PvP Fury Drood Setup?


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PvP Fury Drood Setup?

I don't see a guide up there and I wanna remake my PvM Fury Drood into a PvP one with the remaining items I have in my mules. I'm in NL so no godly RW.

This is my planned equip:
Helm: Jalal's Mane
Armour: Stone
Belt: Verdungo
Glove: Draculs
Boot: Gorerider
Weapon: Non Eth BOTD Zerker :rolleyes:
Shield: Stormshield
Ammy: Highlords
Rings: Raven Frost x2

What's the required IAS for my to hit the fastest Fury speed for my weapon? Are there any other options? I may have stuff such as Azurewrath lying around.



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Bad luck with the weapon, non eth... :(

OIAS doesn't matter for your weapon, thus you can switch the highlords for something else if you need something else in there.

For caster duels you should probably wear either a chains of honor or enigma. For melee fortitude might be an option if you are on ladder, you won't need all that fhr for every opponent.

Bloodfists are good allround gloves and you won't be using possibly cheesy curses.

Other than that I don't know, good luck with your wolf! :thumbsup:


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You can use mara's and COH or enigma for casters, highlords for melee possibly stone if you need all the fhr(for mind blasters etc), no need to use stone for the defence it won't matter anyway.

If you are on non-ladder and can't affor COH you can still use smoke, gloom or lionheart if you are in dire need of resists.


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if you want to find the ias breakpoints for your druid just google "weapon speed calculator diablo 2" :thumbsup:


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For all practical purposes, the 4 fps breakpoint pretty much can't be hit on fury.
To the best of my knowledge there's only 2 weapons that can do it:
1. a 3-shael-ed griz caddy -- expensive w/ not-entirely-impressive damage if you can't use the sockets for anything else.
2. a 4-shael-ed phase blade -- cheap but the damage is awful, no matter what you do w/ the remaining sockets.
I'd highly suggest sticking with the 5fps speed and a better weapon.
Some options are:
e/botd zerker (or warspike, but the damage is lower)
azurewrath (phase blade, not crystal sword)
stormlash (shael-ed)
among many others.

[edit: I quite forgot that now that ladder is over you could sell your first born child for a 2-shael-ed tomb reaver. That will also reach 4fps]


why not a grief phase blade? (unless u cant afford it)
switch jala mane to cerebus
and switch stone to either duress or fort

u will need angelic setup when agasinting barb or high def pally


ChthonVII said:
Maybe because...
ya, but u still can acquire angelic pretty cheaply, and use duress or enigma instead of stone. (duress is cheaper than stone) Probably the hardest to get is cerebus in NL, it will cost u around 2-4 runes.


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depends, pvm or pvp?
pvm you'll want azurewrath because fury werewolves had no skills that deal appreciable non-physical damage, which means immunes will stop you cold.
pvp it's more of a toss up. An ebotd would definitely be the top (non-ladder) choice, but I'm not sure a plain botd comes out ahead of azurewrath when you consider most duelers have 50% dr. You'd have to ask an experienced dueler.