PvP Hammerdin shield?


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PvP Hammerdin shield?

Normally I would go with the herald, the fact that it has such a high blocking % makes it the winner for me.

Unfortunately I screwed my hammerdin up (didn't take bonuses into account) and gave him too much strength and dexterity, so the winning factor of the herald is irrelevant now.

. better defense
. better damage (+2 combat)
. can socket with a ber to take me up to 49% DR

. better resistances
. fcr will allow me to get to the 125% break point
. 55% faster hit recovery
. +3-8 magic absorb (unsure how much that will help in general)

I consider the heralds strength bonus to be irrelevant and the mana boost from the spirit. (also the fbr from the herald becasue I can't see myself getting past the 86% breakpoint)

The fcr will more than make up for the heralds damage increase (by a little bit)

I'm still swinging towards The herald though, mainly because I am loathe to give up 8% dr.

What would you guys do?


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Can't be assed to remake on this ladder. Actually i'll go with the spirit because I forgot I can swap my shako for a crown of ages for max dr.


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i think the 125 fcr advantage that spirit gives is a much bigger advantage than anything HoZ offers.