pvp fire sorc questions


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pvp fire sorc questions

I have a few pvp fire sorc questions before i build her.

Should i bother making a es sorc if i only get 75%?

should i get max block for es/non es.

for max block what should i use ? whistans guard or ss or something else

what lvl does tk have to be in order to get 95%?



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actually level 40 es = 95% redirect
20 tk synergy points = 125% absorb.

I think the rest is player preference and I don't PvP, sorry.


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you will be seriously lacking fire dmg if you go es... i personally think es is the most useless skill ever made, but thats just me


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I'll give this a shot:

1. I wouldn't; the main idea is to be able to negate any damage to your life bulb, which is really only feasible at 95%.

2. Max block isn't needed for an ES build; I'd recommend getting max block with SS for a non-ES build.

3. See #2.

4. If you go ES, you need to dump 20 pts in TK... it's as simple as that. +Skills will not help you here.


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theory crafting here,

Every build takes lots of life to be successful. ES builds stretch that out to a mix of mana and life, but still require some of both. Max block takes points form energy/vit to put into dex. If you can do this very cheaply then it may help, but anything other than the perfect blocking shield will really deplete your already stretched to the bone stat points.