PvP range sorc :D


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PvP range sorc :D

ok i dont exactly remember if the bow is called widowmaker but it always fires guided arrow n it owns with this sorc set up.
ok you will need
dream bone visage
widowmaker (if thats the bow)
arrows (obviously)
rising sun, marras, cats eye or highlords ammy
bk ring and prfrost ring
dungos or SoE
ap coh, ds coh, ap nigma, ds nigma or btals
war travs or gores
6\6\1-4 cta
spirit or lidless 4 cta
9xfire str or dex gc's
p storch
p anni
as many +200 psn sm's as you can fit
these will b the skills you need
lvl 20 warmth
lvl 20 fire mastery
lvl 20 enchant
lvl 1 teleport
lvl 20 telekinesis
lvl 10 energy sheild
lvl 10 thunderstorm
lvl 5 lite mastery
lvl 6 cold armour
(you will need to be lvl 99 with all skills q's done 4 this btw :p)

now you will get about 2k damage from enchant, at the least of 3k from psn sm's, roughly 2k from dream and you will do about 400 base so you will do about 7.4k damage guided with a sorceress, of course this is completely theoretical so just gimme ur thoughts on it and how you think it could be inproved :)
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Any Attack speed at all?


Plus, lvl 1 Cold armour (or try to get it on your ES Memory), with a lower level TS and maxed Light Mastery will be a lot better due to benefiting the dream...


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I dont know if you just kind of briefly contemplated this, but theres a lot of things that you've not thought about. Fcr, Fhr, Ias, Res., etc are big things you need to take into consideration when making any char really, and i really dont think to took much of that into consideration.

First, dont put 10 into energy sheild, grab a +3 ES memory staff (with a +1-3 shiver armor to save 4 pts) and prebuff it to lvl 40 (or the absolute closest you can).

Pump the Light mastery to the max, this will increase the dmg that your dream has (as well as your thunderstorm which is a semi useful move).

Ditch the Fire GC's for Lite GC's since:
1) More to LM, adding more dmg to your attck
2) More +skills to ES/Teleport/LM/Thunderstorm
You'll end up using less mana teleporting and more for tanking

And skill wise, i would go similar to this:
20 LM
20 Tk
20 Warmth
20 Enchant
Rest into Fire Mastery (which wont be much)

There's several threads already on this build, one of which someone has figured out some of the best equipment setups you can obtain to have good fcr/fhr/ias,etc etc. Go to the sorc forums and try typin in widowmaker, i think it is a older thread.

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