He struggled against leaps from barbs though. His Lower Resist was ugly with trapper around. One wrong tele and traps killed you in a few seconds.

There was some entertaining stuff as well. Waste is Nagisa's BvC.

I heard he tried to clear Den of Evil, but creeps were too strong for him (p6 I think) so he died and left the game to retrieve corpse. So folks, I think conclusion is clear here. If you can clear Den of Evil on p6 without any problem, your char is already stronger than some PvP characters and you can join in for some killing!

Despite what wastefull death, he performed great given the 300 ping and lolbuild like BvC. Here he killed a big fish, Maxicek's trapper:

With better ping and with some practice, there is a lot of what Waste can do.

There were some team battles then. Mir left, Col and CDM joined with their loladins. We changed teams many times so I didn't keep track of what happened. Froz Vampire finally wasn't dominating, he was actually more of a food now. In some point I joined with my firesorc to die a horrible death during first two team battles. Both times it was Nagi's fault, teled right into Blizzard and lost almost all HP immediately. Nulio joined with his Trapper for a single match, he made Moor sweep and discoed complaining about bad connection.

After that there were FFA matches with Col + Mage, Nagi + blizzardsorc, Max + trapper and me + firesorc. I think Nagi did best in those FFA matches, at least he had most kills. I know he killed me more time than I killed him which is impressive for average-geared blizzardsorc vs godly-geared firesorc. Max left the game, and there were 3 of us. Col swapped to his Ghost and he now killed us with few deaths himself.

In the end, Froz wanted to keep track of kill-death ratio. Well don't know who did this, but from all battles I say best kill-death ratio goes to Froz since he dominated whole FFA with 2 of his characters, and Nagi was second who didn't start well with assassin and BvC, but made a lot of kills with blizzardsorc. Killing my firesorc like 10 times counts as 2 points actually. We knew on IRC who will do best so this is not surprising for most of us at all. Ofc best k/d ratio goes to Nulio who killed all without a death in single team battle, but we won't count that. Still surprising factor 0.

Hope to see you today!


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Yesterday was fun. It was nice to see lolbuilds actually making majority of crowd. So poor Phar joined on day where everything was in chaos. Iron maiden, 2.5 screen leapbarbs, troling on generally high level etc.

<harurun>you dont know what its like to lose to full trangs necro <_<
<harurun>cant even claim wealth cuz lolwat

Agreed. Must say that I improved Trangnec a bit. Now he actually has all sockets on set filled and swapped natpeace for wisp. Nuliosorc and maxi's trapper were a but too much for tier 5 build to handle so hopefully this helps a bit.

Anyway, good day hope to see more. Hopefully we didn't scare Phar away. Also, we need videos. Much videos. I wonder if phar can stream this thing...