PvP throw barb

I use my own screen capture program to record some of my D2 moments. i like fraps since its free, designed for gaming and very simple to start up. However, when your already lagging in PvP, the last thing you want is your PC to pause while it's trying to record what your doing whilst playing the game.
On topic: a fully synergized leap attack gets over 1000%ED with just 1 synergy. The problem is that the time it takes to jump the person moves or attackas you, so i dont think its worth considering it for more than 1 point in PvP.
I thinka good PvP character should (with some equipment changes maybe) be able to defeat hell with the same build that they fight with. Although there are some speciliased builds that wont, most PvPers should be able to, unless there n00bs.


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fbob - I think you have leap confused with leap attack. I'm recommending that whomhead put some points in leap for the hidden knockback bonus (not mentioned anywhere in game). Basically when you land from a leap, everything within a certain radius gets knocked back and sent into double hit recovery, including other players. At skill level 18, this radius is pretty much the entire visible screen on 800x600 resolution.

Of course, a true leap attack barb is possible as well. The trick is to get somewhat close to them, stun them by leaping in place, then leap attacking as they're stunned.