pvp frenzy barb?


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pvp frenzy barb?

Hey, I am getting a bit bored of my wwsin, since Ive played her for months with no breaks, so I thought I'd make a frenzy barb smile.gif

I was thinking max frenzy, bo, double swing, axe mastery, 1 into nat. resist and faster run, and the rest into shout.

For gear I was thinking:

Helm: Arreats
Gloves: bloodfists
Boots: treks or dancers
Armor: enigma or fort
Weapon1: griefz
Weapon2: beastz with a doomz for smiters
Belt: verdungos
Ring1: angelics?
Ring2: bk/raven?
Amulet: angelics/metaligrds?

With that I hit the 86% fhr bp, have a 5.5fpa with the doomz and a 5fpa with the beast, and over 250rw with enigma, only 200 with fort.

Suggestions on what to change here? Or is this fine and I should keep it like this?


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Just try it out. I won't say anything now, but let us know how the dual weapon, non-ww barb turns out. =)


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if you will say something afterwards, please tell me now, before I make/buy all the gear. I dont want to waste my time.

Oh, and if the thing you are going to say is "its not any good, dont make it" also tell me now, because I want to hear this stuff.


You will have a hard time with frenzy in pvp unless you have over 20k attack rating or something. Most pvp players stack defense so high that frenzy won't hit them in the first 5-8 swings. Instead, they'll be hitting you while you swing and whiff, and you don't use a shield, so ... you can do the math on that one.

In testing I found out that frenzy can kill many players in a couple of quick hits because the physical damage is so high, but you need very high attack rating to land that first hit and high enough defense to avoid the enemy's first attack. It also helps to stun or freeze them if possible so you can keep attacking without being interrupted. It can be a fun build to play but you can expect to lose most duels against experienced players.

The real test for frenzy barbs are paladins that use exile. Their defense/chance to block/block rate is so high that in most cases you won't be able to hit them.

That's the reason you don't see many pvp frenzybarbs.


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... and even with 20+k attack rating againts most smiters, your still not hitting often. Like, 1 in 10 swings...

The "combat" shrine that boosts your att rating and damage, gives my frenzier about 47000 attack rating, and its still missing a high defence high block rate smiter 60-70% of the time.

Since you cant rely on a Infinity merc in pvp, and therfore no conviction aura, (for the -80% defence) your may have to tele close to enemy and Battle Cry them.
This will lower their defence and damage, but its pretty hard to co-ordinate tele-battlecry-frenzy and it makes you wanna go back to hammers for simplicity and decisive ownage.

If it were all as simple as max frenzy damage, and chase down chars with fast run/walk, everyone would be doing it, but heres my 2cents worth

Armor: Enigma Damage reduction|Hi Life|+2 Skills|45% frw|Strength bonus|Teleport
Helm: Probably Arreats or CoA Ber Ber
Gloves: Not sure yet, possibly rends
Belt: Verdungos
Boots: Probably Gores, but might be a few options for pvp
Rings: Dual Raven or Raven Angelics
Ammy: Probably Hi-lords or Angelics, but Maras could work
Weapons: Doomz and Beastz should do well, or dual Greif pb's
Charms: 2-3 Mastery/40+life Gc's | 6x 120+ar/40+life | Torch | Anni | 10x 20life/35ar sc's

With those charms you "might" hit 25000 ar with fanata aura helping out, but its probably still not enough.

I wish u luck... cause frenzy is THE classic pvm char, changing to pvp really is like pushing turd up hill.

gg have fun :thumbsup:


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Fine, I'll add my little tidbit too, in addition to what others have said already.

You can't rely on your FR/W, since there will be nothing for you to charge up with, unless you land consecutive hits on the opponent, which is not likely.


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First of all thanks to everyone(almost everyone >_>) for not just an answer but some commentary, more than I can say for those weeners over at d2jsp. Horrible community man...

That besides, the fact that 3 forums poo-poo'd the frenzy barb has kept me from making one. Im thinking if I do make another char it will be a rabies/fury or just fury druid, havent made any of those this season.

Again, thanks for being helpful, even if it wasnt what I wanted to hear..


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frenzy is probably the most useless pvp move you can have. I have a stormlash frenzier that can kill most people in 2 hits, but accually walking/teleing to someone and using frenzy is damn near impossible. Sometimes you can get lucky and join a public game and get frenzy going on some crappy hammerdins and then have 10 more seconds of fun and kill some more ppl, but chances are that you won't kill anyone.