PvP Telezon???


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PvP Telezon???

I just came up with this idea for a plague-java zon! It is untested but looking at it makes me believe that it can bring some unexpected suprises to the opposition! It relies on its FCR to pull off Tele whenever an enemy gets close and useing the marrowwalks charged skills for extra effect. This Zon was built off my experiacne with javazons in the 09 patch so she needs some help and i don't even know how well she will actually do but it looks like a start to something pvp zonplayers to look foward to! Well here she is:

Helm => Harlequin Crest (Poison Die Facet)
Ammy => Crafted Castor (+zon skills +str/dex +res)
Javs => Titan's Revenge
Armor => 'Enigma' Light Plate
Shield => Lidless Wall (Poison Die Facet)
Gloves => Trang-Oul's Claws
Ring => Raven Frost
Belt => Arachnid Mesh
Ring => Crafted Castor (look for +stats, res, and mana)
Boots => Marrowwalks

Charms => 10x jav skills charms, 1x anni, 9x +life/mana scs


Inner sight - 1
Critical strike - 1
Dodge - 12
Slow Missiles - 1
Avoid - 7
Penetrate - 1
Decoy - 1
Evade - 12
Valkyire - 15
Pirece - 5

Jab - 10
Poison Javalin - 20
Lightning Bolt - 1
Plauge Javalin - 20

Well there she is if you are allowed to use mercs in your duels go with a act 2 holy freeze b/c javs are easy to dodge by a skilled duelist and holy freeze is the only way around the CBF mod!


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sry forgot the stats spread!

str- just barely enough to use heviest gear (should be able to got with base if you get anni early or already have one)

dex- enough for max block (may take alot but can save your life)

vit- whatever else is left (life is not the main aspect here rely more on block rate and dodge tree to keep you alive)

eng - never ever put a point here i don't care what char class you are!


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Hehe I just made a post about the same build. Is it really worth the points in dodge and evade? I couldnt decide. You might wanna consider Bramble as your armor instead of enigma.


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14, maybe 13 frame cast? 18% DR? That's going to be really tough.

It's difficult to hit good opponents with poison/plague javelin when they're not chasing you. Furthermore, since your main source of damage comes from one element (poison), becoming immune is a relatively easy thing for an opponent to do, leaving you with Jab, which won't get you very far.

Also, if you're going to use BM tactics (like HF mercs or the charges on Marrowwalk), keep in mind that that entitles your opponent to go BM, too.


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This is maybe something that you'll find helpful for optimising your cast rate.
(fps) Amazon
19    BASE
18     7%
17    14%
16    22%
15    32%
14    48%
13    68%
12    99%
11   152%
I guess you'll be using bone prison from marrowwalks to put your opponent in a stationary position so you can hit him/her with your poison, right?