PvP GA Bowzon still viable?


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PvP GA Bowzon still viable?

Yeah, yeah, you are all gonna criticize my for this, but I still believe GA Zon is viable for PvP. Yes, I know GA can't pierce no more, but so what? I never really relied on pierce back in old patch, but it helped. GA still seeks and with enough distance, I believe you can own anyone. Now I was pondering something: Enigma. Now pallys. They are a pain. Charge = Zon killer. That's where Enigma comes in. Have Teleport on right click, GA on left, Pally comes running, teleport and fire a barage of GA. But these high def pallies? Easy: Eaglehorn. ITD (Ignore Target Defense). Yes, Eagle may not have the same damage as WF, but what good pally you know is going to take two hits to kill anyway? Play it safe with Enigma, shoot your GA's while teleporting from Pally. The rest of chars are basically the same. Except Sorcs. Sorcs are kinda 50/50, unless you play in NM or norm. Now hell, it's whatever comes natural to you. There's always those lucky shots. Anyway, on to the good stuff:


Str. Enough for Eaglehorn, WF, and Shaft. (Later Valor)

Dex.- 200-300

Vit.- REST

Energy- NONE


Basically the same as old zons. Just make sure to have at least one point in fire arrow because of bug, and you can do at least a little bit of questing and leveling yourself.



10 Dodge

10 Avoid

20 Evade

5-Critical Strike

1 Fire Arrow/Valk/Decoy/Penetrate/Prereqs


Armor: Enigma/15% IAS Shaft if you can't afford (Later Valor)

Weapon: WF/Eaglehorn

Rings: Raven Frost/Dwarf Star/Crafted Blood Ring

Amulet: Mara's/Cat's Eye

Helm: Good ole' Gaze

Gloves: LoH/Bloodfist/Crafted Blood

Boots: Gore Riders/War Travs/Craft/Decent Rare

Belt: String/Nosferatu's Coil (1.10)

Charms: Res/Elemental/Poison/Whatever

Almost forgot: Merc.: Act 2 NM Offensive (Might) is only way to go. Load him with Lionheart Archon, Eth-ed Kelpie Snare or Spire of Honor and Crown of Thieves is good way to make cheap, effective merc. Besides, you'll kill most anyways.

What you think? Could it work. Give your suggestions, I'd like to hear them.


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just a couple of corrections:

itd doesn't work in pvp

ga already has its own passive "itd"

zon's cast so slow, so enigma is useless

zon's are very viable, its just that no one has found a 450ed matrichal bow with 63 max dmg, +20 to dex, 40 ias, etc. :lol:

i plan to create a pvp zon when ladder ends, i have a couple of builds i want to test out,

ill get back to you guys with the results


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if i could only get ias tables for a mat bow then i could make a bleedutoodeath hybird zon


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I believe that CronicTKY is on the right track with bow-zons still being viable in PvP i just don't think his stratagy is all its cracked up to be. yes zon's cast to slow so tele for her is next to useless but there are other ways to get around chargers. use natural obsticals life rocks or holes or even a monster to take the hit from the pally then hit him with a bunch of GA's i think she is more reliant on IAS now more then ever too. PDR is going to be next to nothng for her with what im thinking sooo a vamp gaze does my ias stratagy no good i was thinking a set up more like this would be more affective

Mav's helm w/ 40/15ias jewel (45%)
Cat's Eye (20%ias w/ 30%frw)
Shael's WF (40%ias)
160/60 archon plate (60%)
Lava Gout (20%)
Raven Frost
Nosferatu's Coil (10%)
Goreriders (30% frw)

Total IAS 195%

the key with this build is to always be on the move and never stop to shoot more then 5 GA's at a time.


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Talic_505 said:
Mav's helm w/ 40/15ias jewel (45%)
Cat's Eye (20%ias w/ 30%frw)
Shael's WF (40%ias)
160/60 archon plate (60%)
Lava Gout (20%)
Raven Frost
Nosferatu's Coil (10%)
Goreriders (30% frw)

Total IAS 195%

Whats the point of like 45% of the ias since you reach the 8th bp(of wf) at 14x%?


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Yes, I do see my flaws now, and I am sorry for the error. I really never tried a Zon with Enigma, so I thought it would be a different twist, but I guess you're right with speed. I never really thought the strategy through. Using natural obstacles is a given. But, I never really notice my strategies because it comes natural. With that in mind, couldn't we follow that old Speedazon guide by Yevamon (I think). Or was that totally erased too?

ik_iron said:
PS What's the fire arrow bug? =/
The fire arrow bug takes all of your natural damage without enhanced damage added, and converts it all into fire. For one big, firey arrow that can own almost any non-fire immune. Sorry, I can't supply the exact calculations, but it's something like this (simplified):
Original Bow Damage X Dexterity Damage Bonus = Natural, Physical Damage + Fire Arrow = Pure fire Damage.

(Simple for the simple minded, like me! :scratch: )


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Are you totally sure, because it still registers the same with me. I made a PvP Zon back in 1.09 with the fire arrow bug, using the same equipment, and when I toggle fire arrow, it still shows the same damage as it did back then. What's up with that?


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The damage is the same, yes, but it doesn't convert all your damage into pure fire damage anymore. It converts a percentage that scales with more points into Fire Arrow.


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Well, since GA is auto-ITD, then you wouldn't need much ar, but you're gonna have decent dex anyway, so? Truthfully, the only thing you need to watch for is block.


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since the ladder began i have yet to see a viable GA zon, javazon on the other hand are quite impressive. im my deaings with the ga zon I've notice three things:
1. with 50% DR most arrows really don't hurt that much, at leat not enough to stop me from getting to my target.
2.most zons are missing one key ingrediant heath, Resistance or foot speed. in 1.10 if you don't have all three you're dead.
3.stupid players.(not all but a majority)

1.10 ga zon = 1.09 bone necro


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1 point in all Prerequisites
20 points in critical strike
10 points in dodge
10 points in avoid
20 points in evade
1 point in decoy
1 point in valk
20 points into guided arrow
[if u do lvl up higher u can spent remaining skill points into dodge,avoid,whichever u prefer]

weapon 1:windforce socketed with shael
weapon 2: cta 1 handed with whistan's guard shield socketed with ber
ammy:cat's eye
ring1:raven frost
ring2:dwarf star/wisp projector or another raven frost[depending on your enemy]
boots:war traveler
belt: verdungos with 15 dr
armour: ed/60ias armour preferbably with life
helm: crown of ages with 2 socket/15dr socketed with 2*ed/ias jewels

stats:[after u equip unique sc and all + stats items as much as possible]
enough str for equipment
enough dex for 75% block with whistan
rest into vitility
base energy

1 unique sc
enough 5fhr/resists sc to get to 86fhr frame recovery
if resists still arent maxed put a few life/resists sc's
1 290pdsc
rest with 3max/ar/life sc's and/or 3max/ar/frw sc's

you will shoot at 8 fps
have high life due to cta and heavy investment in vita
have 86fhr frame recovery/maxed resists
30 dr in bow mode / 38 dr in shield mode
Easily 3.5k+ damage with 70% of time doing double damage which is 7k+

not exactly a guide but it's a build that would do fine in pvp
any other questions pm me

Against pallies if u have loads of frw sc's u could actually hit and run with them
but if pally uses doom the zon won't really have any chance


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Ok looking at all what ppl have said i've decided to put in my second 2 sense. After doing some homework and a lil testing of my own i have found:

A PvP GA zon is still Viable but with a few changes in stratagy from the old 1.09 speed zon stratagy. heres what i think would be a good PvP GA Bow-Zon Build (lvl 85 with all quests done)

1 pnt into Prereq's
lvl 8 Critical Strike (Double Dmg is always nice)
lvl 12 Dodge (can and will save life)
lvl 7 Avoid (can and will save life)
lvl 12 Evade (can and will save life)
lvl 10 Cold Arrow (synergy)
lvl 10 Multiple Shot (for when dueling those annoying teleing necros)
lvl 15 Guided Arrow (main attack skill)
lvl 20 Freezing Arrow (for when ppl think they can get you with 50% PDR)
(Get a Valk if you lvl up past this)

Helm: Rare Circulet (+1-2 Zon Skills, +Res all, +30% Frw, Replenish Life,2 Sockets filled with a Cham Rune and a xx/15ias jewel)
Ammy: Cat's Eye (30%FRW and 20%ias best Bow-Zon ammy period)
Bow: Sheal's WF (high dmg and high speed what more could you ask for?)
Armor: 1xx/60ias Wire Fleece (the wire fleece looks cool it can be done in any other 4 socket armor)
Gloves: Lava Gouts (More ias with the chance of heveing a lvl 10 enchant on you)
Belt: Verdungo's Hearty Cord (+30-40 vit is always nice + has a lil boost to PDR)
Boots: Goreriders (30% FRW and mild open wounds all they are really good for)
Rings:Wisp Projector (for the charges of Oak Sage and Heart of Wolverine) and a Soj (for general Use) Dwarf Star/another wisp/Raven frost (depends on who you are dueling)

Charms: 1x Unique SC, 1x 290 Psn SC, 8x SC's w/ +res all/+FHR and +20 Life, 5x Passive and Magic Skills GC w/ +50 Life, 5x Bow and Crossbow Skills GC w/ +50 Life

Strength- Enough to equip heaviest peice of equipment w/ +to str counted for
Dexterity-200-250 whatever you feel is good enought really thats just what i recomend
Vitality- Everything else
energy- Base

ok thats a run down of what i think would be best for a PvP Bow-Zon Hope it helps!