PvP throw barb


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PvP throw barb

Can they be viable in PvP?

Do people usually go with double throw and forego the shield, or do they go some other route?

WHat sort of weapons do people use? I've got an ethereal Lacerator which is the reason I want to make this build. I assume the better option would be an uber crafted 530% ED 40%IAS Flying Axe?

I'm imagining a double throw build something like this...
BO - 20
Throw mastery - 20
Double swing - 20
Double throw - 1
Nat Res - 4

That's about as far as I've got planned. I know I can get this build through to Pat, so what do I do with the extra skills? Is Battle Cry effective in PvP? War Cry? Is it worth going for Shout if I don't have a shield? Should I put 20 in Berzerk for that juicy little 20% damage converted to magic? Is there anything else I'm forgetting?

Gear-wise I'm thinking
Arreats... would Giant Skull be better? CoA?
Leviathan, Stone, Up'ed Shaftstop
Groovy crafted gloves with Knockback/IAS/Dex/Resists* (unless I go with the Giant Skull, then what?)
Eth Lacerator/ the best craft I can get my mits on
Angelic Amy
Charms for FHR, FRW, resists, damage, AR, and Life.

If I go with a shield, then I imagine it would be my Um'ed Stormshield.

Comments? Thoughts? OMFG j00 wil git PWND!!11? nub?

*As soon as I find something like this, that is
OMFG j00 wil git PWND!!11eleven!one!!
Anyway, i'd recommend putting pointas in faster run/walk, even if its only a couple, since a build like this isnt going to kill someone incredibly quick, so be prepared to run.
Have a look at the thrower guide in the barb forum, it has some good info on PvP items, but beware, there's lots of old [color] tags which can make it hard to read.
I know there were some duelers in 1.09 who had throwbarbs.

They often dualwielded Cruel Winged Harpoon of Quickness and using Double throw and I think they were rather successful. On Switch they often used +3 War Cry skills Javelins.
The gear looks rather good but remember that knockback often is banned in PvP.

I think that Lacerator is a good option but Amp damage is restrickted and can only be used for Necromancers so that item is also not alowed in PvP when using a barb. But use it for leveling, very good option.

Try out Hyperion Javelins which can cause a good blow, IIRC Cruel Hyperion Javelins can be used at level 48 which is early for Cruel Elite weapons

Nothing to say about skillpoints looks to be placed well, I would put the rest in Increased Speed and shout.

Increased speed is very goods to have when playing throwbarb as you will be using throw and move tactics when dueling.

Well Good Luck


Sint Nikolaas

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Yes, throwbarbs really are viable. In fact they can surprise you pleasently.

Throwbarbs use no shield, you can go hybrid and have WW on switch, but you really don't need it.

The skills really are somewhat odd, you don't need to max out double throw. It will only give you extra AR. You need to max BO and double swing. The rest is up to you, suggested at least is maxing throwing mastery. With that you just spend 70 points with some 1-point wonders and prereqs. Then you can choose.. Shout, Double Throw, WW, Increase Speed, Natural Resist.. Warcry would be usefull however, with no FCR you really don't want to use it during battle. :rolleyes:

Gear wise, you'll have to remember a couple of rules we tend to use on Single Player.. no knockback or ctc for example (so not those godly gloves you listed or giant skull). You will have to focus on speed and survivability. Running around with a jewels armor with 60 IAS (+second mods) is really one of your best options, however CoH would suit you too.
Remember that you're not a tank. So instead of relying on alot of DR you should opt for more resists and instead of high defence you should opt for more AR. You are a caster, only you're still doing physical damage. Arreat's and Gore's are given, however the rest really is anything to raise your weaknesses. Angelic combo is often used, I am a fan of the Trang Oul belt because of it's CBF and the allmighty +66 to life.. great for a barb, and you can use a second ring of choice (or dual angelics for even more AR). The gloves can differ from bloodfists to steelrends, if you have godly rares with 20IAS / resists / stats.. those are king.

For weapons.. you got to make a choice.
Axes: damage is pretty decent, shorter range, somewhat slower. The axes are nice weapons, however not often used because of the shorter range. You can't hit the side of the screen with them, meaning you need to be pretty close to hit your opponent. The elite axes are quite nice though.
Knifes: damage is lower, mediocore range, fast. If you want to be a machine gun load up on IAS and grab a pair of Warshrikes. The damage is good and the speed is something special. Also not often used because the range and damage together could be lacking.
Javelins: damage good, long range, slower. Javelins are the most used throwing weapons. The damage is sweet and the range really is the thing that makes the difference. Slower weapons can be overcome by loading up on IAS, making these the best picks. The elites are good enough to use.. note one thing though: javelins have the lowest stacksize of the three, so be prepared to run around a little as they replenish.
The best would be rare Etheral winged harpoons/ghost glaives with 40 IAS, fools, fast replenish (there are more replenish rates) and stats. Leech will help you trough the game.. but is nerved in PvP.

Looking at your charms, this is where you should get your nuances. More FHR, resists and maybe even important: quite some FRW! Never forget about that. Running is a sweet thing for this build, and I don't mean you'll allways be running away :)

The thrower really is a class apart and you'll have a hell of a time creating one. They are sweet stuff and when played correctly one of the toughest builds out there to face. Stroodle made a thrower and named him God. Nuff said? :uhhuh:

EDIT: made it more readable..


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I have rarely heard of Non-Hybrid Double Throwers, I see two routes:

1. Double Throw with Spear for WW on 2nd hand
2. Single Throw+WW with Shield

However, I think Strijdje made a thread about this some time ago, go search for it.


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Thanks for the help!

I totally forgot about the no-go on knockback and about the ctc amp on Lacerator. This make Warshrike sound like a pretty solid option. Especially with the high Deadly Strike chance I'll have with maxed Throw Mastery.

I don't really see the benefit to having a 60% IAS armor since Double Throw is already insanely fast. It seems like the thing to go for primarily would be resists, life, enhanced damage, and FHR. Is it reasonable to concentrate less on DR/MDR because this guys is ranged?

I guess Steelrends would be a solid option for gloves, though I'll have to make up the resists with charms. I can handle that though.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Sint Nikolaas

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Also, take a look at Crowcaw :) rarely used but quite cunning. IMO speed still is quite important, however, you can get by with less.


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I'll share my experience with my throw barb.

I loaded him up with IAS and FRW. He was awesome to play. Almost no one could catch him, and he could spray the screen with cruel javs (bought at Anya) in no time. With the fast attack rate, you can take most things down in no time.


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NSXdreamer said:
Not sure on dr for ranged char, but mdr is pretty useless I think. OW is however quite useful.

MDR isn't useless, I once dueled against barb who stacked MDR - my bonespirits couldn't even sctrach him.

Sint Nikolaas

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I did some looking up and forgot about some stuff..

You can get this guy good gear quite cheaply :D IMO one of the best setups:
(upped) Arreat's face IAS/something Jewel.
(upped) Crowcaw IAS/something Jewel.
Angelic Amulet
Angelic Ring
IK Gloves
IK Belt
IK Boots
Weapons.. your pick.. try some fast ones or some high damage ones.
With this setup you'll get 75/60/75/60 orso in NM (duel land) so you only need to stack some charms to get cold and poison up.
Switching the belt out for Thundergods won't really matter in resistance view, but using IK belt as a standard will give better bonusses.
With some nice rare javelins you should be able to get around 2k+ average damage, and the OW on crowcaw will trigger when slinging those javelins at your opponent.
Also when using upped crowcaw you should be able to get around 10k def which is nothing to sneeze at without a shield.. oh and your AR should be around 15k.. which is plenty in most duels :)
hm... maybe I should start playing again and finally make this guy for myself :D


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How do you stack enough MDR to negate 500-600 PvP dmg spirits? :eek:

For the thrower, I'm not sure about using WW. You probably won't have a mastery, and WW without mastery has crappy damage and AR. Something I would consider putting points into is leap for the knockback and stun. At around level 18, leaping in place will send everything on your visible screen into double hit recovery, which might give you enough time to spear them with a few javelins.


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Sint, you just exactly described the gear he's wearing right now at level 47. Well, the stuff isn't upgraded, and I haven't switched to a Ravenfrost yet or socketed/up'ed the Crow Caw. :lol:

I guess at this point the only thing that remains is to find the best weaons possible. I've got about 100 perfect rubys stored up, so hopefully something juicy will result.

edit: @Kabal - is Leap a kosher skill to use in PvP? Its got knockback, but since its part of the skill, its OK right?

I was actually just thinking that Leap could knock them back to ~the max range of the axes, then nail them a couple of times with Double Throw, rinse and repeat.
Fafner said:

Why do you duel in NM? Are resists too much to bother in Hell?
Generally because in normal its too easy to get 75 res to all, but in hell you end up sacrificing alot of gear for some res. So NM is the middle ground, and everyone's happy. you need to wear a fair bit of res, but it doesnt take over your build.


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farting bob said:
Generally because in normal its too easy to get 75 res to all, but in hell you end up sacrificing alot of gear for some res. So NM is the middle ground, and everyone's happy. you need to wear a fair bit of res, but it doesnt take over your build.
I guess that's what I figured. NM resists seem easy to max but then I don't need 15K AR to hit anything in PvM. I'm still not sure if PvP is for me, cause building a good seems to involve a tough time in PvM or someone rushing you. Neither seem that fun to me. I think my fear of PvP is more out of ignorance and aversion to what people do in bnet.


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I am fairly certain that most of the people here actually take their PvP builds through the entire game. It is generally expensive to build the highest caliber PvP builds, but you can still have a lot of fun messing around with whatever you have. Of course when Sleepless shows up in a game and destroys your char with one shot, the ego takes a little bit of a hit there, but its still GG.

PvP here is nothing like I've heard Bnet is. People are polite, they don't use banned skills, and they don't use hacked items. All in all, I see it as a way to keep up interest in the game after I've already got around 20 Mats/Pats. Its the next frontier, ya know?

I'll have to look into Leap as my alternative skill. Could have a lot of potential there.


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I dont think many people here play their PvP char throughout the whole game. There are some builds where it is probably impossible or it would take months. Its also hard to go through hell and still use the exact build you want for PvP, you often have to add more points in something defensive that you dont need in PvP.


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skoolbus said:
I dont think many people here play their PvP char throughout the whole game. There are some builds where it is probably impossible or it would take months. Its also hard to go through hell and still use the exact build you want for PvP, you often have to add more points in something defensive that you dont need in PvP.
Prior to the announcement of the tourney, I don't think there were more than half a dozen "PvP chars" on the forums. Even now a lot of people bring their IK barbs, MF sorcs, and PvM novelty builds into duel games. Personally, I rush all my characters (even rushed a PvM countess running sorc), but that's mainly because questing has lost most of its appeal to me and I've never really bought into the "role-playing" aspect of diablo. Right now all my active characters have one of two purposes: PvP, or item finding to fund my PvP characters. Since they serve such specific purposes, it's in my best interest that these characters are brought up to the appropriate level as quickly as possible.


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Good times guys. I'll be checking the PvP tourney for updates. Too bad there isn't an in game camera to make movies of the best fights.