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PvP Forum rules

Discussion in 'PvP' started by Uncle_Mike, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Uncle_Mike

    Uncle_Mike D2 PvP Moderator

    Jul 31, 2003
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    PvP Forum rules

    First of all please take a while and browse the forum rules here

    The pvp forum rules are just an extension or clarification of the above. They were originally compiled by Xircon and are hereby updated by Uncle_Mike and HappyAsssasin.

    1. Whenever you post remember that we are talking about pixels here, do your best to keep things civil, respect other posters, and refrain from using offensive language.

    2. DO NOT FLAME OR TROLL - If you strongly disagree with someone, frame your response in reasonable way. Flaming will not be tolerated in any form, a post does not need to be profane to be a flame. There is a handy "report post" feature on the forum, use it whenever needed in cases of flaming, trolling or offensive language. We may not always act immediately upon receipt of a report but rest assured - problems will be taken care of. If none of the PvP mods are online and there is an urgent issue feel free to pm mods that are online. Use it as the last resort though - they have their own duties.

    3. Please keep your posts on topic. Also please do not hijack people's threads with questions that do not pertain to that particular discussion.

    4. Do not advocate use of hacks - whatever violates the EULA you have agreed to when installing diablo 2 is not welcome here.

    5. Duped and hacked items....well, unlike fairies they exist and are out there. They are not to be traded in the forums, and similarily, should not be advocated in the pvp section. It's okay to post general stats as an indication of what to look for, but please avoid specifics (e.g. post "Use boots with 30+ Lighting and Fire Resists" and not "Use boots like Imp Shanks with 36 Fire and 49 Lightning Resist"). As the issue is complex it will be examined on a case-by-case basis by the mods.

    6. If you have a problem with mods' decisions use the Private Message function. We are open to your arguments and they will be reviewed. If you consider our judgements not fair please contact administrators and present your case.

    7. Posting links to outsides competitor’s sites is not permitted. This includes any web sites that have forums of any type or sites that have player guides. When in doubt, don’t post it or ask.

    8. External links again - before you post them please make sure they are clean and contain no profanity. This pertains in particular to screenshots of duels as there is a lot of "verbal abuse" in games.

    9. Click here for free items :wink:

    More rules will be added if/when needed.

    HappyAssassin & UncleMike
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