pvp chargerdin setup


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pvp chargerdin setup

I've seen a chargerdin guide but that was pvm and i am wondering if anyone could direct me to a pvp chargerdin guide or comment my build i would prefer u comment meh build tnx (i'm also wondering if i should sell the hammerdin i luv for this cause charging is the coolest skill ever) {{besides blade fury which sux balls}}

WEP: ebotdz/HoJ/doomz (cant offord grief nl)
HELM: dream helm
SHIELD: dream shield
ARMOR: dragon armor is selling for alot! so ill probably try to get fort, or ill just use coh/enigma......
BELT: verdungos
BOOTS: gores/tearhaunch/treks
GLOVES: dracs
RING 1: ravenfrost
RING 2: angelics
AMMY: angelics


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Re: pvp chargerdin setup

i know nothing about chargers but i saw a pvp charger guide in the pvp forum sticky


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Re: pvp chargerdin setup

i wouldn't go with the auradin gear on a pure charger. massive physical damage FTW!

how about:
helm: CoA or Shako or Guillaumes
Ammy: Highlords with an Angelics set in the stash for mass AR on demand
rings: raven + who really cares
armour: enigma or fort or CoH or even a Leviathan
belt: dungos
wep: ebotd warpike/great thresher/thunder maul, colly sword (i'd actually recommend an e-Death decapitator, but they are rather expensive on NL) basically: some kind of thumping great 2h weapon. OR (if you can swing one) a Grief/Hoz setup which allows smite as a backup attack (and in all honesty, having built 2 chargers myself, i rekon this is the best way to go. my e-Death decap is my SillyStick and it tends to live in the stash).
boots: gores -> you need as much Deadly Strike as you can get your grubby little hands on with these builds)
glubs: rends, dracs, some kind of nice rares, bloodfists.

be aware that chargers are an "all or nothing" type of pvp character. if you connect, they usually die. if you don't, you die, horribly.

you are going to HATE ww-users, pure smiters, hammerdins and bone-prison using necros.


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Re: pvp chargerdin setup

Charging is SO buggy, you really just have to close your eyes and pray you hit something. I had rediculous AR and Damage and it didn't matter. Sometimes I would 1 hit a 4k life smiter if the charge gods found favor in me that day.

E-death Decap is a fun weapon, though not extremely practical.


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Re: pvp chargerdin setup

Go the physical route previously mentioned, with deadly strike you can reach absurdly high amounts of damage.