PVP novamancer "what do you think about facets?" <


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PVP novamancer "what do you think about facets?"

This may sorta be a stupid question since poison seems to be negated somewhat by stacking up to 160% but I am remaking my old one and was going to go more the facet route with mixed charms to get 70 - 90% res stacked and will have roughly 10.2k damage if I facet helm, use 4 socket facet shield (JMOD), max block, etc. and with facets can reach the -145% with LR. Do you think there would be a huge difference over no facets and doing about 8k damage at the -105% to -110% PR range. My thinking is normally people would throw on sandstorms for the 70% and have 40 deep stacked (maybe) making facets cause them to stack more poison somehow.

Anyway, I need feedback on weather I should go the facet everything route or just do less damage with less -res in gear.

Thoughts and comments would be greatly appeciated.


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With my nec I found that survivability was more important than damage. As such, if you can get decent health, high FCR, max block, great FHR, and good resists while finding room for facets... Go for it. :)


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your damage will be high without facets. id rather use most the sockets for support like fhr/ resist/ etc.