PvP Moor Challenge! Best vs The Rest (3v4)

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PvP Moor Challenge! Best vs The Rest (3v4)

Laaaadies and gentlemen. Again, we are revisiting the Moor, this time in an attempt to single out the best dueling teams. If you remember our last challenge based on a class specific free-for-all, the rankings were as follows.

1) Sorceress
2) Barbarian
3) Paladin
4) Druid
5) Necromancer
6) Assassin
7) Amazon

What's going on?
All seven classes are represented by some of SP's finest duelers. They will team off in order of placement in a 3v4 brawl. The top 3 classes representing one Blue Team while the 4 that fell short of the podium will battle together as the Red Team in an attempt to usurp the winners.

The full Moor will be used because of the large number of players. Players can use previously built characters or new ones can be made.

Who's involved?
Seven skilled duelists each representing a specific class. These guys get first dibs at their specific character class.

Blue Team Captain- Sorceress
SORCERESS- Sint Nikolaas

Red Team Captain- Druid
DRUID- Liquid Evil
AMAZON- Kefir-Tribe

I'd like to call again on Thyiad, our previous host to fill the 8th Slot. If you are willing to do this again, then we'd love to have you back. Other arrangements can be made for a host if she doesn't want to partake this time.

No one can challenge for the spots since the challenging time falls over Amercian Thanksgiving and I believe it would conflict with a lot of schedules. We could do it later, but I don't want to drag this on or we will be fighting in January with oncoming Christmas. However!...If for some reason one of the class champion people cannot make it at the scheduled time or simply doesn't want to participate, then they can hand the torch onto a player on the list below. (The list are last-times challengers)

  • nex
  • Zhao_Yue
  • Silospen
  • Serdash
  • Deaddave
  • jrlafrance
  • Pucho

How do you win?
Each TEAM (the team captain for Blue and Red each says "ready" when their team is ready) signifies readiness in a cleared Blood Moor. Thyiad signals "go". A battle proceeds. Player kills don't count for points, only team wins. Each team win nets 1 point. First team to reach 20, wins the challenge.

What are the rules?
We fight in Hell.
No potions, mercs, wells, or shrines.
No recasting Cyclone and Bone Armor.
No minions that cannot be summoned in town with the exception of Decoy.
No Holy Freeze, Decrepify, or Bone Prison.
No mass slow (>10%), no mass poison from items (>200), no mass replenish (>25). This encompasses Holy Bolt healing (not allowed).
No curse charges (this includes Slow Missiles). Chance to cast is acceptable.
No overabsorb. Limit 2 items per element with the standard ban on Rising Sun and Black Oak.

When's this going down?
Saturday, December 9, High noon -7:00 GMT.
(if this date doesn't work with the players, I will consider an alternate)

If you don't show up, you don't play and your class will not be represented. That means if you're the Pally guy and you sleep in, you screw over all Paladins, everywhere. Kittens will cry. Show up, on time, or else. Also, Paladin means Paladin, not Liberator, none of the classes are bound by specific builds.

What's at stake?
As always, the winning team gets to choose avatars for the losers. They wear them for one week. And as always, egos are on the line. Also, I encourage non-combatants to get involved and rally behind your favorite character classes and post with some friendly trash talk.

Will the 3 strongest classes be able to handle the 4 underdogs? Who will come out on top this time around?

edit: I see there are already some votes. If you vote, please post here as well and explain why you think your certain team will be victorious.


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Buyaa! Denton reporting for duty.

As Liq edited in his post, people, please post a comment along with the team you voted for. Strangely enough, I voted for Blue. Go Blue go! *puts on a light blue cheerleader outfit*

Sint, sir, we need to come up with optimal character builds. It's pretty obvious what Doomas should be using though.

Sint Nikolaas

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Hm.. I'm interested.

Two problems though,
1. I severly doubt my effectiveness of the Sorceress I had in a team duel like this. This could mean that I'll be head strong and just play with the sorc I had trying to punish my opponents, or I'll have to go with a rebuild. If I'm in I'll have to discuss this with Doom and Dent.

2. I'm not too sure if I'm around at the 9th. We're celebrating ''Sinterklaas'' (yes, where I got my name from) in Holland at the 5th, but because that's mid week so my family planned it either at the 2nd or the 9th, so I have to get back at you guys for that.


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uh, hey LE, doesn't the poll say blue team = 3 members, but the details of your post say blue team = 4 members?


Nevertheless, I'm going with the 4'fer this time - whichever team that is.


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@ Sint- I hope you can make it. If not and others are having similar problems I could see a rescheduling.

@ poops- I fixed it, sorry. Blue team = the winners (blue ribbon, etc) and the red team were the losers (angry cause they lost..."seeing red").


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First to 20 might take forever, we might want to shorten it to 10. I'll have to get back to you on the date, not sure if I'll be available then or not.


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I hope you can make it kab. I had it at 15 but Denton likes longer bouts so I increased it just for him. I don't think 20 should take as long as the last challenge session did, but will consider changing it before the main event. A 3v4 is hard to score fairly, but I'm considering another approach. I will make sure everyone realizes any changes I make.

As soon as everyone is scheduled for the event, I'd like to begin talk with my team about strategies and possible new build combos (and I'd also like to see us all sport matching red avatars after we shed Sints loser ones) I think I've got most of your MSN's.

Sint Nikolaas

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I forgot to comment about the scoring. I think 20 is too high too. We did 18 rounds last time because 1 person had to score 30 points but was able to get a maximum of 7 per round. Now we'll have to do 20 at least and 39 at max. IMO something around 8-10 should be quite enough. If it's close then you'll still have 13-15 round (if it's up to 8) and if it's obvious who's stronger then 8 will be enough to prove that. So.. 8-10 would be my sugestion.

About the avatars. I tried to make a small movie (you know like some sort of slideshow showing words), but I can't link to movies. Anyone know how to make a GIF or how to make it work? If not I'll just make others tomorrow.

EDIT: Oh and people, you can vote for the team of 3 now. Maybe you think ''hey an underdog won it last time according to the poll, so I'll vote for the underdogs now'', but the team of 3 will win. Don't worry.


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I voted for Red team. It will be quite interesting, though, with both teams freer to use hybrid builds than in the FFA since specifically who gets the killing stroke is less important here. Actually, it could be very interesting if Denton goes with a Conviction-capable build to try forcing resist overstack against multiple elements at once. Liquid's the only one who can somewhat counter that thanks to Cyclone Armor, though, but even it should not last long against the sort of damage that you guys can pack. Then having Charge and Whirlwind on the opposition should hamper any Mind Blasting games, but that gives kabal an excuse to maybe go WW/trapper and somewhat hard-counter an attempt at an ES sorc.

Bah, but what do I know about PvP? I just picked the Red team because of the color <_<. From the look of it, Blue has the advantage in equipment freedom (unless Kefir gets up a poisoning zon), but that's half because Red has an irresistable mage, but...heh, like I said, what do I really know about PvP? :laugh:


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I voted for the blue team.

After having a good look through the vids (thanks Thyiad for making them accessible to us) I must say I like the look of the barb. Not that I know squat about PvP, but I was impressed with what I saw of him. I think the combination of the top 3 will work well together, especially if the pally can get a aura up to their advantage.
I actually really liked the look of the Necro as well!

GL to both teams!! Looks like youre having a blast.



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My boy is always ready:evil: (vote goes to blue team)

Im gg with any day as long its not 20 + of December.

p.s Liq, I hope that means that your enigma stays with me for another challange:wink3:

Sint Nikolaas

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Yep I'm occupied the 9th. So.. now what, move the date a week forward/backward, a day backward or let someone else fill the sorc spot?


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My common sense would say conviction + sorc would make a one hit kill (provided the sorc can hit). Maybe my lack of pvp experience shows here, but if you get convicted, and get hit by any of the sorcs major spells, it would seem you would die. big time.

Question, would cold mastery and conviction stack? If so, any cold sorc with a FoHer with conviction would seem to be almost unbeatable.

My unexperienced pvp opinion


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Gabriel74 - That's a good plan in theory, but Conviction suffers from short range and it won't lock on immediately most of the time. Rushing in to get a Conviction lock could be a suicide via Mindblast + Bonespears + Tornados + Arrows with Knockback. But with good timing and luck I guess it could work. But still, it may be too risky. Of course I could be saying this just to mislead the Reds. :azn:


so it's minionless vs. minion stack? curious.... that should prove minions are not worth it for pvp... right?
I think blue team has the upper hand here, since it's the most party friendly team IMO. (ES sorc, + barb BO + meditation) + (fanat + conc smite/charge/WW)
The added defense from shout is pretty pointless, since team blue is the one that relies in AR to hit anyway
Still, more than once 4* 75% is best than 3*100%

Crazy Runner Guy

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I voted for the 4 because of range. Liq, we'll talk later once I get my head out of this philosophy paper. As typcial a more detail analysis will follow once I wrap my head around this (tvt is a whole different animal than ffa or 1v1).



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reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddd team wins
how can i vote against a dr00d and necromancer