PVP CHARGER rev 1 (reposted)


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PVP CHARGER rev 1 (reposted)

Ok here is the layout for a PVP Charger... Some of you wont like this build but it is very capable of one hit killing almost all casters and some melee chars. Basically Charge has the most physical damage of any one skill in the game and we are taking advantage of that.

Ok The big Choice in the build is whether or not to go with the big 2 hander (1300+ dmg eth botd war pike with range 5) or go with exhile (great def) and an eth botd zerker (530 dmg range 3). My final stance on this is to go with the eth botd and and exhile. The added defense is big in pvp. My friends wolf (high ar build) gave me a hard time when I was carrying my eth botd ghost spear, he hit quite often, whereas if I use a shield he hits much less often. Without the shield its his ar versus my lowly defense, with the shield its 75% chance to block, plus my much higher defense ends up being he has somewhere under a 10% chance to hit versus over 50%.

Here Goes:


This is the basic skill layout at lvl 80 with a total
of 92 skills:

20 Charge --- No descrip needed here this is a

20 Vigor --- synergize charge 400% ed why not

20 Might --- add another 400% ed to ur charge

20 Blessed Aim --- Adds insane ar, making ur charge
hit almost every time

1-5 Zeal --- For PVM and leveling uses, balancing, zeal
doesnt add much dmg. You will want to make it so that with
your plus skills you get a 5 hit zeal.

1 Salvation --- Hey why not no prereqs and we got points to
throw around, use this vs lower res, conviction, or facet using ppls

1 Vengeance -- This was not in the original guide but I have found it
to be the best way to deal with physical immunes.

about 5 or 7 prereqs
Rest in ur Choice of Holy Shield, or get fant for pvm, I usually play with friends or in open games and there is usually another pally with fant. I put the rest of my points into holy shield and then I use either might or blessed aim... Usually might against most monsters. Holy shield helps alot in pvp. The defense just keeps going up and it uses all your gear now not just your shield. The faster block rate is also powerful in pvp.


Enough STR to wear ur Big 2 hander or weapons... I
know extra str adds % dmg, but you will have enough
dmg already, life and ar are much more important. I wear an enigma
so that allows me to lower my str even more than most of you folks.

DEX --- As much as you can, dump your points here for
ar, put blessed aim to work. This is a pvp build and for this charger
to excel you need to hit. I will show examples of equations later
proving why this is needed.

VITA -- You will want to get a minimum of 1500 life, more with charms
and call to arms. Its very difficult for a pally to get a lot of life. Things that help are verdungos and 3/20/20 small charms. I will talk more on charms later.

ENERGY -- This doesnt belong here, if you put a point into energy then
you might as well delete your character.


Helm --- 40/15 MAX VampGaze
Crown Of Ages
120/45 or similar high defense helm

I am making this pally cheaply so I am going with the 40/15 max 08 gaze. I assume that if you are going with a shield you are going with the exhile or zak shield. I can see no reason to use an SS. The shield is a big item for the pally and it seems to be where I get a lot of bonuses. If you do decide to use an ss it ends up being empty pdr that you could get from other items. There is no real "godly" helm that you would want over having a zak shield or exhile. The only thing I can see being good would be the crown of ages which has pdr built in.

Armor --- Enigma
Chains of Honor
Eth High Defense armor Glads Bane or other

Both enigma and chains add 8% pdr making 08 vamp + perf verdungo/string + the enigma/chains gives you 48% pdr which is very close to the max. Without the enigma or chains this character really lacks any + skills besides annihilus sc.

Boots --- Goreriders
Sandstorm Trek (poison res is very nice)
Duped Rare boots (stats, res, and sometimes fhr are nice but the
def on this usually suck, if you use exile and holy shield then you need to
expect an item to have decent defense, its worth it)

The sandstorm trek adds a lot of things you need. You MUST hit the 48% fhr breakpoint! I cannot stress that enough it is the most important breakpoint for a melee character. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a crown of ages then you may decide that war travs add a lot of dmg, or some prefer other boots too. I find that I am lacking res, and I have an ethereal pair of the sandstorm treks (actually 2 pair lol) so I make use of them. They are self-repairing and at 260 def it adds good def and the poison res helps me a lot.

Ammy --- angelic ammy
Godly Pally Ammy (duped most likely)

The deadly strike from highlords is nice I know but you cant do double damage if you dont hit. Trust me the angelic ammy is the way to go, i know you will lose a lot of res in this spot but you need the ar. Some may choose to go with cats eye if you are going to be chasing people and you dont have an enigma. It adds several good qualities, the 100 def gets multiplied, 30% frw is a lot of speed, and the 25 dex adds decent ar. I use the highlords in pvm tho, in my stash I keep highlords and angelic. I would use cats eye but I have enigma so the speed is a moot point.

rings --- angelic

The angelic rings add massive ar, unreal amounts per ring. Some people will wear two of these and add cannot be frozen somewhere else. Others will wear one angelic ring and one raven, but I say if you are going to wear the angelic ammy you might as well wear both damn rings and get huge ar. Some will choose to wear 2 ravens and a better ammy and I say this has its merrits too. Oh and dont ignore the ar bonus on the ravens, if you get good ones like 240+ with 20 dex they add a considerable amount of ar. And forget about life leech in pvp it is severely nerfed.

Belt --- Verdugno

The verdungo is very hard to beat here, pdr, fhr, and big vitality on top of that. Leech is not useful in pvp anymore and the 8% on the string is not going to do much compared to the good mods on verdungos, but if you are poor get yourself a string.

Gloves --- 08 Hellmouth

Ok ias doesnt matter because we are charging. The 08 hellmouths give you cannot be frozen so you can use a 40/15 jewel in one of your items. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than getting stealrends. Think of how expensive steelrends would be compared to 40/15max and the hellmouths and realize the difference isnt very much. Yes I know the steelrends have much higher defense and if you have the defiance aura this may make a big difference. So if you have a lot of runes to throw around go steelrends and put a cham somewhere, the most likely spot is the helm. If you are using a shield then I would have to say go with exhile of course, and then you cant get cannot be frozen from there either. And dracs dont mean much, the 5% life leech inst much, crushing blow is nerfed in pvp, and you dont need to worry about lifetap you are a charger. Sure if your exhile casts lifetap you can go in for the zeal (not advisable against a fant pally with exhile), or gain massive life from leeching off your charge, but its not worth giving up your glove spot.

Charms --- 32020, sharp small charms of vita
3/20/5, sharm small charms of inertia
some fhr with good mods I use ones with res mods
a few res charms. I recently got some 3/15-19/5 fhr legit charms
off of somebody for a rune and they are awesome. I have never seen any before and they are great.

You will most likely need to make up some of your res with a few charms and we all want to hit the 48% faster hit recovery breakpoint. Other good points are attack rating and life.

MY CHAR's Equip

Eth Botd Ghost Spear (until I get warpike, I had this on my merc)
Angelic ammy
2x angelic ring
08 hellmouths
15 pdr verdungo
40/15 max 08 gaze
Eth sandstorm trek or goreriders depending upon how I feel

1x Annihilus
and a mixture of the other charms I mentioned before.

This is my cheapest pvp character yet as almost all of the items are fairly inexpensive.

PVM Strategies
I use a doom zerk, 40/15 ias zak shield, highlords, raven, cgrip, lavagouts, and Shako for pvm. You may laugh at my shako but it helps with the +skills that I am missing, and adds a lot to my zeal, etc. The other items add attack speed which I am missing from a high level fant. Before in my guide I recommended the beast zerk which is also a good choice but I felt it didnt have a lot of punch in 8 person hell games. I got my hands on a good doom zerk and I feel it is much better. It is very controlling with the holy freeze aura and it seems like there is a lot of dmg going on. Oh physical immunes take a lot more from vengeance now too. Sometimes I just use vengeance it owns with doom as the cold portion of your dmg goes through almost unresisted.

Use zeal for pvm with combination of your maxed might aura. With this I do very well. I also play a lot with my friend who has a zealot with max fant. And it seems whenever I do baal runs there is a pally with fant (they all have it) so I add my other really good auras in and it is a really good mix. Fant adds a lot to my pally in pvm.

PVP Strategies
First I get my call to arms out, then I use enigma to tele, then I switch to blessed aim and charge, end of strategy for pretty much all chars. Very easy to take out casters with this build, u tele near them and charge is so fast. Only problems are sorc, wear a reasonable amount of absorb, rinse and repeat. If they're lowering your res a lot switch to sanctuary, you wont need the huge ar boost from blessed aim as these folks dont have a lot of defense, you can be really mean and switch to might on those whose defense is extremely low. This is huge damage.

In melee I charge and then either tele away and recharge or run back and recharge, sometimes u are knocked away enough to just charge in again, and sometimes you are not. Remember you have a higher chance to be hit if you are running. It cuts your defense down. I actually put my guy on walk sometimes, depending upon what char, before I go in and then I use enigma to tele around.

Versus the necro the tele from enigma is very important as all the bm'ers out there are going to bone prison you and spam the bs. I wait just before its going to hit then tele about 1/3 screen away from the necro and charge, then tele away and wait to see what he does. I usually wear my big 2 hander for these guys as they cant handle the damage and you can get a 1 hit kill. Defense/etc doesnt matter so drop the exhile and jump in there. You should be able to outrun his bs.

You can target the barb while he WW, the big thing to worry about is if he hits you while you are retreating. DO NOT try to zeal him unless he is almost dead. His ww will cut you to shreds, even though this build has a low ar. If you are wearing a shield and its an exhile then you are much better off here. I havent had any problems with these guys ww was nerfed a lot in 1.1, you just need to be patient and charge at the right times.

They have to be concentrating to get their defense bonus here so this guy has to be actually attacking when you are charging which is prolly not going to happen. (note he doesnt have his def bonus when he is shift attacking unless there is a target in range). So just charge, tele, repeat. These guys are usually slow too its a defense build so he is gonna have to chase you down. If he has enigma he will be much tougher.

VS elemental druid or hammer pally(same strat pretty much):
Tele just outside of their hurricane and then charge in at them. I like to tele behind them so you dont get hit by the tornados they spam (only by the ones that are cast as the turn around or if they have shift targeted you). Charge is so fast that you will go right through the hurricane without getting hit much. I use vigor against these folks it helps to hit them before they tele away from you. Oh btw arent you wearing your dual ravens vs the druid?

Ok the sorc can tele around a lil bit and make things interesting. I wear my dual ravens here or a dwarfstar if things are getting hot. You might decide to use vigor here, although I use salvation because I know those bastards have some facets somewhere if they are any good.

These guys can be tough if they get ahold of you. Be very careful and try to tele around and get a good charge in. You want to have a damn shield here. If you have defiance and a good shield they might not hit much and you will be able to get a few good charges in and they wont cast lifetap.I think its really stupid that so many things are considered bm but exhile is not. I know I recommend it but thats because everybody uses it. It SHOULD be bm, but its not.

More strats to come in new revision .....


Ok here is where i prove to you that I'm not ******** and you really should pump the dex and use all these silly things.

Ok I'm assuming whomever you are attacking is using a shield and has a75% chance to block.

so only 25% of your charges will actually have a chance to hit. After you actually get through the blocking your ar steps in. Now of you follow my directions you will have about a twice as much chance to hit as your fellow charger, in some cases even more.

25% * 75% chance to hit = approx an 19% chance to hit

Now lets say you think I'm an idiot and dont do the ar thing, pump str and vita, and you have a much lesser chance to hit your enemy.

25% * 40% chance to hit = 10% chance to hit

==== quite a big diff

Next stop, deadly strike. You say hey, dirtynegr0! My highlords makes me do double dmg 35% of the time, why should I wear angelic?

19% chance to hit
10% chance to hit + 35% double dmg = 13% chance of hitting when you count a double dmg hit as two successful hits.

So trust me the angelic is better.

ok any questions comments please leave below. enjoy
You STILL can get max Fant with that setup.

Fant adds more damge / ar / ias that is needed for charge.

20 Ba adds 100% more ar . So if you have 8000 ar you would have 16000 ar with max Ba.

Fant is still the best way to go for a charger. Maxing Synergies and charge are also good for teh best result.

if anything leave some pts out of might, so you can get max Fant.


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You said that in the other thread for my earlier post. I showed mathmatically that the ar boost makes a bigger difference than the enhanced damage. Here:

If you used Fant instead of Blessed aim you would gain damage, fant
would have 373% dmg at lvl 20, so you would do : 575 for charge + 800% (both synergies) + 100 str gets 100%= 1575 bonus

, fant adds 373/ 1575 = 23.6 % added dmg for using fant

But instead you use blessed aim which has 225% more ar than fant adds.

So u have 335% ar from charge, 100% + 135 from fant passive bonus from maxing mlessed aim, total of 570% ar,

225%/570% = 39.4 % Higher chance to hit

so it works out to almost 40% higher chance compared to 24% added dmg...
I would rather hit 40% more... I dunno... I will add this calculation to that section in the next revision.

ch33s3 m4st3r

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I don't know if this has changed, but back in 1.09 08 hellmouths were way more expensive than a 40/15 jewel, and I hear steelrends are worth about a rune, and 08 hellmouths were also more expensive then a rune. :S


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LovelyGods said:
You STILL can get max Fant with that setup.

Fant adds more damge / ar / ias that is needed for charge.

20 Ba adds 100% more ar . So if you have 8000 ar you would have 16000 ar with max Ba.

Fant is still the best way to go for a charger. Maxing Synergies and charge are also good for teh best result.

if anything leave some pts out of might, so you can get max Fant.
charge doesnt need ias :xtongue: but id still go with fanat over ba, since fanat adds dmg and ar and its pretty useful to have on at almost all times :xgift:
.08 mouths are impossible to shop for. 99.9% of them got poofed last patch.

same with .08 gores and .08 shako. Only thing that didn't go poof was .08 Gaze.
Over all its good(the guide that is)

but i would stil make the charge completly differently. I don't know what it is but the way u have it set up, for me, whould not work at all.

if anything you should make not PURE characters but variations. Since u have high ar you could give the option of zeal. Charge (1'st hit) finish em off with zeal. Something like that.


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oh I got a pair of the hellmouths cheap I didnt think they were worth much... And I see rends going for multiple runes so I dunno. I would trade the hellmouths for a pair of rends if anyone has lol...

And it all works pretty well for you doubters :) Hehe... Only problem is the low res... He ends with a couple of 15 grand charms in there. Kinda shitty, I may look for some 20/5 sc to get some more life on him.... if instead of useing the 15 grands I used the 20/5's I would have a lot more life....

I mean he's obviously not going to beat a zealot in pvm.... Its a pvp build. I do beat zealots in pvp. And you can use charge in pvm I've found its effective and fun... It knocks back the monsters sometimes, and other times I get 1 hit kills on em..

Oh and wouldnt u guys with the fant want to hit 40% more often over doing 25% more dmg?