PvP Melee Assassin


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PvP Melee Assassin

It's possible. I know it is. It's gotta be hehehe.

But I'm running into some trouble.

I don't know if I should go elemental charge up or just plain tigerstrike.

I like the Idea of PS because I can choose which charge up to go to before i use a kick to end it.

I also plan to use a kick.

I was first thinking I don't need dragon flight because I'll be wearing nigma. But I realized how stupid it was to rely purely on one armor for dueling.

So I was thinking of Maxing Dragon Flilght just because it will help with the casters, and also melee chars if i decide to run away (for them to follow and drop their block rating) then come back flying in with a kick.

So skill wise I'd also max Claw Mastery, Venom, fade or bos, points into mind blast, and shadow master.

anyone know what level shadow master should get to after skills?


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i'm not too interested in a kicker though
if you say their claw skills are too low that means i should choose bos over fade i'm assuming.


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no even with max speed, the charge up skills are too slow for any good in pvp. you will never get 2 or more charges in an duel. (let alone 3 and able to get it off)


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so surviving is a problem you say
Less surviving and more not dropping to zero hit points. So yes, surviving.

Look at it this way - you need to hit three times to charge up, and a fourth to release. Assuming you get some uber build that will destroy any char in one hit, that's twenty frames, even if you get past their block, and defense.

In comparison, a zealer will hit you four times - of which it can be expected that two will hit with your claw block going. Your defense is a moot point. That zealot will have dealt you a couple thousand damage, and likely put you into hit recovery - that gets him an extra shot for every time he hits you. Making it more likely he'll drop three attacks at least on you, out of six.

In three hits, you're probably dead. You still haven't managed to kill him at this point, and that's NOT taking his block into account, and assuming he doesn't just charge you to open up.


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I killed a Pheonix+beast pub kicker with in 1 hit with my zealot. Though the sin didn't use stormshield or dual claws, so I dont know...

Also, don't use dragon flight + dragon talon on Zealots, cause I'll just shift zeal all the way :rolleyes: :wave: