PvP FoHer Help?


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PvP FoHer Help?

Hey everyone, im about to start a pvp foher and just need some help before i start. Take a look and tell me what you think. btw if theres a guide out there could you direct me to it.

Max FoH (obviously)
Max Holy Shock
Max Conviction
Max Holy shield
Should i include holy freeze or not?

Dex for max block
Str for equipment
Energy - what do i do here, should i invest in it or use mana charms? whats the mana consumption of a FoHer like?
Vit rest

Umed Shako
Umed Hoz
Umed G angel
Maras ammy
undecided about weapon. HotO or hand of blessed light? any other good foh weapons?
Boots - Silkweaves for mana? any suggestions
Gloves - Magefist, frostys or other?
Ring- one raven, what other ring? (bear in mind soj and bk are hard to get)

I have an almost endless supply of 20life scs and a few combat gcs.
What do you think. any suggestions?


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I'm really new to this all....and i'm making one too!

I can't help too much, but I can point out some minor mistakes and such.

DON'T max conviction. the max you can get is -150% resists..so you want to have a lvl 25 conviction WITH your + skill items on,. You should not need to max it.

I can use common sense to say DO NOT PUMP ENERGY. FoH is a timed spell, so you should definately have no problem with mana. If you do, thats what blue pots are for. Your items will probably give you a better boost anyways.

That's about all I can safely suggest for now.

Good luck! :flip:
-No energy
-Skills look fine - dump the rest into smite
-Unless you are getting mega resists from your charms, you're going to want to get a wizard spike for the +75 resists so You can block an opponents conviction
-for the ring: bk ring at best - or just a ring with good resists.
-Gloves: anything will do here. Maybe ias for a weak smite and some resists will do
-Dont worry about mana but silkweaves are fine
-You will NEED those combat gcs. Getting them plain are very easy to find... just clear some old mules or w/e... trade for them one at a time and you can get 10 gcs faster than you think. For the bottom row get annhi (if possible) and life/resist scs.


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well unless ur gonna be dueling sorcs/foh palas and other casters except maybe druids, ur gonna need damage reduce, a shaft and verdungo help enourmously vs barbs/zons/wind druids/shapeshifters and kicksins and such, jus a lil flaw it seems to me as u will encounter them, and dont expect everyone having -xx light res and no absorb, as some ppl stash 4 x ort armors and a t-gods and wisp projector vs foh pallies, so relying on foh in all duels will get u killed, a powerful 1 hand weapon can be used along with charge, tho i doubt u have enough pts to max out charge/conc or fana, maybe consider smite as an alternative as u have max holy shield already, and dump a few pts in conc or fana and get an elite pally shield or upgrade the hoz

wrong + wrong = wrong

There's some math for the public.

I have a templar paladin that SLAYS melee classes with 18% damage reduction [from a shako and an enigma]

Paladins have high defense already and you are ALWAYS on the move. DR is a luctury for a templar. With my 16K defense, it takes most chargers 6 hits to actually hit me and by then they are gone.

Strong FOH + weak smite = GG
Strong FOH + weak charge = God help us all