PvP libby matchup questions

PvP libby matchup questions

Is the 1 point in charge sufficient for dmg to casters? I notice I can already 2 shot bowazons and non-energy shield sorceresses, but I have trouble against bone necros/ES sorceresses/druids when using charge.

Necros seem to be able to tank a few with armour (either that or I'm missing them).

I feel that the libby can go toe to toe with anything, so I need to improve my play. Anyone have tips for going against windys/ES sorceresses/Bone necros?

I read the guide, but some things are unclear still. Once i land a smite, do I just keep smiting them to get the lock? Whats the best aura to charge with, and more specifically, how does the move actually work? whats the minimum distance for charge to take effect?

also hotkey ideas would be great too.


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Re: PvP libby matchup questions

I use a/s for hammer/conc, d/f for charge/vigor, and e for teleport.


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Re: PvP libby matchup questions

When I had a liberator the only things I had trouble with were necs.
For windies what I found effective was to spam desynch hammers and make an area that is covered with hammers. The windie would usually telestomp me and get hit by random hammers and die.
For ES sorcs you can sorb and just charge them to death. If your not sorbing you can either try and get them to eat some random hammers or try and charge/smite them. I found a combo of both to be the most effective.
I never was good and dealing with necs on my libby. In general trying to charge lock a good maxblock nec usually gets you killed. Teleporting for your movement isn't a bad idea since there are times I woudl get prisoned while charging even though on my screen I wasn't which usually ended up killing me. Currently I have a nec and telesmite seems to hurt me the most. Namelock/chainlock telesmiting would be effective.

For hotkeys I used
s - teleport
a - conc
d - hammer
f - charge
z - vigor
e or c - smite
e or c - salvation


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Re: PvP libby matchup questions

1 point in charge really isn't a liberator, it's basicallly a greif toting hdin. I've made a couple libs and I had minimum of 15 in charge. The point is to have sick charge dmg so you just devestate casters, and then you hammers to handle melee. A maxed charge vs. a 1 pt investment makes a big difference when facing a 3k life caster or es build.

I actually alternated through all different types of auras when charging. In a public game you'd constantly be switchin opponents so I'd just hotkey salv, holy freeze, res light and of course vig and conc. I'd say your main charge aura'd be conc tho.


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Re: PvP libby matchup questions

If anything, I'd rather concentrate (hah, there's an irony, hammer synergy) on your charge.

With all pcombats, you should pull off similar damage as most hammer palas anyway.

Amazing thing about libby, is that you can go charge without focusing on your ar at ALL whatsoever.

Terrible idea to use only hammers against windies, necros, and es sorcs. The whole point of you using charge is to have easier time against these guys. Like most said, incorporate random hammers here and there, get em offguard.


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