PvP - MLD Fireclaws Bear?


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PvP - MLD Fireclaws Bear?

Anyone into MLD dueling and have made a fireclaws bear? With the use of stone, does the +molten boulder charges act like the marrowalk bug and add to your fireclaws damage (if no points are spent into it)?

This bear will be level 49, as far as my gear goes for now.

I was thinking something like this for my gear...

- ShaelShaelShaelShaelShaelUm Crystal Sword
Will openwounds work with fireclaws? I didn't need the last shael because I hit the breakpoint along with my other gear, and I couldn't think of anything else helpful except a stat jewel or um for openwounds. I went with openwounds.

- "Stone" in Dusk Shroud
Dusk is level required 49, so I'm guessing its the best armor for it, as it gives good defense while keeping low requirements. Stone for the obvious sick defense, FHR, and stat mods, and also molten boulder for the synergy glitch?

- Jalals, socketed with IAS/Stat jewel.
Self explanitory. Please tell me if there is a better helm.

- "Sanctuary" in Tower Shield

Can get sick resists, little FHR bonus, along with 20 dexterity. Also has relatively good blocking compared to alot of other MLD shields.

- Bloodfist

Defenitly will get me a cute FHR breakpoint, and gets me the IAS breakpoint in conjunction with other gear. Also adds a small bit of life. It was either these or the sander's gloves, or rares/crafts, which I don't know would be better or not, and I usually have bad luck with crafting... Though the crushing blow gloves are tempting, can say 10% or more IAS spawn on these kind of crafted gloves?

- Thundergod's / Crafted Blood Belt
Don't know what is best here, Thundergod's gives good stats, but might have the highest strength requirement if I do use them, so I was thinking maybe a crafted blood belt with 10% open wounds and FHR possibly.

- Gore Riders
Adds some extra crushing blow and open wounds, and with the speed that I will be swinging they'll defenitly trigger.

- Angelics Amulet / Ring + Ravenfrost
Ravenfrost for dex boost, along with a nice AR bonus. Angelics for the stats and life, and huge AR. Would use 2 rings, but CBF is necessary.

- As many shape shifting skillers I can get, and 20 lifers as fillers.

That's about the best I've come up with for gear, and for skills...

20 Fireclaws
20 Firestorm
1 into Lycanthropy
1 all prerequisites
Rest into Werebear

I guessed that oak sage wasn't really worth it, as it just gets killed pretty easily.

I will be aiming for the 152% FHR breakpoint, so from gear I get 140, plus 3 FHR Sc's = 155% FHR :)

Stats are basic, enough strength for items, enough dexterity for max block, and rest vita.

Any input is appreciated.


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Looks very good, except for the weapon. You need 108% IAS in a phase blade to reach 4 frame fireclaw attack speed. Either use 4 shaels and 2 AR/IAS jewels or just 6 shaels.
Not sure about whether you should pump werebear at all, the defence bonus isn't exactly good and you don't need ED%. Maybe you should calculate what kind of shift time you are looking at with prebuff and if it isn't enough to fight one duel pump lycantrophy instead of werebear since it gives a nice life boost too.


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Gah, alright then, looks like its just gonna be a 6x shael weapon then.

I can't use phase blade as I will only be level 49, so I went with a crystal sword or dimensional blade (but a crystal is easier to find).

I suppose you're right about werebear / lycanthropy, you're average pub duel doesn't take very long and I'd most likely be able to recast quite frequently, so maybe i'll try splitting points into both. If not, I guess i'll max lycanthropy. I'll give it a bit of testing.


Also - What should I socket the Jalals with then? Fire Facet, perhaps?


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Using a crystal sword/dim blade is inferior to a war axe/naga.

Same exact speed, more range. A 110IAS/AR Military pick/Crowbill would also be better than a Crystal/Dimensional. Same range, speed, more AR.

For your belt, you may want to use a simple String of Ears for %DR, since you are lacking completely in that department. If you build with tgods, you will be restricted to it and other 20+ str belts (unless you don't take advantage of the 20 str), but if you build with SoE, you can use whatever belt you please against different opponents.

Put one point into oak, since that gives you more life than one extra point in lycanthropy. It is durable in Nightmare against physical opponents and it also serves as a distraction. Some people go after the oak over and over and risk being hit to do it.


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Using the Stone's charges mean you can't put anything above molten boulder so your dmg will suffer. Though you'll have a higher life/def


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RetroStar said:
Using the Stone's charges mean you can't put anything above molten boulder so your dmg will suffer. Though you'll have a higher life/def
yeah, but with high enough plus skills and firestorm maxed, you can get about 6k damage out of it. Thats a very substantial number, especially for that level.



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Azn - Ahh that totally passed by me, guess Im gonna go with war axe then.

Retro - I wouldn't be able to get 16 points into molten boulder anyway, as I will be level 49, so I'd have more points with stone.