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Pvp CS Zon

Discussion in 'Classic' started by Razputin, May 15, 2008.

  1. Razputin

    Razputin IncGamers Member

    Apr 15, 2008
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    Pvp CS Zon

    I plan on making a PvP CS Zon soon and am looking for advise.

    I have read the following and found it fairly useful. That guide seems to be for a (legit) FC Zon though, and i am not interested in that firstly because i still consider it cheating (it is an exploit in the game, even if you choose to do it manually) and secondly because everyone else considers it cheating too, or at least extreme bad manners.

    I assume the same general priniples apply however. I am thinking of the following:-

    Str: equip
    Dex: base
    Vita: rest
    energy: rest

    Weapon: Javelin
    Helm: Irathas
    Body: Twitch
    Neck: Irathas
    Hands: Irathas
    Belt: Irathas
    Shield: 3*p diamond kite
    Boots: 30% frw, resists, fhr
    Rings: Resists, S, life

    That grants 85 max resists, with 57 to all resists on hell + whatever i can get from boots and rings, that does not seem a lot of stack to me vs ice and fohers. Even with 40% from boots, 60% from rings that leaves me with a rather poort 37 cr vs level 20 cold mast, and 32 lr vs fohers. For chars i will be chasing this strikes me as pretty dodgey.

    As i see it there are two choices here, use a 120% stack shield which adds 63 to the above, which would probably be ok against any other than really nasty blizzards. I can throw on hawkmail as well for an extra 15% and cbf, which i think would be enough. I am aware though that these shield are rather bad manners so i would prefer an alternative route.

    If i chose to not take irathas then i could get far better stacks, that in itself is ok although it would mean hunting for a lot more kit. The problem i am then faced with is fire sorcs and CS/FC zons. My max fire resist and be boosted up with spurs and relic easy enough but for other zons i would only have 75%, which i think would result in me loosing a lot of duels to CS zons and ALL duels to FC zons. I would like my build to be able to perform okish against all other builds, including farcasters. Of course i can start out with death and cart irathas around with me for this purpose.

    On a similear note do you think darkmail is worth having on in a CS vs CS duel?
    It would give me 90% lr, which would most likely be at least 5% more than my opponent, does not sound like much but that is half the damage surely?

    Against necros i guess its just best life gear on, fhr and charge in asap?

    Against melee Palas i *think* i should be ok, same vs Bowzons.

    I realise that good ww barbs will be very tough to tackle, especially if they have good weapon range. Any tips here?

    What fhr should i be aiming for in general pvp? Also how useful are the avoid etc skills? I realise they will reduce damage a lot but they seem to be the antithesis of fhr, so on balance in some events are they bad?

    I suppose i am just looking for some critic on my thougths concerning this build, i want be a decent generalist and be able to put up a fight against any other build, i also want to avoid bad manners where possible. I don't consider +max resists bad manners, as IMO if i am fighting something teleing away from me i need all the help i can get! I don't want to be carrying loads of equip changes around either.

    Cheers for any tips!
  2. Lorg

    Lorg IncGamers Member

    Jan 25, 2007
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    Re: Pvp CS Zon

    Not many tips. Using legit far cast is hard and its does not work all the time. Havent come across anyone who can pull it off many times in a row legitly. Cs zon is basically just too weak without hack and with hack its too lame. With a hack, it still looses to every iratha wearing speeder. Period.

    Deacent bow zon with fast bow and knock back will kill you...

    As a Novelty char its quite fun. But dont expect much from it. Can kill nooobs but not much else if u legit (which is the only way to go imo). looses to barbs and fohhers and necros, (smiters even with hack...)

    Anyway, if u decide to go without irathas got a nice +2 14 dex 22 life 19 ene 16 prism 46 cold stack amu for trade if u interested....

  3. Xenic

    Xenic IncGamers Member

    Apr 8, 2008
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    Re: Pvp CS Zon

    Is this CS Zon build viable for LLD, perhaps?
    If so, then how would it be modified..?
    Help would be appreciated..:]

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