PvP hydra sos


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PvP hydra sos

So i used skill calculator and when i max hydra,synergies,mastery then i had 5 k+ hydra dmg (used to calculate all+fire sks=23).This was only 8x skill points so i still have 20 sk point around lvl 92.
When i would use hoj pb then i would have -20 res and lvl 16 holy fire+i use 2xdragon armor+shield then i would have total 44 lv holy fire with max mastery and in inventory ofc 9 fire sks.

When i put hydra and tele around then holy fire makes average dmg too, so this wouldbe effective and funny build for Pvp not?


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I am not sure about if the damage is good or not, but hydra's cast delay is so long that it is hard to spam hydra around. Also the fire bolt isn't that fast too. If those can't hit your enemy imo thats no point.
For pvp fire sorc I will go for fireball or meteor.


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a level 44 holy fire does pathetic damage actually, it looks like it does alot but it really does 555-567 damage, not after resists or PvP penalty, or firemastery.

and with Hoj/dragon/dragon i could not achieve a 5+ damage hydra, infact mine is only 3355-3761. if you were to change the dragon/dragon/hoj for a hoto/coh/spirit, then you can achieve 4640-5165 damage.

with the hoj/dragon/dragon combo, you have around 300% fire damage from fire mastery. So your 555-567 damage becomes:
2220-2268 after mastery
370-378 after pvp penalty of 1/6
92-94 after 75% resists OR 37-38 after 90% resists (easily achievable by just putting on hotspurs)

now lets do the same with your 3355-3761 hydra
559-626 after pvp penalty

as you can see, with no effort at all, both your attacks do nothing at all. Almost anyone these days can wear hotspurs, and almost everyone does vs firesorcs. a lvl 44 holy fire seems nice on paper, but in the game your only doing 38 damage max, pretty pathetic if you ask me, and you will be losing 7+ to skills, resists, and more.

Hydra is very easy to avoid, especially when teleing, and just as easy running, because hydra shoots its firebolts very slowly. 62 damage just wont cut it against those 8000 life barbarians, and it will be impossible to hit a good caster at all.

untill they nerf this skill again it wont be usefull except for special cases in PvM. So, if you want to make a fire sorc, stick with the trusted fireballer.