PvP summoner? So funny!


PvP summoner? So funny!

Well I canned my lvl 91 nec because of poor stat placement (enigma was not on my radar).

Thinking of making a summoner with **** loads of skeleton warriors and mages and tele around and kill peeps in pubby duels :drool:

Seems I have the urge to lag! :king:

Seems like a fun and exciting idea.

I liked my boner nec but I think I'll give my wind druid and barb the pleasure of PvP and leave this nec for some real fun!

Now to rename my nec to something more name fulfilling.

20 RS
20 SM
20 Skele mages
20 bonewall (good bone armor)
I made a pvp summon/bone nec, actually kicks *** in alot of duels, except like ele druids/blizz sorcs sometimes a problem, I did max SM/Skele, max bspear/Bspirit, 1 in rest summon skills, some curses, works pretty good. And its always fun to kill someone with a summoner and see the excuses they come up with :drool:


Hehe I got one in the making now. Deleted my pvp bone nec :(. I didn't think he was really that good. Now just devoting 2 chars to PvP mainly Barb and wind durid.

+2 from helm
+1 from ammy
+2 from necro head
+3 from wand
+1 from belt
+2 from armor
+1 from annil
+1 from cta

+13 to summoning skills and I got some stuff to get me about 5+ summoning necro charms so I should have many minions to kill peeps in pubby duels :king:.