PVP Charger Guide ver .5


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PVP Charger Guide ver .5

Ok here is the layout for a PVP Charger... Some of you wont like this build but it is very capable of one hit killing almost all casters and many melee chars. Basically Charge has the most physical damage of any one skill in the game and we are taking advantage of that.

Ok The big Choice in the build is whether or not to go with the big 2 hander (1300+ dmg eth botd war pike with range 5) or go with exhile (great def) and an eth botd zerker (530 dmg range 3).

Here Goes:


This is the basic skill layout at lvl 80 with a total
of 92 skills:

20 Charge --- No descrip needed here this is a

20 Vigor --- synergize charge 400% ed why not

20 Might --- add another 400% ed to ur charge

20 Blessed Aim --- Adds insane ar, making ur charge
hit almost every time

1-5 Zeal --- For PVM and leveling uses, balancing, zeal
doesnt add much dmg
at high lvls anyhow, and in game u can switch between might and
blessed aim, I personally use beast for pvm so I dont need fant.

1 Sanc --- Hey why not no prereqs and we got points to
throw around, use this vs lower res, conviction, or facet using ppls

about 5 or 7 prereqs
Rest in ur Choice of Holy Shield, or get fant for pvm ---

Some may opt to use holy shield especially because of the faster block rate, and high defense. In 1.1 the bonus applies to your total defense and no your shield only, which makes it much more powerful. If your build uses a shield, then it is even more powerful, others may max this as you level higher.


Enough STR to wear ur Big 2 hander or weapons... I
know extra str adds % dmg, but you will have enough
dmg already, life and ar are much more important.

DEX --- As much as you can, dump your points here for
ar, put blessed aim to work. This is a pvp build and for this charger
to excel you need to hit. I will show examples of equations later
proving why this is needed.

VITA -- You will want to get a minimum of 2k life
with charms, more with call to arms

ENERGY -- This doesnt belong here, if you put a point into energy then
you might as well delete your character.


Helm --- 40/15 MAX VampGaze
Crown Of Ages

I am making this pally cheaply so I am going with the 40/15 max 08 gaze. I
use a 2 hander so I need pdr from the gaze. You will also need a gaze or crown if you are using exhile and a one hander because of the lack of pdr on exhile.

Armor --- Enigma
Chains of Honor

Both enigma and chains add 8% pdr making 08 vamp + perf verdungo/string + the enigma/chains gives you 48% pdr which is very close to the max. Without the enigma or chains this character really lacks any + skills besides annihilus sc.

Boots --- Goreriders
Sandstorm Trek (poison res is very nice)
Duped Rare boots (stats, res, and sometimes fhr are nice but the
def on this usually suck)

Ammy --- angelic ammy
Some other pally ammy

The deadly strike from highlords is nice I know but you cant do double damage if you dont hit. Trust me the angelic ammy is the way to go, i know you will lose a lot of res in this spot but you need the ar.

rings --- angelic

The angelic rings add massive ar, unreal amounts per ring. Some people will wear two of this and add cannot be frozen somewhere else. Others will wear one angelic ring and one raven, but I say if you are going to wear the angelic ammy you might as well wear both damn rings and get huge ar.

Belt --- Verdugno

The verdungo is very hard to beat here, pdr, fhr, and big vitality on top of that. Leech is not useful in pvp anymore and the 8% on the string is not going to do much compared to the good mods on verdungos, but if you are poor get yourself a string.

Gloves --- 08 Hellmouth

Ok ias doesnt matter because we are charging. The 08 hellmouths give you cannot be frozen so you can use a 40/15 jewel in one of your items. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than getting stealrends. Think of how expensive steelrends would be compared to 40/15max and the hellmouths and realize the difference isnt very much. Yes I know the steelrends have much higher defense and if you have the defiance aura this may make a big difference. So if you have a lot of runes to throw around go steelrends and put a cham somewhere, the most likely spot is the helm. If you are using a shield then I would have to say go with exhile of course, and then you cant get cannot be frozen from there either.

Charms --- 32020, sharp small charms of vita
3/20/5, sharm small charms of inertia
some fhr with good mods I use ones with res mods
a few res charms

You will most likely need to make up some of your res with a few charms and we all want to hit the 48% faster hit recovery breakpoint. Other good points are attack rating and life.

MY CHAR's Equip

Eth Botd Ghost Spear (until I get warpike, I had this on my merc)
Angelic ammy
2x angelic ring
08 hellmouths
15 pdr verdungo
40/15 max 08 gaze
Eth sandstorm trek or goreriders depending upon how I feel

1x Annihilus
and a mixture of the other charms I mentioned before.

This is my cheapest pvp character yet as almost all of the items are fairly inexpensive.

PVM Strategies
I use a beast zerk, ss, highlords, raven, cgrip, lavagouts, and Shako for pvm. You may laugh at my shako but it helps with the +skills that I am missing, and adds a lot to my zeal, etc. The other items add attack speed which I am missing from a high level fant.

Use zeal for pvm with combination of your maxed might aura. With this and the fant from the beast my guy does very well in hell and I dont need to worry about leveling, unlike some synergized pvp classes that are very difficult to level.

PVP Strategies
First I get my call to arms out, then I use enigma to tele, then I switch to blessed aim and charge, end of strategy for pretty much all chars. Very easy to take out casters with this build, u tele near them and charge is so fast. Only problems are sorc, wear a reasonable amount of absorb, rinse and repeat. If they're lowering your res a lot switch to sanctuary, you wont need the huge ar boost from blessed aim as these folks dont have a lot of defense, you can be really mean and switch to might on those whose defense is extremely low. This is huge damage.

In melee I charge and then either tele away and recharge or run back and recharge, sometimes u are knocked away enough to just charge in again, and sometimes you are not.

Ok here is where i prove to you that I'm not ******** and you really should pump the dex and use all these silly things.

Ok I'm assuming whomever you are attacking is using a shield and has a75% chance to block.

so only 25% of your charges will actually have a chance to hit. After you actually get through the blocking your ar steps in. Now of you follow my directions you will have about a twice as much chance to hit as your fellow charger, in some cases even more.

25% * 75% chance to hit = approx an 19% chance to hit

Now lets say you think I'm an idiot and dont do the ar thing, pump str and vita, and you have a much lesser chance to hit your enemy.

25% * 40% chance to hit = 10% chance to hit

==== quite a big diff

Next stop, deadly strike. You say hey, dirtynegr0! My highlords makes me do double dmg 35% of the time, why should I wear angelic?

19% chance to hit
10% chance to hit + 35% double dmg = 13% chance of hitting when you count a double dmg hit as two successful hits.

So trust me the angelic is better.

ok any questions comments please leave below. enjoy
Decent Guide.


U don't have Fant being Maxed.

Which is Confusing :scratch:

You should try to do this

20 Charge
20 Ba
20 Vigor
20 Fant
Rest into Might ( possibly 20)
1 Holyshield.

Fant adds a :xflash: load of Ar / Damage/ Ias which is needed for Charge. Even with one hand or two u stil need a lot of Ar. Maybe you could cut down on the Ba and max might. Then left over pts go into it.

But just my ideas on what i would do.

Also, that two handed weapon is great, vs non ranged weapon people. But the only problem i see is that, you, yourself , can get charged down. or hit by barb easy. No shield to block.

This is y u are better off using Zerk axe (Famine , BoTd, etc..) and a Zak or SS. Sure two handed can kill in one hit. But so can One handed weapons. Heck i'm a liberator and i kill in 1-2 hits alot in pub vs all sorts of classes. Even barb.

So i would suggest that you offer the option of leaving Ba last for pts and maxing Fant. This would improve the paladin alot.


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Well fant doesnt add very much ar only 135% while blessed aim adds 360%.

I know fant adds damage and ias as well but the ias doesnt matter. The damage is nice but the massive ar boost means you will hit more often and the damage will be a moot point.

I mention in the guide that some players may choose to play with a shield instead of the 2 hander, if I had more runes I would probably get an eth botd zerk for him (I have 2 already but they are in use) and make an exhile shield. You make a very good point here and that is a much more stable build, less dmg but you will have the defense to take more of a beating. I am playing with the enigma and coming up with more of a different strategy.

I think although I will be ridiculed for my blessed aim the math seems to work out quite a bit in my favor. Otherwise most pallies seem to have low ar. My wolf has 50k ar and he does very well even against exhile lifetap pallies which seem to have around 17k ar and high def.

Oh another thing I forgot to mention as that the 2 hand weapons are range 5 versus 3 for a zerk or cb... So you can hit quite a bit further away and I hear this makes your charge hit more often. I will have to do some tests on this and let you guys know what the difference is. I will post later when I get home from school.


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hmm...u got a big emphasis on ar.....y not use somethin like a jah rune for ITD? ...would that solve all ur ar probs?


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dirtynegr0 said:
so only 25% of your charges will actually have a chance to hit. After you actually get through the blocking your ar steps in. Now of you follow my directions you will have about a twice as much chance to hit as your fellow charger, in some cases even more.
Only for clarifing things: Attack sequence is a bit different. AR is checked first. If a hit occurs then blocking is checked after. That doesn't affect your math for chance to hit.
But it's something to take into account because more def means less hits blocked by you and more hits missed by your enemy.


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Mathmatically the chance to actually hit stays the same but thanks for the info I wasnt sure which came first.... I will have some more info and stats up later... thx guys
i still would rather charge with Fant then with BA.

20 Charge

Rest for Might. possibly maxed at lvl 96-99

1 Holyshield

with the added damge / ar bouns from both Fant and Ba being maxed, this makes teh pala more wellrounded..

You may want to include several ways to lay out skill pts, One being the previous idea. and Two

20 Charge
20 Vigor
20 Fant
20 Might

Rest for Holyshield.

This would increase the Defense and thus you will not take alot of damage.

im sure there are more ways to do this. But i still think fant is a essential part of a charger.

Fant + Ba = Hit 99.9 % each swing.


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Him how will you use fant and ba at the same time? Blessed Aim is supposed to be the main aura for pvp with this build. Adding insane ar and multiplying the angelic ar bonus creates a huge ar pool. And no in no pvp situation is there going to be 99.9% chance to hit.

I added the option to max holy shield, fant, or zeal in my skill layout. I understand some people will have a hard time building a pally and ignoring fant :) But thats just what I did and I feel its very effective for a charger.

Ah yes ed/max bug... Some think it is just a dispaly bug because it seems to work on merc equip... There is a thread about it in the stat forum. Maybe if you have more definitive information you could add to your post? Is it ed/ias, or just ed/max? 2 mod jewels? And what kind of testing has gone into the information?

But thank I did think about that I just wasnt sure what kind of issue it was and I more thought it was just a display bug.


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nice guide indeed!

just a small mistake, a typo i think

dirtynegr0 said:
1 Sanc --- Hey why not no prereqs and we got points to
throw around, use this vs lower res, conviction, or facet using ppls

dirtynegr0 said:
PVP Strategies
If they're lowering your res a lot switch to sanctuary, you wont need the huge ar boost from blessed aim as these folks dont have a lot of defense,

Didn't you want to write "salvation" instead of "sanctuary"? :xsmile:


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dirtynegr0 said:
Him how will you use fant and ba at the same time?
I think he means BA as a pasive AR bonus. +5% AR per point in BA.
+335% (L20 Charge) +135% (L20 Fana) +100% (L20 BA pasive) = +570% AR
A 6.7ish multiplier.


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thanks I am really new to pallies so I messed up the name of that skill... I am going to post the next revision of the guide tonight I think, and I will fix that error, and change some of the writeup. Thanks for the input guys, and if anybody has more info on the ed/max jewels being bugged please let me know.

Things seem to be going well and I am going to recommend that the rich go with the exhile / eth botd zerker. In my build I am actually going to plan on this eventually so I will empty my last points into holy shield, which gives incredible bonuses to defense on top of the exhile. Holy shield has become a lot more popular in 1.1 and for obvious reasons. I guess if you plan on not using a shield and going with the big 2 hander, then you could put more points into a skill
of your choice or even use fant if you would like.

I guess you could use ba for the passive boost although I think thats really a waste. You are giving up over 230% ar by not using ba. The added dmg by fant doesnt justify this imho.

230/570 = 40%, which is a 40% difference in ar! ( u add 230 ar by using ba and not fant)

Difference fant makes in dmg is 373 / ( 800 + 575 ) = 27% damage increace, not counting other ed added through jewels and items. ( u add 373 ed by using fant as opposed to ba)
( 800 is the % ed added through synergies whereas 575 is max charge ed)

This build takes advantage of the angelic items by using the massive ar boost. Think about hitting 40% more often versus doing 27% more damage.


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i am just curies on ur dam and ar on ur pally i have a cruasder and i used fan and my ar is around 17k with pally ammy c-gripx2 and my dam is around 14 with botd and zak sheild
Exile isn't the best choice if u ask me.

Go with Ber Zak. Zak adds more to ar , resist , life, skills etc..

I think its better for charge / zeal then exile. I would take higher ar / damge /life over defense anyday.


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ok I would choose exhile because defense is big in pvp, and the exile has other great mods too. Should you happen to get a lifetap to go off you can jump in and zeal, with your high defense and attack rating you can finish them off, unless you know they have an exile ( in which case you should keep charging).

Got my hands on a doom zerk the other day and I use it over beast anyday. Much better damage and since I play a lot with other pallies the fant from the beast was really useless. The doom is a very controlling weapon with the holy freeze aura and the other mods. Doing baal runs with a doom is much more fun and a lot easier. Holy freeze makes all those black souls a lot easier. The minus enemy cold res gives me a good oppurtunity to use some of those really good cold dmg charms I have been hording.

It also has a higher charge damage and I am finding charge to be really good in pvm too. With such high dmg most monsters in hell can only take a few charges. I mean yeah I dont charge baal but many monsters go down fast with a really high lvl charge....

Oh my charge with the 1000 max dmg eth botd ghost spear is 23k, its 26k with might.

Charge with doom I think is around 8.5 k.... I will have to check again when I get home.

Dueling my friends druid (he has around 2500 life) I can get 2 hit kills charging with the eth ghost spear. He is much stronger tho charging with the doom and using my zak shield.