PVP druid.. new to this


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PVP druid.. new to this

hi guys.. i'm new to this pvp thing and i'm really confused ><

i have a mf sorc close to 90 with full talrasha and around 200 MF.. can solo hell act 1,3,5 (4 with frd)

and i just made a pvp druid.. lvl 15 right now and this is my set up:

base: 65 str (with full sigon) total 75 str
20 dex total 25 dex
rest vit.. forgot
20 energy total 25 energy

is this set up right? since this is a pvp char i know i cant really mess anything up.. people suggested 50 str but i have no idea how this will let me wear what i need later on..

and what equips shuld i aim for? so far i have..
angelic ammy
ravenfrost, dwarf star
windhammer, bonehew, ik maul.. i kno they are not great but so far i have those only

vamp grip
vendur belt..

what should i aim for? i'm going for fury/rabies, with 2h + wolverwine spirit.. kinda like all or nothing dmg type..

i know i need tombreaver, fortitude, drac, what else?

please help me out on stats equips and skills.. (which is everything).. i searched and looked at around 5 guides already but they all say diff stuff on stats and skills.. please help

thanks x 100000 in advance


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i ahve 1 more q

wat is anni? i see ppl say it so often..

i rmb seeing somewhere torch is the thing you get from uber?

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The Newcomer Forum is probably a good place for you to start. They'll be happy to answer any of the basic questions you have about the game, including what exactly goes into putting stats in to maximize effectiveness, and, of course, what exactly the Annihilus Charm and Hellfire Torch are.