PVP Hybrid Viable?


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PVP Hybrid Viable?

Question for you zon builders...

Is a Bow / Jav hybrid still a viable pvp option?

I guess my main question is with just +20 into Fury and the rest into bow skills will that be enough Jav damange or do i need to have some synenergy to make it worth while?

Anyone have more to add to make this build viable?

I currently have about 20 unused skill points and sitt'n at lvl 70 wondering if i should make my zon into a hybrid being i already have 125 base vit and about 200 base dex.



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As i said before, it will not help you against some duelers like barbs/smiters/sorcs

but it will do wonders against necros/druids

-I cant tell you if its viable, you sorta have to play around with it.