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Hey guys,
Wondering how you think PVP will work. As an old D1, D2 vet I did like how the hostile button worked. However I do know it could be annoying. If the world is open wouldn’t it be cool if the had certain zones as hostile areas. Similar to how WOW does it. Entering these areas you automatically consent to the potential to fight other players. Make the risk reward high for these spots in terms of loot etc. Would love to hear from you! Anddddd blizzard to listen haha


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I have yet to play an online game that had an excellent sense of balance between the PVP and PVE (assuming they use the same systems). I think it's a huge mistake devoting resources to PVP in diablo, PVPers in diablo are by far the minority. Having PVP in diablo means the devs are going to have more work instead of less and that means less work being done to PVE content/balance which is the core of any diablo game.
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I believe I read there will be PvP zones. I also believe that PvPers are the minority, but a very vocal one at that.


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I believe pvp in Diablo would be better served with a dedicated Diablo PvP game where the full resources of a dedicated team can make it work on a high level.

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I think something like a tower defence mini-game would interest more players. PVP needs leaderboards if it's going to attract players which I doubt they would do. The problem is if they don't do a great job on PVP then no one will touch it and it would become a complete waste of time. These players would likely just stick with DOTA anyhow, that's a game that is custom made for them.


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Personally I saw PvP as a gimmick in D2.

If people like to fight eachother every now and then just for brawls it sounds like there should be no more then a button to invite a player for a duel. But I guess there will be a lot more then just that, I am guessing leaderboards 1x1, 2x2 etc, and special PvP areas with fighting sides like in WOW. Probably also giving special rewards so it might be worth the time even for item hunting. This could be fun and I might actually jump in.


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No idea. Never tried PVP when I had D1 or D2. Not my jam.

Since I will be playing this solo, like I do with all the Diablo projects I've tried. I really hope that if for some reason I would play with someone I do not want any kind of PVP to be something you can do when you are either getting help or helping. I do not think I would even try to help people if I knew PVP was a thing that can happen in an instant.


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I always thought PVP added a touch of danger to D2 and made the world more realistic/fun. I always played hardcore so the PVP griefing might have been more limited there compared to the regular game. Basically I felt it put me on edge a little more and gave me more to watch out for. There's only so much challenge over time fighting the coded monsters.