(pvp) druids


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(pvp) druids

wow thanx to some one i just went and read some of the pvp holy schnizzle whats with all the druid bashing over there it hurt my soul and since ive never used this icon before ill use it now:innocent: ne ways yeah this pretty much to much for me time to go build druid but first for a fury/rabies druid is it good to have max block cause lol i forgot to max it and now i dontthink i can catch up got like 6k life with crappy items though and a crap bo sooo woohoo


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If you end up using EBOTD or Eth 3os Reaver than I dont think its necessary, I just put enoguh dext for weapons... might want to wait for Kiba/other rabie wolves to give you some advice.



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Yes you are deffinatly going to want max block with stormshield.

You can have max block and still be able to keep 2 handers on switch or in stash.

With out max block you will not be able to kill any of the following that i can think of in pvp.

Zealer's , bvc,bvb, bow zons, other max block fury wolves, fc bears,charge will own you, basically any thing that is melee will eat you alive if you dont have max block with stormshield.

only use 2 hand vs char's you dont need to block wich is common sense.
Like fb's , hammers , blizz too name a few.