PvP dualdragon melee soso


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PvP dualdragon melee soso


It isnt a full-guide, it is only mini-guide.If i have positive ratings then i'll make full guide too :)
So actually i'm making a dualdream zeal enchantress for PvP, but had this idea and i want write this and know , how u feel/think about it.:rolleyes:
This char will have 44 Holy Fire aura and -20 fire res by 3 runeword!:shocked:


Strength:enough for gear
Dex:enough for gear
Mana:pump it (see later why)


Weapon:Hand of Justice PHASE BLADE (Sur-Cham-Amn-Lo)

100% Chance to Cast Slvl 36 Blaze when You Slvl-Up
100% Chance to Cast Slvl 48 Meteor when You Die
Slvl 16 Holy Fire Aura when Equipped
+33% Increased Attack Speed
+280-330% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
-20% to Enemy Fire Resistance
20% Deadly Strike
Hit Blinds Target
Freezes Target +3

Weapon has itself 33 ias which is 11 fpa and -20 fire res come good :laugh:

Standard attack ias/fpa with phase blade:

ias (%) / fpa
0 % 13
10 % 12
24 % 11
48 % 10

U will need only 15 ias to hit the last breakpoint.

Armor+Shield:Dragon (Sur-Lo-Sol)

20% Chance to Cast Slvl 18 Venom when Struck
12% Chance to Cast Slvl 15 Hydra on Striking
Slvl 14 Holy Fire Aura when Equipped
+360 Defense
+230 Defense Vs. Missile
+3-5 to All Attributes
+0.375 to Strength Per Clvl
Increase Maximum Mana 5%
+5% to Maximum Lightning Resist
Damage Reduced by 7%

2 runeword will give 14 % dr, 10% extra mana and a lot of str.

The rest of the gear is open for choice

I'd prefer these which are bold

Boots:waterwalk (life+dex),sandstrom (fhr,vita,str)
Gloves:magefist (fcr+fire sk),frostburn (extra mana)
Ring1:raven,angelic for high def chars
Ring2:soj,angelic for high def chars
Amulet:metalgrid, angelic for high def chars
Helm:giant skull (2 sox, lot of str,knockback),andy (2 sk,ias, psn res,str),guillaume (fhr,cb,dl),3 fire sk 20 fcr 2 sox circlet

The socketing in helm u would do:when u have only on the helm fhr then socket it with ias jewel, when u have only on the helm ias then socket it with shael rune

In PvP u always need 60 fhr breakpoint, against smiter, windie, baba u need 86 fhr breakpoint too!Of this gear u average have 20-70 fhr (20 with shaeled andy,70 with shaeled guillaume+sands), and u can pump it with charms (5 fhr sc/smtgh or sks with 12 fhr)
With fcr breaks u average have 20-60 fcr (breaks are 20,37,63).20 fcr with arach, 60 with circlet+arach+magefist.

anni, torch, 9x fire sks (with fhr/life),sc's with fhr/mana,life/mana


3 light amu
3 light circlet
3 es ormus
9 es memory
2 soj or bk


fire mastery

1 pt into:
pre req
and thunderstorm

Rest into es

U can ask, why i dont use res charms /items.Because i use es!U will have a lot of mana, near 95 (or 95) es.

That was the mini-guide i n commentars:rolleyes:


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Oh...the best eq would be:

Helm:3 fire 20 fcr circlet 2 sox (with 15ias/ed or @res + shael sox)
Weapon:hoj pb


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you didnt mention using tele and/or the ratio of effectivity btw using tele/FCR or straight attack rating in your belt/ring/ammy/glove slots. I've never made a melee sorc so i dont know such things, but i would picture myself trying to tele next to somebody then melee smack them.
Or maybe use a beast axe instead of the hoj, and using bear form, i dunno if the ias and bear form with +str/OW/CB is better than the aura/-res from the hoj overall.

on a side note, i've seen sorcs use dream helm/shield and max thunderstorm and lit mastery, and just tele around with rediculous FCR, they were fairly effective.

the boss

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Please bare with me about this, but the fire mastery also adds to holyfire aura damage, correct?


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I saw someone talk about a Dual-Dragon Sorc and figured we'd be talking about the Hydras.

In my opinion, the ONLY way to make a Dual-Dragon Sorc would be to max Fire Bolt, Fireball, and Fire Mastery, and equip a Passion Phase Blade. After that, you run around Zealing until the Hydras trigger. With some decent speed, you can trigger a Hydra every second, which is twice as fast as you can cast them.

Your way might be more efficient, but I promise you that my way is more fun.:grin:


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if you are going to use all fire auras, id say just make a pally. my advice-

dream shield
dream helm
dragon armor
passion pb/ hoj pb

max lite mastery/fire mastery/es


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2 corrections on the gear:

dragon does not offer damaged reduced by 7%, but damaged reduced by 7
-this is a huge difference

dragon in shield does not offer 5%mana, but 50mana added
-not such a big difference on most builds

No experience with such a sorc build, but I built a dreamerdin and he is a lot of fun. I feel pala builds are more suited due to them having natural access to zeal + conviction aura for a more rounded build. (not the crazy dmg numbers in your char screen though!)