PvP Hybrid focused on Javs


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PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

how viable is this build?

i read Tienje's guide, but that heavily focused on physical dmg part of jav, rather than lightning. Also main set up wasn't much different to normal bowazon imo. (correct me if i am wrong :hide:)

anyway so I am thinking something like

guide: 20
Lightning bolt: 20
1 pt in each passive except for left side

remaining skills to go to CS synergies

items i am thinking:

griffon (light facet? ias jewel?)
2jav/20 ias glove
SS/facet monarch (either 4 sox plain facet or 2 sox/deflecting mod rare. which?)
Titan/T-stroke (which??)
raven + rare/bk

cta in cube to bo, mainly mb faith switch

without help of skillers and all, the dmg should end upo somewhere along 4000-ish for CS, higher with full skillers set up.
but I want to include 3/xx/3frw and 3/xx/life scs to boost guide dmg.

problem is i do not know how much dmg guide willl do or even if it will be viable w/o fortitude or ed/ias jeweled helm.

also, as for stat investment which? dex, life, or mix of both? since there isn't much +all skills i am to assume cta won't last long. still, i expect around 3000 life is good enough, and rest into dex for dmg boost? or just go all vita?

thanks in advance for your insights :thumbsup:


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Re: PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

crap can't edit...don't really want to bump this but...

how useful is using enigma over CoH? same DR, same skills but one has more mobility and life (45% FRW, life via stats saved), other has more survibility with its massive res

both makes no difference on bow dmg so can fortitude even be considered as an option? I am going to use mat bow so dunno if that's gonna help at all with its low dmg output. (prolly will increase overall guide dmg by 1000 ish?, translating to mere 200 ish pvp dmg...which don't seem that bad except it will lower my life and skills level)


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Re: PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

If you want to make an effective hybrid, it'll probably be pretty expensive.

I'd say that anything less than 5k GA at frames + 7k CS won't do very well against experienced player. With that said, it's always worth trying.

Consider leaving GA at level 1 and dumping all points in synergies as maxing out GA doesn't add that much damage.

CoH vs. Enigma

This really comes down to whether or not you have enough resists. If you have poor resists and want to be able to take a few hits, stick with CoH.

With that said, you should really consider a fortitude as an option. You won't really lose much life when compared to enigma/coh, and you can make up that CS damage elsewhere.

Lastly, you're going to want to go with SS over any other shield because otherwise smiters and barbs will destroy you.


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Re: PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

thanks for your answer :)
with skillers I think i can reach 6K+ CS dmg, although guide is rather low. have not set up the char with full gears yet, as i am still looking for MB faith - to- be sup 4 sox. should be able to reach 7 frame.
I will heed your advice and go for fortitude route, possibly 1~20 guide depending i guess. maxing it, however, will reduce my mana problem. i can drink but still there is a bit of differenc, so i guess i will have to test this myself.

now my new question is: dump into life or dex?
I am basing my build on MB, with planning to use 20 ias glove, cats (for FRW and dex) and either griffon with max/ias jewel (ED/ias better? :/) or nosferatu coil (which means i wil lose DR...) to reach 7 frame.

since its mb, dmg output is lower when using guide, but i am hoping 5K+ CS will cover that problem. but as this is sorta dangerous to rely on (elem dmg sorb..) I guess i willl want decent 3K+ dmg on guide. so i am divided here as to what I really want to do.

word of advise?


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Re: PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

It really repends on how you want to play your zon.

There are basically two major options you have.

The first is to depend mostly on CS and use GA as a backup attack on people who stack/sorb.

The second is to rely mostly on guided and use CS when people teleport on top of you.

Either way, you're going to want at least enough hp to survive small attacks (like hurricane, thunderstorm, teeth, etc).

I would choose between a 4:1 2:3 or 3:2 dex to vit ratio.

You need verds for the DR so I would go with the ed/ias in the griffs (max dmg jewels are bugged off wep).


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Re: PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

Lastly, you're going to want to go with SS over any other shield because otherwise smiters and barbs will destroy you.
Why? Storm shields has the same str req as the other options as the all are monarchs. So you could build around some other less block shield - jmod with 4*facets - and use that jmod for when ever you don't need damage reduction - casters.
Then if you meet a barbarian or smiter, you can switch to ss and try to stay ranged with your bow for as long as possible, switch to lightning bolt when they come close and make the kill with charged strike.



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Re: PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

well can't afford Jmod and fact they are largely duped (afaik. don't think i've seen non 148 def jmod lol!) i guess i could use normal 4 sox for casters

I would want guide as a backup but with decent dmg (i mean backup with good dmg is the point in this right? ^^)

just a thought, which is better:
max/ar/life or frw scs or psn/life or frw scs? assuming i am using ed/ias jewel (btw i was referring to max/ias not max/ed before. afaik these are not bugged..?) with MB ofc.

basically comes down to more poison dmg or more physical dmg i guess. with psn i have option to go for Coh since its low physical dmg anyway..:unsure:


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Re: PvP Hybrid focused on Javs

Switching out for JMOD isn't really worth it most of the time.

What characters would you ever use it against?

Hammerdins will switch to charge if they know you have no DR.

Blizz/light sorcs the +res will be important if you want to stand a chance.

I guess you can use it against fire sorcs, but again it's not very practical and you should also consider putting a -15 req jewel with res or fhr or just a plain hel.

Of course it's not bad to have it (or a JMOE) if you're super rich but it's not really necessary at all.

Poison charms are probably the biggest mistake bowazons make. They add next to nothing to damage.