PvP strafer


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PvP strafer

I just started a new bowzon, and I was wondering if it is possible for a strafer to do PvP. Since you have to put a point into GA as prerequisite for strafe, could only a few more points into GA do it, or do I absolutely HAVE to max GA?


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u dont need to max GA at all
i used my pvm strafer in duels all the time, but it only works againt low def chars (sorcs, zons, necroes etc) for barbs and pallies use GA, even with only 1 pt


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i have a 93 pvm zon that i use to duel sometimes. i think i have about 10 points in GA. i only ever use GA in dueling...multi arrow would come in second, never used strafe.

i find slow chars like barbs, necs and sorcs can be easily dealt with. obviously due their deficient defence. but i have major trouble against other long range chars like trapsin, hammerdin, even a charger. i suggest pump points into GA.

just my 2cents


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strafe kills well lame posts, but against a good oponent... no chance...
I thought about it as a support skill (instead of multi) but... multi is superior in pvp anyway, with only a few point it works great, and strafe you have to max


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Strafe is not a good PvP choice because of the delay when you cast strafe, you have to stand there while you shoot a bunch of arrows at once, the attack takes too long. Vs any good opponent the time you're left standing vunerable will be more than enough to kill you.