PVP novamancer Facet questions/thoughts?


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PVP novamancer Facet questions/thoughts?

I posted in PVP forum with no hits yet so I decided to post here also.

I am rebuilding my PVP novamancer to see if I can get better results in the PVP arena then my last one. This time I am trying to use facets yet have a few questions that maybe some of the experienced duelers may be able to help me with.

Max block/75% FCR/86% FHR

My Gear (general setup):
Dweb -55% faceted also gives +5% added poison damage
trangs gloves great +25% Poison damage
2 FCR rings with dex/str, etc. to allow no points in str at all (max block route at lvl 93 will need about 240 total dex for JMOD or about 160 actual dex points added, rest into vita which allows SS switches, etc. when needed, etc.
Arachnid mesh
Tripple resist rare boots with 10% FHR & 30% FRW
JMOD monarch with 4 facets adding -20% PR and +20% Poison damage.
Misc. ammy's Mara's for resist, a 10% FCR for reaching 125% FCR with spirit monarch if needed, +3/90+ lifer, etc.
Helm +3/20% FCR with 2 OS with 2 facets -10/+10
Anni, torch, and 5 skill/12% FHR charms & 4 small lifers with FHR to reach 86% FHR breakpoint and the rest of inv. switchable small charms with life and resists, etc.

Reasoning of not using trangs belt and shield is that the damage goes down 800 and it would be harder to attain 75% FCR without spidy belt along with trangs shield does not offer faster block rate where jmod offers 30% FBR. I know with trangs setup you can reach -165% but I think the loss in the other areas is not worth it (just IMO though).

Poison Damage 10225 with BO with only 5 skillers, (with full inv adding 4 skillers would yield 11350 - 11625) life around the 2200 range with faceted gear and stacked resists in the 50-60 range. With the facets adding to the damage % each skill charm added adds a whopping 350 damage if I chose to use 4 additional skillers and loose resists for melee, etc. (difference shown above)

My thoughts are that most PVP opponents will try and stack using mainly 75% resists in hell along with maybe a perfect 70% sandstorm treks making their total resist gear stacking add up to 145% which is right where the above setup hits the -145% reduction.

Am I wasting my time with the added damage and added -resists from facets over say doing 8k damage with more life and only reaching the -55% Dweb and -60% from LR total = 115%. Is the added damage from facets along with the added -30% a stupid idea.

Thanks for any feedback. I look forward to all your thoughts on facet issues with the novamancer and the LR, etc.