PvP: Summons and Blocklock - Are SW and Ravens worth it? i

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PvP: Summons and Blocklock - Are SW and Ravens worth it?

Hi everybody!

I'm making myself a new PvP Rabies/Fury Werewolf mostly for friendly duelling with my european
friends. My setup is pretty basic, and not that costly (My FC druid and Wind druid gots all my
cool stuff, sadly).

- Jalal's Mane (ED/FHR Jewel) <-- Might be exchanged for a Poison Facet one.
- Chains of Honor Archon Plate
- 10% DR Verdungo's
- Stormshield (Eld) <-- Because I want to save stats for vit, and I already have plenty of STR, even with little base STR.
- IK Gloves
- Gore Rider
- Carrion Wind & Ravenfrost
- Highlord's Wrath
- Trying to trade for a 1.10 Griswolds weapon, else E-Star with Plague Bearer on switch.

Charms: Preferably 10x Shapeshifting charms with life and 10 run/walk SC with a 2nd mod. No Annihilus for this most unfortunate guy.

- 20 Werewolf
- 20 Fury
- 20 Rabies
- 20 Lycantrophy
- rest in Oak Sage

My play style would be Hit-And-Run with Rabies, then go toe-to-toe melee'ish with Fury after a couple of seconds. Then repeat. Hide in town if the opponent is too strong (as if... :lol: )

Now, I have a question. I rarely use Ravens+Spirit Wolves vey effectively in duels. I always summon them before I begin the duel, but I don't really see the big diffrence in melee duels. Are they even worth the one point as compared to the extra life I would get from Oak Sage?

Also do me a favor and tell me what to do better in my equipment selection!

Thanks guys!


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i'd like to know too, albeit pvm-wise. ravens almost don't do anything in hell. they don't blind often enough


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Ravens need to be level 16 or so to blind really frequently, so that's a PvM thing.

For PvP, you might as well have SWs. I wouldn't invest in them though.


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Æ’enris said:
Werebears are better.
Yeah, the defiitely look alot more cool and are atleast 35% more awesome, and probably have less problems with their fur and all. However, they don't really have rabies, so I have to go with a Werewolf on this one, unfortunately. :D

Ok, thank you guys! I'm not going to use Ravens and Spirit Wolves, then. Thats finishing my build two levels earlier! Weeee! :)


If you had enuf points, i would max sw, dw (dire wolves) AND grizzly since grizzly can knock back ppl and since you have all of them you have a choice of which ones u want every battle :lol: