PvP Maiden Necro???


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PvP Maiden Necro???

well looking through all the forums i havent seen any mention of an iron maiden pvp necro. now i am aware that it would be a specific type of dueler (melee only) but even with the pvp penatly could a decent amount of IM be a threat in pvp. with plus to skills equip/charms i imagine at least +800% dmg returned could be reached maybe more seeing as ive never maxed IM or any other curse for that matter. what does everybody think?


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Maybe I'm stupid, but since I've never done this PvP stuff --- how do you make the other char attack you? With Iron Maiden on my head *I* wouldn't do any melee range physical attacks; a Barbarian could switch to Leap Attack or Berserk instead; other classes might have similar fallback attacks.


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Lets give you lvl 50 Iron Maiden.. granted that may be hard.. or impossible to attain.. but proving a point.
675 + 250 + 250 + 250
1425% damage returned from Arreat Summit(yes everyone can commit on how accurate their info is but oh well)

Now if I remember.. theres a 1/10 penalty on Thorns/IM damage?
Theres a 1/4 or 1/2 penalty on other damage as well or was that removed?

Would those stack?
if they did that would be 1/20th the damage.. not counting damage reducing gear for you and him.. which im not sure comes into play...
But just a gander....

Lets say he hits you for 5000 dmg.
Its possibly reduced to 2500 by the penalty, gets reflected back as 142.5% or 3562 damage, which is then halfed by the penalty again or not? So... 1781? Then halfed by his damage reduction to 890?

Granted this all could be wrong.. but just remembering some 1.09 info and somewhere that said damage is 1/2ed for PVP or 1/4ed and that thorns was 1/10th.. and i think IM too.

So he hits you for 2500 damage, and you hit him for 890, given all these things are true.
Could Madmantis or someone else smart about these things confirm?

Now given that hits one of your minions.. I believe there is no 1/10th penalty, and there may not be a 1/2 penalty.. im not sure.

so... 5000 damage....
even halfed its 35620 reflected at him.. which he halfves to 18000, then 9000... which would instant kill him I assume... unless there are 9k Barbarians out there. But thats with a lvl 50 IM.

And that was just on Barbarians, Imagine Zons would use ele arrows which have no vulnerability to IM, sorcs are immune, druids would use fire claws?
Paladins Smite or Holy Freeze or /shrug... I havent dueled at all since 1.08... and didnt do much then.. but I just dont see it as too effective on you.. and I doubt he'll hit your minions.
this is almost the same thing as a thorns paladin
u have to get hit to deal the damage
so i do not advise u making this char
ur choice



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It's the minions you want them to hit, not the caster. There is no penalty to the damage whatsoever if they hit the minions as far as I know. The trick is to make minions fast/damaging/annoying enough that they can't simply be ignored. Making your necro really hard to kill wouldn't hurt either.

Level 50 IM?

10 skillers.
+3 curses circlet
+3 curses amu
+2 all armor
+2 all +2 curses Homonculus
+3 curses, +3 IM wand (good luck shopping this one)
+3 from 2 SoJs or BKs and Arachnid's Mesh.
+1 Annihilus

+32 +20 skill and you've got 52. 49 would be much easier though. Getting the right mod on the right +3 skill tab wand from shopping is a pain.

But then if you're going to do a DR build, Bramble and Edge + Amp will probably do almost twice the damage of a lvl 50 IM and all those skillers come at the cost of survivability.


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Iron maiden does work effectively in pvp. You don't need other people to attack you. All you have to do is cast bone wall and cast IM. However, that strategy is very very bm.