pvp frenzy barb, viable?


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pvp frenzy barb, viable?

Hey, I am getting a bit bored of my wwsin, since Ive played her for months with no breaks, so I thought I'd make a frenzy barb smile.gif

I was thinking max frenzy, bo, double swing, axe mastery, 1 into nat. resist and faster run, and the rest into shout.

For gear I was thinking:

Helm: Arreats
Gloves: bloodfists
Boots: treks or dancers
Armor: enigma or fort
Weapon1: griefz
Weapon2: beastz with a doomz for smiters
Belt: verdungos
Ring1: angelics?
Ring2: bk/raven?
Amulet: angelics/metaligrds?

With that I hit the 86% fhr bp, have a 5.5fpa with the doomz and a 5fpa with the beast, and over 250rw with enigma, only 200 with fort.

Suggestions on what to change here? Or is this fine and I should keep it like this?

Also, is this even a viable character? I dont see any glaring reason why it isnt, bit like a lower life fury druid+a damn lot of r/w


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Frenzy is a decent anti caster skills if you are good at telefrenzy(it's better than telezerk for some situations). and 1 point in it is all you need. However you defintely want ww as your main skill cuz otherwise any melee char or hammerdin with whoop you.


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If you didn't have to charge frenzy, it'd be much more viable... as it is, there are just too many chars that you won't have much of a chance against. Too bad too.. frency is such a great pvm build.