PVP Dream sorc - use ES ?


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PVP Dream sorc - use ES ?

Hi all,

I've finally made a dream sorc, this one is pvp orientated, and not sure where to go now.

I've maxed Light mastery & Enchant (for ar), and now have about 55 skill points left over. Also have max block (with tower shield dream) and about 200 stat points free (all stats are base aside dex :d). With life charms and BO I currently have around 1400 life, and all res are near 75%.

I can see 2 routes from here:

Either put all remaining stats into life, and max warmth + fire mastery for more dmg - not really needed though.

Or max energy shield + telekinesis and put all stats into mana. With prebuff I should reach lvl 40 energy shield.
However I won't have loads of mana (bo will help), and no damage reduce gear. I think it will still be worth it if it keeps me alive a little longer, but I'm not a pvp/es specialist.

Any other suggestions are of course welcome :)

Have about 42 fhr from dreams & 12 from skiller. Have space for 2 more skillers and not sure if I should make them life or fhr, can anyone tell me what a good value to aim for is/point me to a break pt table ?

Finally I also have an infinity Blessed Aim merc. It's hard to keep him alive in pvp though (since I go melee). Not sure what between shaft/levi/stone and gaze/CoA I should use, or what to socket them with.


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you defenitely don't want lvl 40 energyshield. The manapool of a pvp meleesorc isn't too great, since you will be most likely using angelics for ar and twitchtroe for some ias,fhr and life. and it's a pain in the ass in duels to run out of mana and won't be able to teleport. In my opinion you certainly shouldnt count on your insight merc to stay alive , since you will have to play very offensive vs casters and need to get close to duel melee.

Without energyshield though you will still die freakin fast, cause you only will have around 2-3k life. Now, the thing i would do is read the DTM guide in this forum . Damage to mana gear in combination with a low lvl es will let you have decent energyshield without lossing mana, then pump the rest of your points in vitality.

By the way, how did you get 75% block with that shield without using twitchtroe or guardian angel? And do you realise that the block recovery with that shield is a longass 9 frames? if you use guardian angel the block recovery will be 6. Also don't forget that the hit recovery of a sorc is the worst there is, i can advise you to get at least 86% faster hit recovery (if you cant then hit 60%) so you will recover in 8 frames. I made a dreamsorc with the same shield and twitchtroe for max block and i got blocklocked pretty often. The faster block on guardian angel helped a little bit i must say.

Another option would be to dont use block , use the DTM guide for es, go max vita build, equip beast to become bear then use a 5shael eth phaseblade. You will have pretty nice life with nice es and a pretty fast attack (although you will be a slowrunning ugly bear, kind of a fireclaw ripoff)

I hope this is of help


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Thanks for answer Glimmershred.

I got 75 block from +98 dex from equipment and rest from stat points. Using CoH atm.

My AR is ok (I think, got ~ 13K). I looked at the DMT guide but is too gear dependant for me so not sure what to do with other stats/skills :( I'll try to shoot for that 86% fhr though thanks.

I knew Bear option was open, but I still want to look sexy on screen ;)
lol I just dueled with her, need lots more practice still.


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you could try very low es with just a nightsmoke belt wich has 50% damage to mana, then max tk. I think it will help a lot. Also passion is a nice option for a weapon. Shiftzealing next to some1 takes away the pain of namelocking and it is a bit faster then normal attack, it also gives a nice %bonus to your ar (from weapon itself and from the zealskill). If you wanna use normal attack then i think wizspike shaeled is the best. You hit the maximum speed on a sorc of 10fpa with that weapon and it helps your telespeed , mana and res.

I am curious if you have the same problems with blocklock as i had while blocking with dream towershield. Good to see some1 else try this funbuild anyways. Keep me informed on the progress pls =)


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I tried the Nightsmoke on single player and it seems to work ok, so I guess I'll commit the skills to tk. With all the + light skills, 1 pt into energy shield whould give me lvl16 ES, do you consider this too high?

If I understand correctly first XX% dmg (not affected by resists) is deduced from my mana. Then 50% of what is left is deduced (after res) from my life, and 50% (affected by res?) is added to my mana from Nightsmoke. Is this correct?

My current weapon is a phase blade with Fool's mod & 30 ias. With 20 ias on my gloves I hit the max for normal pb attack. I might try Passion though it would bring down my ar a little. Have just enough + all to get 4-5 hits with zeal.

Yep I get block locked from time to time :D Especially vs Ama guided arrows and smite attacks (or does smite stun as well?).

Actually sorcs are easiest for me -.- Orb sorcs don't do too much dmg (only fought 1 though) and Fire are doable as long as you dodge fireballs.

I built this as a melee sorc but my pulses seem to do quite abit of dmg. Not sure if I should consider max Thunderstorm as well.