Pvp tourney idea


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Im interested in how many people would be interested ina pvp tourney?

What would be more viable? 1v1 or tvt?

Lets say people get pitted against an opponent, shouls the class of the opponent be hidden?

Prizes? Id throw in some runes.

Rules? General pvp + version restrictions? Ideas?

Id like to hear your thoughts and ideas.
I doubt i could organize this solo.


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Oh boy, I just imagined the walls of text Grip and froz might post on this subject.

I'm ok with turney, but with a good host. I died on yours several times to lag, which I don't remember happening with max's, even if his has a bigger delay.


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Im pretty sure we can figure out a suitable host, i have a few dedi plans in mind.

Without grips and froz's wall of text it wouldnt be the same


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No wallz of text from me, sorry.

I can give potential ideas about format. We could have several different formats at the same time in single tourney.

One could be simple elimination tourney until winner is decided.

Second could be something similar to what d2jsp guys have. Click

Third is to have long term tourney (no limit basically) similar to what there already was before: every time someone battles someone else, they gain points depending on score. Then tables are updated with points etc...

Fourth could be some potential 2v2 tournament within all 3 ideas.

But first we need to solve stable host problem for sure.


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I tried running a single pass (Normal) LLD tourney back in the day, but only two or three people finished building their characters


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We don't have too many people pvping at all,let alone LLD(i would gladly LLD there's was enough ppl).

I'm looking into a dedi to host(sort of broke atm) so might take a week till i can pay for it.
I hope to find a reliable EU host so everybody could enjoy a lag free pvp environment.

Hope some ppl will help me test the upcoming dedi as soon as i can get my hands on it(dont want to buy some trashy one).


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Sigh, since it's expected to have walls of text I'll do my best to live up to hype.

First of all, there were some attempts to get some tournaments up. All failed. Any sort of ladder system was abandoned month after start because players would simply lose interest, there wouldn't be any games, hosts etc. It's just not sustainable after long period of time and ladders went pretty much: who played more had more points was placed higher on ladder regardless of their win percentage.
There have been FFA tournaments but it was mostly picking on pray of your class (going for bowazon with your charger etc). I don't think there could be such thing as FFA tourney tbh.
Don't think there was ever elimination style tournament on SPF, but if you decide to organize one, I'd strongly advise double elimination because, in words of nulio, diablo pvp is very rock/paper/scissors like. I'd probably suggest DE format because it reduces your chances of being placed in situation where you face your worst counter you have no chance to win against (for example barb vs hammer) and get eliminated because of bad matchup. DE does mitigate it slightly. Not reliable but it would reduce number of *I just can't pass this build in elimination tourney* situations.

Second thing is player mentality.
It might be only me, but when you are in sort of *official competitive environment* you will go by the rules and ensure that you have highest chance of winning before even starting match. If that means stacking any -ress, getting whatever +maxress you can, removing other unneeded ress charms to increase your mana pool etc. Even if good necro will tear trapper apart in 1v1, he should still be using 85 fr/lr to because rules do allow so. Even if it's already bad matchup, it will only get worse in official matches. This really isn't case in ffa. Those duels are more relaxed and casual so you don't need to go with big guns to ensure win. You win or lose doesn't matter. That's one of charms of SPF. It's not super serious and players can enjoy it.
And I don't think I'm only one. iirc there was tournament on SPF long ago before I even pvp'd and reading it you could find complains about sorcs playing extremely defensive not even appearing on your screen (those were days when there were no high runes for enigma so they had gross advantage) hammerdins just charging away from you and spamming hammers in defensive manner and trappers sitting in traps shooting venom enhanced guided arrows at you. Doesn't really sound like nice experience. Chances are, everyone's playstyle would alter as result of having official matches, even unconsciously. I know I probably would and I don't like it.
On d2jsp dueling threads you can find threads that are full of pride and ego rather than actual dueling because people are taking this stuff too seriously in competitive environment. Now, I'm sure it wouldn't be the case with SPF, but as Yoda said, *once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny*.

That being said I wouldn't mind joining tourney if we make it in spirit of SPF. Be casual about it and don't introduce big prizes. Difference is from *I must win this thing* to *heh let's have fun* if winner can change others users avatars, make them write poetry, watch bad movie or something equally silly compared to winning Tyrael's Might as prize. Sure tourney can work but it would require some fine-tuning to make it both accessible and fun while still retaining fair amount of competitiveness.
It would need to be short for easier organization, with some videos for thread about it, writeups and similar stuff, carry enough weight for it to be competitive without being too serious, with format though out well enough to ensure you don't get OHKO'd without any real chance to perform in tourney.

tl;dr above ^


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If I didn't have so big internet issues, I would put "didn't read LOL" gif here.

I think regular playing is competitive enough as it is, even though I wouldn't mind having a chance to win yet another Tyrael's. Agreed.

I vote for no prizes and "let's have some fun" kind of tournamet if idea will stay alive.


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You could always make every entrant into the tournament keep the same gear for every duel. Then you'd have to be more balanced and not totally negate some characters in 1v1.

It sounds fun, but I agree that more casual would be best.


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Yes, you could make people post a readout of the gear they'll be using.

Also, there are modes that are more fair than elimination or ladder mode, such as the pool system, where everyone has to fight everyone, and if you do an even nr of fights between players, a win can be 1 point, draw 0.5, loss 0.
With 8 people, everyone would have to fight 7 people, if that's too many for a first try, we can do pools of 4, then the best 2 in each pool battle it out in semi-final and final.


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Im actually for the "lets have fun" type of tourney. Still thinking what would be the best format so its not too hardcore.

The pool system might be the most fair.

At first i didnt think this would be this hard to make more fun less competitive.

A know a few people who pvp with rwm so i dont wont to lose those players
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Pool system seems the fairest.
I suggest that we restrict everyone to one inventory full of items, no swapping items in after tourney starts.
Also I think we should review the rules on recasting of Cyclone Armour, maybe bone too.


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I don't think we need to review recasting of those things.
CA is fine because most casters these days have high burst damage that can plow trough CA easily. Trappers have low burst comparatively, but.. gl vs trapper with windy anyway.
And bone armor also seems fine. It was traded for Clay Golem and imo it was fine trade. Every single physical damage dealer - bowazon, ghost/kicker, bvc, smiter, shapeshifters will be better off without slow golem even if CA recast does present problem for them. Plus, there are classes that are simply better with having no CG - IAS + elemental based classes such as javazons, rabies druids and zealsorcs.

As far as actual tournament goes, I'd say it would be best to send PM class and item readouts to tournament host as to avoid R/P/S and picking classes that would have advantages over others.

Also on matter of version restrictions. The more restrictions you give, the less options have people to pick from. And oldies in pvp scene are working towards getting good gear to new players. Delsy got beta cta and 1.07 Shako couple weeks ago. If anyone asks we will try and get you stuff to be more competitive and to even playing field.


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So far this is only an idea since its hard to set up rules that wouldnt cripple some players which play with some self restrictions.
The more i think, the harder it seems to organize such a thing.


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No need to be negative. I don't see any problem really.

Round-robin, current rules. Maybe restricting one inventory (backpack + stash).

We can discuss the rules after the turney. Let's say with current rules windy wins the turney. So what? At least we will have better view on the subject. It's counterproductive to discuss the rules before the turney.

And dOOmaz, you came up with all of this, so don't fall down on spirit so easily. :p


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I want to stay as positive as i can.
Ill buy a dedi today, might need a few people to test if they setup it till the evening.