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Grip, frozzz and I had a brief chat in game last night about PvP builds. Rather than do it all in IRC, it was suggested that I put it here so everyone can see and comment. I have a few specific build that I need help with, but this is really an open thread for anyone to ask for help on their characters. It's good to capture all what is considered "State of The Art" in one place.

Most of our PvP builds originate from BNet guides. But as time goes on and more people mine 1.07 for gear, the SPF duelling scene is looking ever more different.

We don't have Annihilus or Torch:
Small Charm
Required Level: 70
+1 To All Skills
+10-20 To All Attributes (varies)
All Resistances +10-20 (varies)
+5-10% To Experience Gained (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)
Hellfire Torch*
Large Charm
Required Level: 75
5% Chance To Cast level 10 Firestorm* On Striking
+3 to Random Character Class Skills (varies)
+10-20 To All Attributes (varies)
All Resistances +10-20 (varies)
+8 To Light Radius
Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.13 or later)
For perfect versions that is 40 to all stats, 40 to all resistances and +4 all Skills. This means resists are hard to come by in SPF PvP and you will need to invest dext points if you want Max Block for example.

But we do have other items that compensate:
- 1.07 Max Damage Charms
- 1.09 5% Faster Run Walk Charms
- 1.07 Arkaines Valour
- 1.07 Harlequin Crest
- 1.07 Wizardspike
- 1.07 Valkyrie Wing
- ATMA eBugged 1.07 Ethereal Weapons
- 1.10a Bul Kathos Wedding Band
- 1.10s Call to Arms
- for others ask nulio, he is bound to have them all.

Arkaine's Valor 
Balrog Skin 
Defense: 1554 
Required Level: 85 
Required Strength: 165 
Fingerprint: 0x5f64f5a6 
Item Level: 87 
Version: Expansion 
+2 to All Skills 
+30% Faster Hit Recovery 
+200% Enhanced Defense 
+235 to Vitality (Based on Character Level) 
+38 to Life 
+188 to Life (Based on Character Level) 
Fire Resist +50% 
1 Sockets (1 used) 
Socketed: Perfect Ruby

Harlequin Crest 
Defense: 284 
Required Level: 62 
Required Strength: 50 
Fingerprint: 0x1534059b 
Item Level: 87 
Version: Expansion 
+2 to All Skills 
+100% Enhanced Defense 
+38 to Life 
Increase Maximum Life 40% 
50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
1 Sockets (1 used) 
Socketed: Perfect Ruby

Bone Knife 
One Hand Damage: 23 - 49 
Required Level: 61 
Required Strength: 38 
Required Dexterity: 75 
Fingerprint: 0x1571837e 
Item Level: 87 
Version: Expansion 
+50% Faster Cast Rate 
Increase Maximum Mana 15% 
+150 to Mana (Based on Character Level) 
Regenerate Mana 15% 
All Resistances +95 

Valkyrie Wing 
Winged Helm 
Defense: 120 
Durability: 36 of 40 
Required Level: 67 
Required Strength: 115 
Fingerprint: 0x1b726dfb 
Item Level: 54 
Version: Expansion 
+30% Faster Run/Walk 
+30% Increased Attack Speed 
+30% Faster Cast Rate 
+30% Faster Hit Recovery 
+35 Defense 
Cannot Be Frozen 
1 Sockets (1 used) 
Socketed: Cham Rune

Call to Arms 
Superior War Scepter 
One Hand Damage: 37 - 63 
Durability: 80 of 80 
Required Level: 57 
Required Strength: 55 
Fingerprint: 0xd24f673 
GUID: 0x3ff0f5af 0x14584f 0x0 
Item Level: 87 
Version: Expansion 
+2 to All Skills 
+40% Increased Attack Speed 
271% Enhanced Damage 
+150% Damage to Undead 
Adds 5 - 30 Fire Damage 
7% Life stolen per hit 
Prevent Monster Heal 
+3 to Vigor (Paladin Only) 
+1 to Holy Shield (Paladin Only) 
+1 to Sanctuary (Paladin Only) 
+10 to Battle Cry 
+12 to Battle Orders 
+9 to Battle Command 
Replenish Life +12 
30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
Increase Maximum Durability 15% 5 Sockets (5 used) 
Socketed: Amn Rune 
Socketed: Ral Rune 
Socketed: Mal Rune 
Socketed: Ist Rune 
Socketed: Ohm Rune
Ask and you will get an opinion!


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So I will start off:

Wind Druid
Skillers: FHR, FHR, 18, 21, 22, 22, 25, 28, 28, 29
Storm Eye 
Required Level: 89 
Fingerprint: 0x7b13f0c3 
Item Level: 96 
Version: Expansion 1.10+ 
+2 to Druid Skill Levels 
+19% Faster Cast Rate 
+13 to Mana 
Regenerate Mana 7% 
Fire Resist +32% 
9% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

Hat from Col:
Bone Crest 
Defense: 23 
Durability: 11 of 20 
Required Level: 51 
Required Strength: 24 
Fingerprint: 0xcd605402 
Item Level: 69 
Version: Expansion 1.10+ 
+2 to Druid Skill Levels 
+50% Faster Hit Recovery 
+3 to Tornado (Druid Only) 
+10 to Energy 
+34 to Life 2 Sockets (2 used) 
Socketed: Shael Rune 
Socketed: Shael Rune
Bone Necro
Skillers: FHR, FHR, FHR, FHR, 0, 10, 12, 16, 23, 24
Skull Clasp 
Required Level: 89 
Fingerprint: 0x6c04dbd0 
Item Level: 93 
Version: Expansion 1.10+ 
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels 
+5% Faster Cast Rate 
+25 to Strength 
+58 to Life 
+16 to Mana 
Regenerate Mana 6% 
All Resistances +8
I have most of the usual 1.07/1.13 items, no Beta BKWBs (yet).

My best boots:
Brimstone Blazer
Chain Boots
Defense: 8
Durability: 8 of 16
Required Level: 52
Required Strength: 30
Fingerprint: 0x68222476
Item Level: 99
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+10% Faster Hit Recovery
Replenish Life +4
Cold Resist +31%
Lightning Resist +37%
Fire Resist +28%
20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
I'm thinking of dropping block on both:
Weapon	HoTO
Shield	Spirit

Helm	1.07 Harlequin Crest
Armour	Enigma
Belt	Arachnid Mesh
Boots	R - Brimstone Blazer
Gloves	Trang Oul's Claws
Amulet	Mara's
Ring	R- Plague Grip
Ring	Stone of Jordan
Inv	2x Fungal of Balance
	5x Fungal
	Resist SCs x5

Weapon	1.07 Wizardspike
Shield	Spirit

Helm	1.07 Harlequin Crest
Armour	Enigma
Belt	Arachnid Mesh
Boots	Waterwalk
Gloves	Some rare?
Amulet	Mara's
Ring	Beta BKWB (when I get them)
Ring	Beta BKWB
Inv	2x Natural of Balance
	8x Natural
Thoughts and advice please?
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1.07 higher resistance charms (up to [email protected] is sc, [email protected] in lc iirc and [email protected] in gc)
1.08 HLW (30frw instead of 20ias)
(adding 1.08 to 1.09 5FRW small charms)
You forgot the 1.10s Bramble :p
1.07 crafts (here I can post two amulets, one fcr ring and we can link some of the WoRG's crafts)
1.08 rare jewels (I got one good and we can link some of the WORG's 1.08 jewels)
1.00-1.06 Classic Rares


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Previous version items indeed make world of difference when it comes to PvP builds between single player and Bnet. 1.07 Shako is incredibly strong hat on many builds, to the point it makes mountain out of "ordinary" build. Arkaine's Valor + 1.07 Shako on sorc + Oak means you will have almost BvC-like HP, which along with huge damage output makes vita sorceress much more viable option in SP than on Bnet. Along with that, PvP builds do involve. On SPF we have people who are not afraid to try something different than what all Bnet experienced oldies recommend. Some things that seemed like set in stone on Bnet doesn't fit quite right here on SP. I'll give some ideas for certain builds what people tried out and what works, and is different from guides. I'll give some pointers how to improve certain characters.

Arreat is almost set in stone for this build in every guide out there, with exception of some godly circlet. News is there are now 3 BvC's who use 1.07 Shako and because of which they all have over 8k HP. I've battled those BvC's, I've played one myself after having Arreat, and I'm telling you 1.07 Shako eats Arreat alive... if you can afford it. You lose some AR, some resists and FHR breakpoint. If you use grand charms to replace all of mentioned, you would still have ALL Arreat BvC has (slightly less AR though), with bonus of at least 800 life on top of that.

So, that + Sandstorm Treks + standard rest of the gear, and you already have much stronger BvC than what you previously had. Try it out and enjoy your new huge-life barb.

What those 3 BvC's also did is replace one Ravenfrost with flexible ring in form of Nature's Peace or Wisp Projector. You get Oak minion with it which further boosts your life, eats many projectiles for you, and also you have absorb ring as option. If you doubt Oak usefulness, then stick to regular dual Ravenfrost barb, or whatever works for you. AR will most probably drop sub 6k if you use 1 Ravenfrost and Shako, yes. If you have problem with that, stick to 2 Ravenfrosts. I have 5.3k AR on my BvC and find it more than enough to deal with almost anything except huge defense builds. With 2 Ravens + Shako you can have 7k AR which really should be enough for BvC. If you want and think BvC needs something like 9k AR or more, then you are pretty much bond to Arreat or some godly Circlet with AR%.

Also as for FHR, 27 is enough in MOST situations, really. Exception might be trapper opponent or bonenec where additional FHR could come in handy. You can aim to have 48 FHR with Shako, or you can aim to have 27 and swap in Arreat when you need higher FHR. Again it's up to you. Don't be afraid to try 27 just because old guides say 48 is needed, cause it's not. WW is uninterruptible attack and FHR matters only when you have trouble teleporting (or Zerking if you do that).

On switch get BerBer CoA as DR option which is quite handy in some situations. With that you also get 48 FHR breakpoint easily cause then you might actually need it.


1.07 Shako is again best possible option for hat. That hat alone can increase your life by 1k, depending on your base life. Also think of how many skillers do you actually want on her. I myself find it useless to have more than 5. To get what, a little venom damage, little DR% and higher mindblast level AND having less life/mana/AR in the end? Instead of pumping skillers like mad, put some amount of them, mostly 5, and fill rest with small charms to increase life/mana/AR/resists.

Clawblock: well, try to aim for at least 60%. That much I have. Before I had 61%, but I dropped to 60% due to being much easier to get and difference between 61% and 60% clawblock is 2.5% effective life which is nothing. But if you can, get 61% if it doesn't hurt your other skills or if it doesn't require to put too many skillers to get it.

FCR: 15 fcr amulet, Mesh belt, fcr ring, Trang gloves for FCR with Shako setup.

Aim to have level 17 Shadow Master when he can get immunity to element and often does, meaning you will have to resummon him less and he could protect you from damage eating projectiles and drawing fire from yourself. Aim to have at least 3k AR on Chaos claw. As second claw fool's with ias + 2 Um runes is good, Fury is also ok option against spellcasters with low defense. As for boots, Sandstorm Treks are fantastic. Rare boots are also good option. Waterwalks are possible, but you will have to get FHR mostly from charms then which is no problem if you have FHR skillers.

27 FHR is enough for Ghost. You could aim for more against trappers though. Or get 48 if you can with Sandstorm's + skillers or SC's. Generally, what you want to have is 50%+ open wounds on primary claw, good enough Venom damage (55+), ok AR with weaker claw (3k+), 600+ mana and as high life as possible. Ghosts are among characters with highest effective life thanks to their clawblock. If you make 4.5k life 60% clawblock Ghost, her effective life is 11250 against anything out there. That's why dropping skillers and getting more life is more rewarding than getting little improvements from skillers and having less life overall. For example dropping life to 4.2k results in 10500 effective life, almost 1k less than with "only" 300 life more.
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Tnx nulio, but I don't think these will be needed :p

Anyway max, for both builds I'd say vita is way to go these days. Reasons are two: both builds can abuse minion stack to mess with physical dmg dealers that rarely have splash dmg (bowazon is one, and ww barb has pseudo splash). Rest are not threat cuz they can only take your minions one by one, they have hard time namelocking you if you teleport frequently (something you should work on tbh).

So, vita nec and windy vs bowie I'd say it's about even duel if bowazon is properly built. Most of them however aren't and they can be beaten with either of those two classes. Chargers are slight threat to nec since his minion stacks is only golem+oak from hoto, but they can be messed by teleing on top of puddles, near walls etc so they won't oneshot you at any rate and you can kill them ez after they start normal attacking with their weapon. And sure, you can use argument of paladin smiting you into puddle/wall but there aren't any good paladin players on SPF pvp. Windy on the other hand is immune to charge with 6 minions total. Ghosts don't care about block since they have mix of OW venom alnd low physical dmg. I never had problems with wind druid on my ghosts and see no real difference between block and vita druid, but others might digress. Nec is much harder to take down when blocking with ghost but it only makes OW/venom that more effective since vita nec has usually ~70% more life than blocking one. And by loosing maxblock on wind druid, BvC will shred you, no other way around. It turns ez duel into pretty much impossible matcup. On nec I'd say vita nec can take BvC especially if he has even slight latency problems, and everyone has those.

So by sacrificing block you get more chances vs trappers, necs, sorcs of any kind; tier one spf pvp builds that you need all help that you can get for. And you loose some odds vs generally low tier builds like bowazons, bvcs, chargers. You can still win those duels with slightly more defensive play etc.
You have good skiller set so I might be tempted to leave druid 99/99/block perhaps, but nec should go vita asap, especially now that bone armor recasting is allowed.

Goals: 4000life/1100mana, 175 allress, 125fcr/86fhr and lvl 41 spirit/spear for 700+ pvp dmg.
I'd go with something like:

1.07 shako (Um)
35 spirit
10fcr/ress/mana ring
SoJ/BKWB depending on your total mana
high FR Aldur boots

3pnb fhr charms to fix fhr. I think your nec is lvl 92? if so he needs actually more pnb charms to hit 700 pvp dmg since lack of synergies, but I'd still aim for 41 spirit for starters. You can level your nec if you want full skills etc. I'd personally favor 3 x 20 life SCs on nec over pnb charm with 10/12 life or especially good life/mana GC. So from here, assuming 30 mara and 40 hoto, you will lack 55 LR/PR and 40FR to hit desierd resistances and 124 mana from ring slot and 10 x SCs + 3 x GCs in your inventory. Just max out your charms/ring to hit desired numbers and have as much life as possible on top of those. Allress/life GCs would be especially useful but anything will work.

Granted, that does not guarantee you 4k life, but as long as you can get total 281 life from inventory/ring, and Oak form hoto is out, you will hit 4000 life. 281 isn't big number so it should be doable. This is just basic bone nec setup, You can improve it greatly by using 2/10 ammy with good resists, double beta BKWBs, crafted 10fcr caster belt and such things, but I think this covers most of the basics.

*Assuming my math is okish.

Btw, you should really make use of Oak charges from hoto. Not only it increases your life, but it also eats bone spirits and hammers etc so it does give you good life advantage, especially against single target builds.

As for druid, no clue really. My druid is perfect mess so it's not like I can give you any concrete advice except that you can keep block since you have good charms. Or you can try vita route (or have both setups). And...no matter what, you should base your windy around 1.07 Wizzy. Best weapon, nothing comes close.


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But Shako is so ... so ..... sooooo ........... UGLY!

On Assassin I can tolerate it because it is black. But on most others, especially Barb.... Maybe we should ban it for aesthetic reasons?

Bring back Clay Golem too I say. Then I don't need to level my Necro any more - I just remembered from your post he now needs three more levels! Don't make me take him back to The Pit .... please!

Also bone armour casting is not allowed, according to latest rules Grip posted in the PvP thread, which I pasted into the PvP Week thread. I did ask him if they were correct and he said yes.
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Aesthetic reasons sounds good enough, but idea is to jump so fast with barb and kill someone that he don't even have a chance to notice your ugly appearance. He will just see fanaticism and a lot of panic to escape. All experienced ninjas wear Shako, but you probably don't know that cause you never seen one actually. Only freshmen ninjas.



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Gripphon is lame and he doesn't know that the quoted rules were outdated.

About druid, I went with 163fcr 86fhr vita route. I didn't test it that much tho.
I'll try to make thread for my windy this week if you want to take a look at him.
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Bring back Clay Golem too I say. Then I don't need to level my Necro any more - I just remembered from your post he now needs three more levels! Don't make me take him back to The Pit .... please!
I know I was super annoyed by that. I respecced my Necro and took him back to the Pit, have gone from 95.2 to 96.98 now at least. So close to being done! If Clay Golem gets unbanned now I will rage of course.