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PvP Poisonmancer v2

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by fallen angel of satan, Jun 21, 2007.

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    PvP Poisonmancer v2

    This guide was originally written by hks489. Unfortunately the original thread was lost. To make matters worse hks489 also lost the copy on his hard drive. Luckily for us Evil Monkey managed to find a copy of the guide being posted on another website.

    PvP Poison Necromancer v2.0

    (I am in the process of updating this guide to come in line with the 1.11 patch, the work is still hks489’s in the majority, I have just added some useful info, ie breakpoints, blocking formula. I have also removed references to the marrowalk bug which was removed in 1.11) any things missing/need changing let me know, this isnt final!


    I’ve been visiting this site for awhile but I haven’t seen a poison necro pvp guide so…. here it is! This is mainly a guide for pub duelling, since most people aren’t involved in clans or that honour thing so in my guide, everything goes, although I did put in a part for honour duelling.

    To start off, here’s some personal info, I go by the login of “poison4899”, my screen name is “Japgirlmacker” maybe some of you have seen me around the pub duels. My first character was a 90 bone necro. Although it did well, there were too many around and I wanted to make a necro that’s less used, thus a poison necro. This is my first time writing a guide so excuse my format mistakes or whatever… The format for this guide is stolen from “Thekbob” from his Commando guide. Hope you don’t mind!! Credit given where credit’s due.

    Green is good.


    I. Skill point allocation.
    II. Stat point allocation.
    III. The Gear.
    IV. My Necromancer
    V. PvP Strategies.
    VI. Advanced PvP Strategies.
    VII. Disclaimer/Credits.


    Note: These are all my opinions on how things should be done. You can vary to suit your own needs, whatever they are.

    Poison & Bone Skills:
    20 Poison Dagger
    20 Poison Explosion
    20 Poison Nova

    20 Bone Wall
    1 Bone Armor
    1 Teeth
    1-20 Bone Prison (remaining points)

    1 Amplify Damage
    1 Weaken
    1 Iron Maiden
    1 Terror
    1 Life Tap
    1 Decrepify
    1 Lower Resist

    1 Clay Golem
    1 Blood Golem
    1 Iron Golem
    1 Fire Golem

    1 Corpse Explosion – needed for poisen skills
    1 Bone Spear – needed for bone prison
    1 Raise skeleton
    1 Raise skeleton mage
    1 skeleton mastery
    1 Golem mastery
    1 Revive
    1 summon resist

    *Corpse Explosion is a pre requisite to poison nova so is needed anyways but it is very useful for baal running, as nova itself is slow and laggy so shouldn’t be used, this allows you to contribute with curses along side

    *Bone spear, again a p[re requisite spell, but this is also useful in duelling, when your nova has left someone on 1hp, their life regen can sometimes kick in, meaning that the golems aura is not powerful enough to kill them, this is where bone spear can come in :) a nice fast ranged attack to drop them

    *Raise skeleton/mage/revive – you can get a pretty big army even with only 1 point, makes PvM a lot easier, and is very useful if you are fighting something like a FoH pala (more targets to kill before he can hit you)

    *Summon resist/skeleton mastery – these just make your skeletons a lot stronger, again, without these they are a little too weak to be very useful

    You’re never really finished as you can continue to put points Bone Prison until you’re 99


    Strength: Enough to wear equipment. My poisenmancer uses base str but that is only because his gear fits perfectly, you need very good gear for this.

    Dexterity: Enough to give you maximum block, or 75%.

    Total Blocking = (Blocking x (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level x 2)
    Blocking = A total of the Blocking on all of your items

    now take an example of stormshield at lvl 89

    75 = (67 x (dexterity - 15)) / (89 x 2) -> 75 = (67 x dexterity - 1005)/178 -> dexterity = (75x 178 + 1005)/67 -> dexterity = 214.25

    if your dexterity = 2x character level + 15 (193 at character level 89), you get the total block of your items, 67% for stormshield, so for 75% you need to go a bit higher.

    Re-arranging this equation to finds out the dexterity needed

    ((Total Blocking x (character level x 2)) / the shields blocking value) + 15 = total dexterity needed

    Vitality: As with all other builds, all you can spare. Unfortunatly necromancer has bad returns on vit.


    Energy: This is very debatable for it depends on the items you’re able to get. If you’re rich, then you can afford numerous +mana items or charms, so you don’t need any points here. If you’re poor, then put a few points in to make sure you get enough to use without chugging a mana potion every 5 seconds.


    Max Block vs All Vit

    This is an ongoing question, and there are definite advantages to both sides. But this is the way I look at it. For my nec to hit 75% block at lvl 90 I need 170 base dex (rest from gear) so that is 145vit less, or 190life (around 300life after bo) now in end game gear you will get 2k life anyways so 300 is a small fraction, then compare than to negating entirely 75% of melee attacks ? its an easy choice for me!


    Faster Cast Rate

    Here you only have 2 main choices 75% or 125% if you want to tele effectively. 75% allows you to do higher damage ? while 125% allows you to drops your novas easier. Your choice ?

    0% - 15 Frames
    9% - 14 Frames
    18% - 13 Frames
    30% - 12 Frames
    48% - 11 Frames
    75% - 10 Frames
    125% - 9 Frames

    Faster Hit Recovery

    Fhr is very much needed otherwise as soon as any class gets 1 hit in you will be bombarded until dead. I like to aim for the 86% breakpoint I get this via

    Sandstorm trek=20%fhr
    4x5%fhr sc=20%fhr
    4xpb skiller 12%ghr=48%

    0% - 13 Frames
    5% - 12 Frames
    10% - 11 Frames
    16% - 10 Frames
    26% - 9 Frames
    39% - 8 Frames
    56% - 7 Frames
    86% - 6 Frames
    152% - 5 Frames
    377% - 4 Frames


    I’ll list the best option plus a few alternatives for regular people who can’t afford godly stuff.


    1) Death’s Web: No contest here, this is best wand a poison necro can use. A lot of + skills to Poison & Bone skills, and the crazy negative resistance to poison. (Very, very expensive)

    2) Heart of the Oak: +3 to all skills, resist, fast cast, can’t really ask for better… except Death’s Web =). (expensive)

    (now, before you go head over heals for deaths web :p , deaths web helps a lot against those chars with alot of life and/or stacked poison resists. Which you will find is relatively uncommon because the poisonmancer is a rare class so many people don’t carry the gear with them to counter it. So for general pubby duelling I prefer HoTo, as this offers resists and fcr too (allowing you to hit 125%fcr)

    3) Blackbog’s Sharp: +4 to Poison Nova and Explosion, and +5 to Poison Dagger. Other stats useless unless you plan to stab someone… which is something this build is not good at. (Damn cheap)

    4) Blackhand’s Key: The staple of all mid-level necros. +2 to necro skills, fast cast, it’s still a good wand to use if u can’t get anything else. (Somewhat cheap)


    1) Homunculus: In my opinion, the best necro shield you can use for PvP. +2 necro skills, all resist, mana regen, and the insane block rate. Really, can’t get better than that. (Medium cheap)

    2) Darkforce Spawn: This shield is also quite good, but it’s more for fight against casters because of the low block rate. What really stands out about this shield is the fast cast. You’ll need to get a +3 to Poison and Bone, the rest aren’t much use. (Very expensive) - if you are fighting a caster with stack poisen resists swap hoto for deaths web and homunculus for this beauty)

    3)Trangs wing: combined with trang belt and gloves this offers -25%enemy resist which is a very nice and very cheap way of drastically increasing your damage :) also possible to max block quite easily :)

    4) Lidless Wall: Good overall shield for any caster, with +1 to skill, fast cast, and increase mana 10%. (cheap)

    5) Stormshield: I listed this mainly for the damage reduction it gives and the cool block rate, though the strength req might be too much for most people. (medium)

    6)Spirit: this is for those people who can’t afford darkforce spawn, or need the extra 5%fcr to hit a fcr breakpoint. This is a very cheap and powerful shield, with resists/skills and the very nice fhr and resists but requires massive strength, I don’t recommend putting points in str just to wear this. (very cheap->expensive)

    7) Whistan’s Guard: Nothing special except for it’s crazy block rate. (Very Cheap)


    1) Rare Circlet: One that gives +2 necro skill, 20% fast cast, all resist. These circlets are godly. (Crazy expensive)

    There are many many many choices here varying from pure +2nec skills 20%fcr and 1 socket, to +3pbskills 20%fcr 2 sockets and also +2nec 20%fcr +life + resists 2sockets (these vary from expensive to astronomical) – my preferred is 3pbskills 20%fcr 2sockets with 2x5/-5 facets

    2) Harlequins Crest, aka Shako: Good for any build, +2 to skills, 10% damage reduced, and a ****load of health and mana, though it looks crappy on your dude. ( Medium) – if you don’t need the fcr from a circlet this IS the choice

    3) Peasant Crown: a cheap alternative to shako. It’s not bad if you can’t get the stuff mentioned above. ( Cheap)

    4) Crown of Ages: I suggest this because this is a godly helm. +1 to skills, all resist, fast hit recovery, and socketed!!! But the thing is… the strength req for this is quite beyond reach for most necros. (Crazy expensive)


    1) Enigma: Hands down, the best armor there is. +2 to skills, damage reduced, + life, and + insane strength. Use this, and the strength problem you always had will be a thing of the past…. Not to mention the teleport… (Expensive)

    2) Bramble: Nice fast hit recovery, increase to mana, mana regen, nice resists, and the crazy +25%-50% poison damage!!!!! (Expensive-Crazy expensive dependant on the %damage)

    3) Skin of Vipermagi: +1 to all skill, 30% fast cast, all resist. Nice armor to use if you can’t afford the above. (Affordable)

    4) Que-hagen’s Wisdom: +1 to skills, 20% fast cast, 20% hit recovery. Good armor overall except for the lack of resistance. ( Affordable)


    1) Trang-Ouls Claws: 20% fast cast, nice cold res, +2 to curses. What really stands out is the 25% to poison damage!!!!!! (Affordable)

    2) Magefists: 20% fast cast, nice mana regen, really good caster gloves. (Cheap)

    3) Frostburns: Only useful thing on this is the huge boost to mana. (Cheap)


    1) Sandstorm Trek: What you really want from this boot is the fast hit recovery. The + strength and vitality is also nice. ( Medium)

    2)Marrowwalks: The mods on the boots aren’t that shabby. Meeting the strength req might be a hassle though. Some more mana, skele mastery and some str/dex, nothing out of this world, but are very nice none the less (become abit redundant since the marrowalk bug was removed in patch 1.11) ( Medium)

    3)Silkweave: these offer a very nice mana boost (cheap)

    4) Tearhaunch: Nothing special about these boots except for the +10 all res (Very Cheap)

    5) Natalya’s Boots: 40% fast run/walk and nice resists. ( Somewhat cheap)


    1) Arachnid Mesh: Godly belt this is. +1 to skills, 20% fast cast, increase to mana. Enough said. (Expensive)

    2) Gloom’s Trap: Increase to mana, mana regen, + vitality. Good overall belt. (Medium)

    3) Trang-Oul’s Girth: Can’t be frozen, nice + to mana and life. Especially useful if paired with Trang’s gloves. Gives nice cold res and mana regen. Combined with trangs shield as well you can get -25% enemy poisen resist, always good (Somewhat expensive)


    1) Crafted Amulets: What your looking for is a +2 nec skill, 10%+(prefer 15%+) fast cast, all res. (Hard to make, Very expensive to trade)

    2) Mara’s Kaleidoscope: +2 skills, + 5 to attributes, all res. Damn good this is. (Very Expensive)

    3) Nice Magical Amulet: What you need is a +3 to Poison and Bone skill. If it has other useful mods, even better. (Somewhat expensive, depends on the 2nd mod)

    4) Not as nice Magical Amulet: +1 to nec skill with 2nd mod. Use this if you can’t afford anything. (Damn cheap)


    1) Rare ring: 10% fast cast, all resist, +life and/or mana. (medium-Crazy expensive)

    2) Stone of Jordan: +1 to skill, increases to mana, enuf said. (Very Expensive)

    3) Bul-Katho’s Ring: The alternative to SOJ if you need life instead of mana (Very Expensive)

    4)Raven frost: Prevents being frozen, if you rely on running, being frozen can be deadly(cheap)

    5) Manald Heal: Just for the mana regen. ( Very Inexpensive, they’re everywhere)


    As with almost all chars you will want to find yourself a hellfire torch(medium-expensive) and an anni (expensive-crazy expensive) if possible

    this then leaves you space for 9 poison and bone skillers. I personally prefer 4 with 12%fhr if possible so I can hit the 86%fhr breakpoint, the remaining 5, life is the best 2nd mod

    I then choose 4x5%fhr sc and 6x5resist all sc as this will then max your resists in hell and get you the above mentioned 86%fhr

    Best Set-up (IMO):
    Helm: Rare +3pb skills 20%fcr 2x5/-5 poisen facet
    Weapon: Death’s Web. 2/2/45+ works best. (5/-5facet)
    Armor: Enigma.
    Gloves: Trang’s Gloves.
    Boots: Sandstorm Trek
    Belt: Arachnid Mesh.
    Shield: Homunculus. (5/-5Facet
    Amulet: +2 Nec skill, 20% fcr, All res, Crafted ammy or Mara’s Kaleidoscope.
    1st Ring: Rare 10% fcr, All res, +life/mana ring.
    2nd Ring: Stone of Jordan.

    Average Player’s Setup:
    Helm: Shako.
    Weapon: Blackhand Key or Blackbog’s Sharp.
    Armor: Skin of Vipermagi.
    Gloves: Trang’s Gloves or Magefist.
    Boots: Silkweave.
    Belt: Gloom’s Trap.
    Shield: Homunculus or Lidless Wall.
    Amulet: Eye of Elitch.
    1st Ring: Rare or Magical 10% fcr ring.
    2nd Ring: Ravenfrost.

    Poor Man’s Setup:
    I don’t suggest you make a poison necro if you can not afford the items mentioned in the average player’s section. Although it is viable to have cheaper equipment for PvM, you’ll get slaughtered in PvP.

    IV. My Necromancer

    Circlet:2nec skills 20%fcr 2 sox (2x5/-5 facets)
    amulet:+2pb skills 19%fcr 11res all 6%mana regen
    weapon: Hoto [email protected]
    shield: Homunculus 192%ed 5/-5 facet (or pdiamond dependant if I need to stack resists more)
    armor: Enigma light plate(my anni and torch arent perfect so 55 str req mage plate is beyond me) 882 total def
    belt: Arach 113%ed
    ring1: 10%fcr 90mana 29%psn res and other minor mods
    ring2: (atm 10%fcr 82mana but this will become SoJ when I find 1)
    gloves: Trang
    boots: Treks
    cta/lidless wall on switch

    hellfire torch
    skillers (still got to get these) - I will get 4xpb skillers 12%fhr and 5xpbskillers with life eventually, just plain ones to start with though hehe
    4x5%fhr sc
    6x5res all sc

    base str
    170 dex
    rest vit
    base energy

    I currently have 1.5klife at lvl 86 and 800mana, I hit the 125%fcr bp I have [email protected] res in hell 40%fhr my bone armor absorbs 455(i think thats the number lol) damage and my nova deals 7.8k damage with just 1 plain skiller, probably will have just over 11k nova when I have the skillers.

    I maxed poisen synergies
    I have 1 point in curses to get lower resist
    I have 1 point in each summon except revive atm
    the rest of my points are in bonewall(1point in bone prison too)
  2. fallen angel of satan

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    General: Poison nova is your main attack weapon. However, poison nova only brings people down to 1 health. To finish them off, what u need is to cast another nova, teeth/spear/spirit them, or use the fire golem, (the golem has a holy fire aura). What you do generally to all opponents is:
    1. Lower Resist them.
    2. Poison Nova them.
    3. Finish that last health point.*( more on this in advanced section)
    One important note is that the weakest resistance for most people is usually poison. Usually with just one good nova is enough to bring most of them down to 1 health almost instantaneously. Keyword being most.


    Here are various strategies versus other character classes with a little sub section regarding honour duelling at the end.

    It is essential you get enigma for pub duelling. Without teleport, you’re as good as dead. o_O


    WW Barbs: The only WW barbs what are of concern to you are the ones that use BOTD weapons. In general, with your max block and Bone Armor, you can tank them. Just stand there and spam nova. BOTD users are a bit more dangerous due to the damage they inflict. But all you have to do is move around and spam nova, not much work needed.

    Frenzy Barbs: Same as above. Just lower resist them and spam your nova.

    Berzerk Barbs: A bit more dangerous due to the fact that berzerk does insane magic damage that’s unblockable. Just stay out of range and spam nova.

    Singing Barbs: These guys are annoying, they don’t really hurt you much but they keep you stunned. Make sure you have enough fast hit recovery and spam nova =)

    BvC: These tend to spam leap/tele to stun you then teleport in and try to WW you while still stunned, with 125%fcr and 86%FHR this does not work on you, just drop a nova and teleport away and they will just tele and WW into your poisen.

    Throwing Barbs: 99% are a complete joke, but if you meet one that know what he is doing, just break down and cry, your only chance is to try and get him to come close to you then quickly turn around tele next to him and nova(while he is running, cant throw while running) – if you just teleport straight in you will die, as with frenzy up a throw barb can keep an insane about of javelins in the air, a million times harder to avoid than a field of hammers left behind a hammerdin and hurts a lot more with the right gear


    Martial Art Chaos WW: These can only really hurt you if you have weak bone armor and low block. Otherwise, you can tank them easily.

    Martial Art Kickers: these can be painful if you have low fhr or fcr again, just like BvC but as long as you hit 86%fhr and 125%fcr you can get away from their ‘stuns’

    Trapsins: Man are these dudes annoying and deadly. Make sure you keep out of trap range and lure them to you. Unless you stack lighting resist and have decent fast hit recovery, you’re toast. Again with 125%fcr and 86% fhr you can just, and I do mean just, get in and out. I recommend moving slightly away until you see them following you slightly, then teleport into the middle just other other side of them, drop a nova and get out, you WILL take multiple hits. But this is the only way to win without just waiting for them to come to you.

    Hybrids: These assassins do both martial and traps. Not as difficulty as it sounds since melee doesn’t really hurt you and their traps are a lot weaker than pure trapsins.


    Werewolf/WereBear: Lower Resist, Nova, Win.

    Rabies: This is like a fight to see who hits who first. Although your nova is range and rabies is melee. Rabies can kill yet nova only brings them down to one. But advantage is still yours since your ranged.

    Wind Druids: Make sure to stay out of hurricane range. Your nova has further reach. If a druid teleports next to you, get away. Bone armor can absorb massive damage, but tornado is insane massive damage. You wont be able to take many.


    Zeal: Same as barb strategy, although most pallys have better resists than barbs. Just make sure to keep teleporting around and spamming nova.

    Chargdins: These guys can hurt. Make sure you have max block. Fast hit recovery is extremely important here. When the pally is charging you, make a bone wall to intercept it and spam nova. Repeat if necessary. Usually, I will take more than 1 hit to bring you down, so you might be able to tank them if you have enough fast hit recovery, but fear the BOTD war pike chargdins. I like to have a nice big bone wall and teleport from 1 side to the other, this makes charge a useless ability for the fight

    Fist of Heaven: OMG these mofos are dangerous. Very dangerous. You will need to stack a lot of lightning resist to survive their hits. Make sure you stay out of range and summon your golem to take a few FoH hits. Use nova, then run backwards, to lure the pally into your nova. Never chase them unless you can survive their hits. Try to fight in a area crowed with monsters so the FoH will be hitting them instead. To tank these guys get at least 325 stacked lightning resist. Summoning a mini army can help a lot here, the more mobs you have the longer you can live

    Hammedins: Hammers hurt. So still out of the range of it. The overall radius of the hammers are less than your nova but hammers tend to linger around and can become invisible. Never chase a hammerdin, unless you want to die. Stay on the edge of his screen and use nova.

    Vindi/Templars: Dangerous mofos. Their FoH can still hurt, while their smite will also hurt. Make sure you stay far away and lure them into your nova. Use both Foh and chargedin tactics, ie bonewall and a mini army


    Bowazons: Unless they are wearing completely godly items such as 160/60 armor plus crazy ias on other stuff, you shouldn’t have problems. Since they have to stand still to shoot, tele beside them and nova them. Teleport in concentric circles to get close until you are ready for the final strike then double back, this will trick them into running onto your nova

    Javazons: Lighting resist is a must. Without resist, they will own you. With resist, you will own them


    Cold: Frozen Orb- there range is slightly greater than your nova so make sure you get out of the way of the orb. Circle around the sorc while casting nova. They will get hit eventually. Get a lot of cold resist and slap on 2 Ravenfrosts.

    Blizzard: This one hurts. Make them chase you while you continually cast nova. This is going to be primary a cat and mouse game. Get A LOT of cold resist, 2 Ravenfrosts, and a Blackoak Shield if you want to survive continual hits. Make sure your teleport is random so they cannot predict where you will be, otherwise you will land in a blizzard and die.

    Fire: Fireball does massive damage, has long range, and can be shot like a machine-gun. For this sorc, you have to go straight at her, walking zig-zags, or teleport right behind her and nova. Make sure you don’t get hit at close-range because it can stun you. Use 2 Dwarfstars + Rising Sun to negate them.

    Big point here, summon a fire golem, and whenever you tele close make sure they are visible on your screen, this will make your golem move towards the sorc, and your golem will absorb all their fireballs, leaving you perfectly safe behind. You can make fire sorcs tear their hair out

    Lighting: Although lightning does a lot of damage, it has a low minimum damage and slow casting rate. If you are able to survive a hit, then most likely, you’ll win. Use Thundergod’s Vigor, and 2 Wisp Projectors to completely tank them.

    Necromancers: (ahh here comes the fun part)

    Bone Necros: Your nemesis. The main disadvantage of the poison necro is the lack of a real range attack. The Bone necro is all range attacks. It is extremely hard to get in close and cast your nova when there are 5-6 bone spirits trailing you. Making it harder still is that they are casting spear and teeth while the spirit is chasing you, thus keeping you on the run, unable to stop and cast. More on this in advanced section.

    Commando Necros: If your poison nova damage is decent, you can wipe out his army and him in no time. Skellies can’t really hurt you. They’re more of an annoyance.

    Poison Necros: wooo.. same build fights are always interesting. More on this in advanced section.


    Note: Enigma can still be used to my knowledge, just not the teleport skill. Bramble is a viable option, though some people might complain about the thorns aura. (Seriously…. It’s thorns. You die to this, maybe you should reconsider your build?). The general rules apply here also. Special consideration must be given the Bone Prison. Some games allow it, some games don’t. Important thing is, don’t get stuck in one… >_<


    Despite what other people claim, there are skills needed to use a poison necro effectively. Not just spam spam spam… though that works sometimes too. =)

    Important notes:

    1) Most people are familiar with Bone necros in dueling. We, poison necros are a rare breed, (hope this guide changes that). What this means is that we have the element of surprise on our side since most are unfamiliar with our skills or tactics. Most melee characters tend to run straight at you, thinking you’re easy picking only to end up lying dead in Blood Moor saying “ OMFG!1! what the $#@$ just happened1! OMG OMG OMGâ€.

    2) With bone armor + max block, you are a tank.

    3) Lower resist everything.

    4) Teleport is your main skill. Nova is not really a real ranged attack so you must use teleport to do what I call a “surprise drive-byâ€. What you do is, you meander around your opponent looking for a opening. Once you see an opportunity, you teleport in a straight line, not at him, but to the sides of him. Cast nova, and continue teleporting in the same direction. THIS WILL BE YOUR MAIN STYLE OF ATTACK.

    5) Teeth is your secret weapon. Although you do not have the synergies to make this dangerous, teeth is damn annoying. It stuns them momentarily for each teeth hit. Use this to keep them away from you. What really shines about this is it’s radius.

    6) When chasing someone, keep teleing until you tele in front of them and then nova, so they’ll walk into it.

    7) Get a Call to Arms.

    Melee Opponents: These are the easiest to kill. Unless they are using BOTD stuff or anything with crazy damage, you can just still there unmoving spamming nova. With BOTD/high damage weapon users, move around. Don’t get used to being lazy. They can surprise you sometimes. After all, it’s 75% block, not 100%. (Overall, these are easy pickings for you.)

    Trapsins: Without stacked lightning resist, you don’t really stand much of a chance. Make them come to you and your nova. Circle around her traps and be casting nova the whole time. One will hit eventually. If you get mindblasted, run away in opposite direction of the trapsin. Assassins with duel claws and weapon block can actually block your nova, so cast 2-3 novas for every 1 that you would normally cast to make sure they turn green. (Hard to kill one, yet satisfying when you do.)

    Wind Druids: They will teleport on top of you and spam tornado. Since they have to be close to you in order to use their hurricane and tornado, it means they also have to get close to your nova. (Not really a hard duel, unless you make stupid mistakes.)

    FoHers: Without insane stacked lightning resist, don’t even bother fighting these. You don’t stand much of a chance. However, if you must fight one, there are possible ways to win. Keep summoning clay golem to take the FoH for you. When it dies, make another one. FoH has a casting delay, so you should be able to judge when the pally’s gonna use it. When he uses it, you must stand still. FoH is blockable! But running will reduce your block to 33% and you’ll need the full 75%. If you survive the FoH, jump in, nova, jump out. Easier said than done. (Really really hard duel.)

    Hammerdins: NEVER NEVER EVER follow them for the obvious reasons. Do not let them get under you(south), because BH comes up north. The place right above the pally is the only sure spot that a hammer will be there so they will try to get you there. If you are chasing them, run/teleport parallel to them inching closer and closer until he gets to nova range. Since the range of BH and Nova is about the same, it might be risky to sneak along the edges. That’s when you teeth the hell out of the mofo. Doesn’t really hurt them that much but it’s seriously doubtful they will remain standing there for a long time. (Challenging, but most duels between hammerdins and p necros are boring.)

    Vindi/Templars: Smite is dangerous. But if your fcr and fhr is good enough, you should be able to tank them. Remember, bone armor pwns all melee. If they use FoH, run away and let them come to you. Their FoH is not as strong as pure FoHer’s so you should be able to a few hits of them. Again you can use bone wall to halt them running, and force them to tele.(It’s either going to real easy, or real hard.)

    Amazons: This includes both Javazons and Bowazons or the hybrid. All you really need is a T-God. The melee damage they do will barely tickle your bone armor. However, if the bowazon somehow is able to get one of those godly 160/60 armors along with other IAS items, it may be more difficult, but not much. Important note is that, amazons can dodge your Nova, so spam a few more than you usually do to ensure they get poisoned.(Easy kills, but you’ll have to work for it.)

    Orb Sorc: You guys are going to be tele-circling each other like non-stop. It’s a pretty even fight, for the speed of the nova and orb is about equal. However, the advantage is still on your side. There are such a thing known as cold absorb. There’s no such thing as poison absorb. (Very fun to fight against, most of the time, you’ll come out on top)

    Blizz Sorc: Nova, tele away, repeat. Hope that they get hit when they chase you. However, if it’s a weak Blizz, just hunt them down.(Quite hard to fight against because you are forced to be defensive.)

    F-Ball Sorc:
    Fire Absorb is a must. As long as you can take 3-4 fballs, you should win. If the sorc is spamming fballs at you from screens away, summon a fire golem right in between and use the golem as a shield and walk behind it. Most sorcs are stupid and start fballing the golem. Quite amusing sometimes.

    Lightning Sorc: As with all sorcs, stack those resists! Lightning is a lot harder to spam and it’s slow. Most sorcs will tele on your screen and lightning you. Make sure you survive the hit. If you do, they’re dead.

    Poison Necros: This is where the skill matters. You have to time your teleports so that when they nova you, you teleport over it, and land beside them to return the favour. Cast a nova then back off, right after that, rush in with a drive-by. Teeth is your friend here, keeps them away. If they teeth you, bone wall it.

    Bone Necros: These are your biggest challenges. With the build I suggested, you can tank melee and resist elemental, but magic damage?? There are 2 types of Bone necros. One are the stupid ones. The other are the smart ones.(haha, guess you could say that for all classes.)
    Stupid ones will use spirit and depend on it’s homing ability. They tend to get so focused spamming spirits that they forget to move, thus setting himself up for a drive-by. Spear, for some reason, does not seem as effective on a poison necro. Someone confirm this weirdness. What makes the smart necros, smart, is the usage of teeth. You will have a slim chance to beat teeth using bone necros. Since teeth stuns, you can not do the drive-by, So you must depend on circling the boner to look for an opening. Try doing that with spirits and spears and teethes flying all over the place, cause like you, they can tele too. Also, unlike your own teeth which is there to keep people back, Bone necro’s teeth actually hurts. (THE fight of your life)

    And now the section everyone’s been waiting for…..

    How to finish off that last health point!!!:

    1) Another nova will finish the job. This will be most used for melee characters who are stubborn and continue fighting with their one health.

    2) Teeth is weak, but it’s one friggin health point. This is extremely useful because of teeth’s wide radius and RANGE. Most people think teeth has short range, but on the contrary, it goes quite far. Just because the teeth gets skinnier and turns into a flying white dot doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    3) Fire Golem: This is my favourite. The holy fire aura on this baby will get the most elusive opponents. The damage is only 20-30 maybe, but like I said, it’s one friggin health point to get rid of. This surprises people to most, plus it’s quite humiliating.

    4) Bone Spear/Spirit will work also for those who want to diversify though teeth outshines them both.

    5) Most duels take place in Act 1, Blood Moor. There’s a very interesting monster in the area, known as a quill rat. Lure them to fight in an area with a few of these buggers. Possibly to most hilarious pk you’ve ever done. I spilled my coke all over my keyboard the first time I did this to someone.

    6) Now, for those really really stubborn melee characters, I beat that last hit point out of them with my wand.


    Everything mentioned above is from my own personal OPINION. If there are FACTS I misrepresented, I welcome your correction.
    Also, everything above came out of my own head. If you feel that in anyway I copied you, and are bitter and broken about it, I’ll give you credit for whatever it was that I so called copied.

    Thanks to:
    TheKbob for the guide format. for all the useful info they’ve provided.
    Arreat Summit for item stats.
  3. Mad Mantis

    Mad Mantis D2/3 Necromancer & Witch Doctor Moderator

    Jun 24, 2003
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    Nice. We needed this.
  4. garion

    garion IncGamers Member

    Apr 8, 2005
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    great writeup...i really like the explanations on gear...

    i guess i only have a few questions...

    big dmg guys tote along griefs grief is equally as dangerous as an ebotd melee guy right?

    and mana? do most people just plop pots of mana? when teleing around etc?

    do you usually get summons or mainly against FOHers etc

    how often do you need to recast bone armor..and do you keep it always at max (refreshed if you will)

    and my main question do you "lure" other players to you?...ive always had the toughest time doing this...sometimes its just a standoff....

    thanks...great guide!
  5. fallen angel of satan

    fallen angel of satan IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2004
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    1. grief, yes that too
    2. I have 800mana, in a long duel I might have to use 1 pot, usually use none though (with base energy)
    3. yes I do like to summon amini army against FoH, it helps alot.
    4.I recast it everytimg I get hit in pvp
    5.I get close, so they have to move closer to just get me, then I move back, so they move forwards again, then I tele in quick, drop my packet and go
  6. garion

    garion IncGamers Member

    Apr 8, 2005
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    5. and you tele to their sides? or behind?....

    so its the equvalent of the the d2 basketball juke? (though hard to repeat on a player over and over.....)
  7. fallen angel of satan

    fallen angel of satan IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2004
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    side/behind/infront all depends on how you think they will move because you have to make sure they are going to run towards you, they think they are going to try and run away from you.

    you repeat it by changin gthe side you tele to to try and get them to run into your nova, if they are running away from nova it wont hit them
  8. garion

    garion IncGamers Member

    Apr 8, 2005
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    ah...gotcha...ok ill have to give this a try...granted my psn/summoner isn't great fo pvp...but i have some of the gear and most of the skill pts (20/20/13-15 on psn dagger)

    thanks fallen!
  9. CaptnSparrow

    CaptnSparrow IncGamers Member

    Jan 1, 2007
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    I disagree on your view of Hybrid Assassins. From the looks of things, it'll only take 2 or 3 hits to put you at one health. And with stunlocks I don't think this character's short range is going to get him out of it. Pure Bone necs have a shot cause they can run all day, but this character needs to get close to get a hit. And then there's claw block to consider...

    Any WW assassin has a large advantage over this build, in my opinion.
  10. fallen angel of satan

    fallen angel of satan IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2004
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    a normal ww assa is an easy killa s long as u have 86%fhr and 125%fcr :p

    trapsins I really aint a fan of, hybrids aer a mix of both, so make of them as u will hehe, alot more gear dependent.

    and np garion

    also as a note most of the tactics are still Hks's i just happen to agree :p
  11. soul killer

    soul killer Banned

    Jan 16, 2006
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    That actually happened to me once.
    The Zombie just had to have Holy Shock....

    Poison Necs with a Dream Helm are also quite viable and very annoying.

    Well done on the guide.
    Its very easy to read, has good explainations and some humour here and there (which is more important than It sounds).

    Good Job :thumbsup:
  12. Summerfun

    Summerfun IncGamers Member

    Mar 4, 2005
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    Who needs Dream when you have fire golem?
  13. fallen angel of satan

    fallen angel of satan IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2004
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    ye dream seems like a nice idea, never tried it myself

    summerfun:my golem dies quite quickly against classes like trappers and light sorcs so, drea, would mean I wouldnt have to resummon(200mana I cant afford)
  14. Summerfun

    Summerfun IncGamers Member

    Mar 4, 2005
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    Well, then i would finish them of with another nova or teeth.
    IMHO Its not worth loosing you 3/20/2 or shako for a dream helm.

    Guess it depends on who you are
  15. fallen angel of satan

    fallen angel of satan IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2004
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    ye, i dont use dream myself, and have never tried it hehe, but it is a nice idea :)
  16. Rawness

    Rawness IncGamers Member

    Jun 3, 2006
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    You could possibly have a Dream shield on switch, if you don't want to lose out on that. ( though your Life and Mana.. and not to forget Stamina would be lower w/o the possibly 1-2 Shield that will be replaced by Dream ( if you don't prebuff )
  17. mythos

    mythos IncGamers Member

    Jul 18, 2005
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    Instead of facets in the helm, why not use shaels? Thats 40fhr and it allows you to use more lifer/res charms.
  18. fallen angel of satan

    fallen angel of satan IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2004
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    it would allow 3 more lifers. ill assume u can get 40life. assuming a lvl19 BO thats 226.8life.

    and basically personally I prefer the 10%/-10% as it helps alot against the tougher opponents that stack resists

    (but as i say above that is only my preferance)
  19. Summerfun

    Summerfun IncGamers Member

    Mar 4, 2005
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    I would take the -10/10 to.
    If it were a bone nec, then i would use 2 Shaels
  20. Piece

    Piece IncGamers Member

    Aug 3, 2007
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    I tried this build and didnt like it. Rebuilt a summon/psn necro and it was more successful PvP.

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